How to Convert YouTube to MP3 – Best FREE Converter Tool

Youtube To Mp3
Youtube To Mp3

Do you want to convert YouTube to mp3 your videos? Here are the different ways to convert the videos from YouTube to mp3. With music now mostly digital, many people prefer to have all their favorite tunes stored on their computer and iPod, mp3 player, or even on their Smartphone.

In some cases, you may have trouble identifying music in YouTube videos that you have wanted for a while. Often, understanding out how to cut the song from the video seems like a perplexing task, especially if you don’t have special software installed on your computer.

Though, if this is the case and you need to convert the video to mp3, you can use one of many great websites that enable you to transform files to this format. Best of all, the service from all of these sources is entirely free to use.

Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 

Now is a perfect time to explore unique ways to convert YouTube to mp3 files. I will share two different ways in this article. Let’s take a quick look at it below:

Convert Youtube To Mp3
Convert Youtube To Mp3

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 by Hi-tech YouTube to MP3 Online Tool 

Hi-tech is providing a free cost YouTube to mp3 converter tool for any kind of videos from YouTube. The complete process from the Hi-tech online converter takes around one to two minutes to get the download. You can save your audio file after the completion of the conversion in your selected folder.


Get the Download mp3 file format by tapping on the download button immediately. This online tool is compatible with PC, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Convert YouTube to MP3 by a Best Online YouTube to MP3 Tool

It is a free service and enables you to convert any videos within the one-hour time limit. The whole conversion process completes within a few minutes completely. There is no necessity to register to avail of this online service. You can save the converted files at your desired location and play them during your comfort zone. This online application is cooperative with gadgets, tablets, PC, etc.

  • Take the YtMp3 tool: Hit on your browser and step into the online YouTube converter platform.
  • Paste the URL: Now copy your favorite track URL from YouTube and paste it into the box. Then click the Convert key beside the pasted URL. You have to wait for a few minutes until the conversion process finishes.
  • Download mp3: Instantly, you must tap the Download key and choose the desired location by navigating between drives and folders to save the converted MP3 files. You can also select the ‘Dropbox’ option to store it in the virtual place for easy retrieval.

Tips: The converted YouTube video in the MP3 file format is available for further transfer to other external gadgets. Make use of the MP3 files according to your comfort without any limitations.

Online Converter vs Desktop Converter

Taking YouTube to MP3 converter depends on the one’s requirement. As told before, online tools will be a great option for one-time users. Also, it doesn’t require any installation, and hence it doesn’t take up space on your PC.

Desktop apps are quicker than online tools as they don’t prepare the data on a remote server. Some apps can convert many YouTube videos to MP3 format at once.

Also, while utilizing the online tool, there is a risk of malware attack. So it would be best if you were careful while choosing the tool.

Device Compatibility of YouTube to MP3 Converters

Online tools will convert the file and will allow you to download this converted file. Some of these online tools have system constraints on downloading these converted files. For instance, YouTubetoMP3 may not permit you to download the file on iOS gadgets because of browser adaptability. Some tools also give Android and iOS devices that will support the use of the tool on tablets and smartphones.

Most of the moment, desktop apps are available for Windows systems. For example, aTube Catcher.

Best Youtube To Mp3 Converter
Best Youtube To Mp3 Converter

Benefits of YouTube to Mp3 Conversion tools

Several music applications like Spotify and Amazon Music are available in the demand, but they are paid tools, whereas most of the YouTube to Mp3 converters are free to use. Also, YouTube has more music gatherings compared to other websites. Some free music Apps are also available, but still, people favor to search the music videos on YouTube and convert them into Mp3.

It is a one-time task of turning the music file to Mp3, and then you can keep and use that converted file forever. The converted file can be utilized on any device compatible with MP3 format and without an internet connection. These tools will also help you extract the specific part of videos so that you can make use of them. For example, you are making a ringtone. Because of all the characteristics and benefits provided by YouTube to MP3 converters, people prefer to use it.

Why Is Mp3 The Popular Audio Format?

MP3 format is the most popular audio format. These files can be produced at a variety of bit rates so that you can balance the quality and size of the file. The file’s efficient size has become the standard format to exchange the file on the web. All modern browsers support this format, and hence it is the best audio file format for the browser’s compatibility.


  • Ability to convert the file in high-resolution.
  • A fluency to choose the quality for the file conversion.
  • Remarkable tools will allow you to download the subtitles. This feature is needed if you want to download a video that is in a different language than your native tongue.
  • Amazing commercial tools like 4K Video Downloader give advanced features like cross-platform support and features to download 3D YouTube videos.
  • Batch download – this feature will help download the playlists (Watch Later Playlist, etc.).
  • Along with the Mp3, the most maximum of the tools will enable you to convert the file into other formats.
  • Some tools provide built-in video editing features.