8 Best Features of YouTube Vanced iOS (Method to Download it)

youtube vanced ios
youtube vanced ios

If you’re an iOS device user looking for a method to install YouTube Vanced iOS, then you have landed at the right place. Many iOS users face challenges downloading it, as it is mainly designed for android users. This article will elaborate on some ways to download Vanced iOS & its advantages and some features you might like to know in detail.

However, YouTube is the largest video streaming platform where everyone can find the tone of the content to consume for their daily YouTube needs. But the ads playing in the middle of the video annoy you a lot. Therefore, if you want to enjoy watching ads-free YouTube videos, you must have an app like YouTube Vanced. Let me explain if you still haven’t heard about YouTube Vanced. It is a new popular third-party YouTube app. In short, YouTube Vanced is a modded version of YouTube that comes with many features that official YouTube sadly lacks. In addition, the app has additional features like reading in the background, zooming in on any video, maximum resolution, self-repeat, etc.

Moreover, its best feature is that it allows users to block advertisements without a premium subscription. The built-in ad blocker also assists third-party restraining sites from tacking your phone, activity, and more that aren’t accessible through the original app. But unfortunately, iPhone users cannot download YouTube Vanced easily as this App is not available on Apple App Store. But you’ll have this app on your device by following the below methods.

Quick Steps to Download YouTube Vanced iOS

youtube vanced for ios
youtube vanced for ios

Before getting started, iOS users must ensure that Auto-update Apps settings are turned on their iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open safari, write “Applob” in the Google search bar, & open the site.
  2. Now, wait for the site launch and search for the term “Vanced” in the search bar.
  3. Here you will see a “Start Installation” button. Click on it.
  4. It might take a little while to download the app.
  5. Congratulations, the app will be installed on your device after a successful download.

Alert: Many users report that their account gets banned after using YouTube Vanced for a long time. Due to this reason, we suggest users create a new dummy Google account for using YouTube Vanced.

Some Cool Features of YouTube Vanced iOS

Let’s move straight to the features of YouTube Vanced that upgrade this application from the official YouTube App. Below are the attractive features.

1.     Pinch-to-zoom options are available

In YouTube Vanced, you have options to pinch to zoom feature that enables you to zoom in and out of videos while streaming. It’s a rare feature that differentiates it from other video streaming apps. No matter which device you’re using, you can pinch to zoom, which is very beneficial for those who don’t want to miss out on any detail of the videos.

2.      Large Screen display

A regular YouTube app does not allow you to cut off the surrounding borders. However, this modded application has a fantastic feature of modifying your display. That means you can watch shows on a large screen display without any report button, tickers, or borders around the screen.

3.      Auto-repeat Option in YouTube Vanced iOS

Auto-repeat is also part of the other exciting specs of the Vanced YouTube for iPhone. When you use YouTube Vanced, you can watch and listen to some awesome music on repeat. YouTube Vanced permits users to play their most liked music on loop automatically.

4.      Maximum Resolution & HDR Mode

Another great feature of YouTube Vanced is that it lets user stream videos in higher default resolution and watch videos in an improved HDR mode, which significantly enhances video quality and other graphics-heavy video styles. Indeed, the HDR is also available in the original app but doesn’t support all types of devices. With the help of YouTube Vanced, you have a chance to play videos in HDR mode whether you’re an android or iPhone user.

5.      Block all Video Ads

Let’s suppose you’re watching your favorite show on YouTube. What if it gets interrupted by an advertisement over and over again? It will surely irritate you. On the Contrary, using YouTube Vanced iOS, you can stream without any ad interruption because YouTube Vanced iOS comes with a built-in ad blocker to block all video ads. This type of feature undeniably makes it worth using.

6.      Background playbacks

A rare feature of YouTube Vanced is that you can play videos in the background. Sometimes we are only interested in playing videos in the background while using the other App. But it doesn’t play on YouTube. Hence, this multitasking is possible via YouTube Vanced, and you get this background playback free without paying them.

7.      Enable Dark Theme via YouTube Vanced iOS

Many people like to use a light theme, and some apply a dark version or a dark theme. Thus, you’ll love to know that YouTube Vanced offers you to turn on dark, light, or grey themes during the darkness, saving phone battery and reducing eye strain for us who spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos late at night.

8.      Swipe controls for Volume & Brightness

YouTube Vanced App has a handy feature that lets you swipe up or down the brightness and volume while playing a full-screen video without discontinuing the streaming. The left side adjusts brightness, whereas the right side controls the volume.

Safety Measures:

As far as security is concerned, we recommend you not use it. Instead, use the original one because the iOS devices actively block the third-party apps, or you can use its other alternatives such as YT++ and Cerube if you’re unsure of the exact use of this version.

Top 3 Alternatives of YouTube Vanced iOS

youtube vanced ios 14
youtube vanced ios 14

While having smartphones in their pockets, people browse YouTube regularly. But since Youtube adopted the habit of showing back-to-back ads, it has become irritating for the people who only watch their favorite content on YouTube. This particular thing left iOS and Android users in discomposure. But using these alternatives, you may start enjoying all types of video streaming efficiently.

1.      uYou Tweak (iOS)

uYou is a download manager that allows users to download YouTube audio-video and share it with others. Using uYou, the user can do multiple things like disable auto-captions, modify the artwork image, and hide report/dislike buttons. Apart from this, it allows the user to play saved media in a custom player that can play back YouTube content in the background without a YouTube Premium subscription. Unlike some other apps, you won’t find an ads-free experience in this version, but the developer has promised to add this feature soon.

2.      Cercube+ (iOS)

Cercube+ is another third-party mod for YouTube Vanced iOS with great features such as blocking all ads, picture in picture mode, and video saving in high resolution. You may also save the audio from the video, which original YouTube doesn’t allow access to until you purchase the premium package. However, you need to install the Cerrube IPA file on iOS using Altstore.

3.      YouTube++ (iOS)

Likewise, YouTube++ is also an alternative to YouTube Vanced. It improves users’ viewing experiences by providing credible features like setting up the loop to enjoy music on repeat mode. It sets a default video resolution and playback speed. Furthermore, it lets you download YouTube videos to watch offline without any ad disturbance. It doesn’t have age-related restrictions for its users.


Finally, you must have learned why you should install and enjoy YouTube Vanced on your iPhone. It is best for you if you’re tired of experiencing continuous interruption by YouTube ads and have no available option for background playback.

So, try YouTube Vanced iOS, which has some extra features like ad-free, multiple backgrounds, or themes. Select the one that you like. It is free and easy to use. You get everything in an interface as this app is similar to YouTube. You need to download Vanced Manager first. Once you do so, the rest of things will fall into place. Consequently, your video streaming experience will be much better and more fun. Please share your thoughts on YouTube and YouTube Vanced in the comment box.