5 Best Hacks for using Cable Tie Guns

5 Best Hacks for using Cable Tie Guns
5 Best Hacks for using Cable Tie Guns

Cable ties are used in a wide range of applications – from simply bunching your cables together to keeping them organised to very specific uses such as in harness making, packaging units and the construction industry. Cable ties are handy and flexible, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways around your home or office.

Cable tie guns are used to mount the cable tie with a specific degree of tension without damaging it. Cable tie guns are available in different sizes and with different features so that they can be used for several requirements and applications. In order to avoid a sharp edge that might otherwise cause injury, the cable tie gun cuts off the excess cable with its head.

Cable ties are mainly used in electrical installations, especially for binding several electronic cables or wires together and to organise cables and wires. It’s easy to use cable tie guns around cables, and they’re a great way to ensure that the project looks neat and organized at the end.

Cable tie guns can be used to tie removable hook-and-loop cable ties that are mainly used to organise delicate cables like fibre optic or network cables. You can also use these ties for temporary installations such as stage construction.

However, cable ties have numerous other applications beyond cable management.

So, why should every homeowner or business stock up on these tiny, versatile cables tie straps? Let us take a look at 5 of the best hacks for using cable tie guns.

  1. Cable tie guns and secure hacks

The process of moving your office is always a burden, but when you find that your plastic containers keep popping open in transit, it’s even more frustrating! Not anymore. You can make a hole through the lid and handles, slide in a cable tie to secure your containers while on the move. 

Similarly, you could even secure your garbage lid to the can using a cable tie. No lost lids and exposed garbage cans anymore.

  1. Keeping your hangers together with a cable tie

Pack and unpack your closet with this tie gun hack when it’s moving time!

Stacking your clothes in boxes is not a hassle as taking off hangers, folding, and stacking them. Wrap a cable tie around the tops of your hanging clothes to hold them together. Then, pull the hanger tops through the hole in the bottom of the bag and cover the clothes with a garbage bag. Pull the handles together and tie them using a cable tie.

  1. Get your vines and creepers organised

It can be difficult to get your vines to grow in the way you want. The vines can be directed by wrapping cable ties around their stalks and strapping them to something stable.

  1. A hack to clean your sink

The next time you have a clogged bathroom sink, use a long cable tie to unclog it. You can pull it out after it hooks the hair clog.

  1. Prevent your tools from rolling

To make sure that your tools do not roll off the table and injure you, tie them with a cable tie. The cable tie prevents the tools from falling off.

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