Airplay Chromecast Review

Airplay Chromecast
Airplay Chromecast

Presume you want to screen mirror video content on your multiple devices. So, you have two options for pursuing it, Apple’s Airplay and Google’s Chromecast. This guide walks through how to use Chromecast and Air Tunes for screen mirroring from different devices.

In addition, we also describe the compatibility of both Google’s and Apple’s gadgets. So let us dive into the post to know.


  • To screen mirroring between the devices, it is essential to check that they are connected to the same internet connection.
  • Airplay is a feature of an Apple server, and Chromecast is a Google gadget.

Do you Know About Airplay and Chromecast?

In 2010 Apple Server introduced Air Tunes technology, now known as AirPlay. It is an exclusive radiocommunication procedure that allows their present streaming screen between another device. Initially, it was applied only to Apple devices and only used for audio streaming (Air Tunes). But now, users can use Airplay with any comparable device for screen mirroring.

Providentially, Airplay now supports viewing content on large screens and streams audio video device screens (screen mirroring) and photos with other devices.

Chromecast was established by Google that allow its users to play internet stream audio and video content on television devices or high-definition home audio systems. Moreover, the content can screen mirroring from Google Chrome on the user’s personal computers and mobile devices.

AirPlay and Chromecast, both devices, have identical purposes of work. So let us move forward to know more about them.

How to Use an Airplay?

You can use the Airplay feature to stream a video or any content from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook to watch on your Apple TV. This feature is a wireless troupe audio video from your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Windows to your large screens like Apple TV as long as your devices are paired to the same WIFI.

How to Use an Airplay

So let us hover over to the steps to stream videos on your Apple TV from your iPhone and MacBook.

Stream Videos on Apple TV to Use Airplay From iPhone

Firstly, you must open the Airplay option by streaming videos or any content on the television device. To open it, navigate to any application and tap on the AirPlay option, which looks like a rectangle with an arrow at the bottom of the app. Then follow the instructions to do the remaining work.

  • After opening the Airplay option, choose the iPhone to use Airplay.
  • Now your television displays a code— type that code on your iPhone.
  • Then hit the ok option. Now you can stream the video on your TV from Airplay.

NOTE: The method is similar for an iPhone, iPad, and iPod to use the Airplay from iPhone on your Apple television.

Use Airplay from Mac to Stream Video on Apple TV

  • Open the video on your Mac that you want to stream on your TV.
  • Then select the Airplay option from the video you can see at the bottom.
  • Now select the device on which you want to screen mirroring.
  • After that, type the code from your MacBook on your television device.
  • Now hit the enter option. Watch the video on your TV via Airplay from MacBook.

Now you know how to use Airplay for screen mirroring, so let’s understand how you can use Chromecast to stream videos or any content.

How to Use Chromecast Device?

Google Chromecast is used to share video content on different devices like MacBook and Android. However, a Chromecast requires two connections to proceed with the content—an HDMI connection and a power supply to charge.

In addition, Chromecast does not work to stream content on devices that have only output ports, like iOS devices and some Android devices.

How to Use Chromecast Device?

To use the Google Chromecast device, you have to connect your device to the WIFI network. Also, make sure that the device (computer, Mac, Android) you use for the Chromecast pairs with the same WIFI network.

How to Use Chromecast to Screen Mirroring on Mac and Computer?

The method is pretty identical if you want to use Chromecast with your MacBook and Computer. However, it permits you to stream a single tab or file and your complete desktop from your Windows PC and MacBook. The essential requirement is to leave the web browser Chrome open or run in the background.

Here are the steps you can follow to screen mirroring using Chromecast.

  • Open Google Chrome on your Mac or computer.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots that you can see in the top left corner.
  • Now click on the cast option from the menu list.
  • Then choose your Chromecast to stream video.
  • Now hit on the sources to cast a file, Tab, or your whole screen.
  • Wait for a while for Chrome to run the streaming process.

Note: Chromecast supports the Windows 7 or later series to stream the content.

How to Use Chromecast on Android Devices to Stream Content

To use your Android device, you can stream a video or any content to the smart TV. Meanwhile, iOS users can’t do it. When you use Chromecast, you can select a file or Tab to stream on your TV, and the rest of your phone application and notifications will not broadcast on the television when you are streaming in a public settings option.

Remember that your Android device and Chromecast pair on the same WIFI network. So here are the steps to stream your content on television to use the Chromecast via Android phone or Tab.

  • Open your Android phone and navigate to the settings app.
  • Tap on the connected devices from the settings menu.
  • Now select the connection preferences and then cast.
  • Here select your Chromecast device from the list. That’s it.

Which One is Better: Chromecast VS Airplay

Which One is Better: Chromecast VS Airplay

You have two options if you want to see the content on your television device. Google and Apple server has a comparable facility for streaming media from your mobile and computer devices to your smart TV. To do this purpose, Google has Chromecast, and Apple has Air Tunes. So below the guide, we describe which option is better for you to work appropriately.

1. Check Mobile Device Compatibility of Chromecast vs. Airplay

If you want to use Airplay and Chromecast to share content, you need to know whether your devices are compatible or not with Air Tunes and Chromecast.

However, Chromecast works on all types of Android devices, iPhones, and anything with a Chrome Web Browser. Meanwhile, Airplay focuses on only Apple devices because Apple devices are inadequate to be compatible.

As we expressed, that Chromecast has better mobile device compatibility than Air Tunes.

2. Check the Best Video and Audio Quality of Chromecast vs. Airplay

Regarding screen mirroring a video, Chromecast and Airplay are limited to 1080p resolution and up to 60 fps.

Moreover, Chromecast supports multiplayer audio and up to 24-bit/96Hz audio stream. Meanwhile, Airplay supports 15/44.1 audio streams.

When you want to enjoy solid audio, you will surely pick the Chromecast to stream audio or video.

3. Check Which is More Expensive: Chromecast or Airplay

Suppose you want to buy a television that is manufactured to support Air Tunes or Chromecast. At the same time, an inexpensive Apple television that supports the Airplay is about 149 United States Dollars. So, the cost of the third generation of Chromecast is about 30 Dollars in the United States.

So, the Apple TV is meaningfully more luxurious and costly than the Chromecast.

4. Check The Voice Command Compatibility

The Apple voice command (Siri) only supports to couple with the Apple speakers. However, Google voice assistant supports every type of speaker, like Smart, Samsung, Sony, and LG.

The Chromecast is correspondingly better for you because it is more compatible with the Google voice subordinate than AirPlay.


In this post, we instruct you about the Airplay, Chromecast, its uses, and which is better for you that will be enough for you to use your device and which is also compatible. So let us know in the comment section if you want to ask any related questions.