What To Do When Your Apple Watch Not Connecting to Phone

why is my apple watch not connecting to my phone
why is my apple watch not connecting to my phone

For years, Apple has skillfully positioned itself as an upscale brand. To own an Apple product is, gradually, synonym with the class which led to a false sense of belief to belonging in a handful group of so-called elites. Keeping that in mind, you bought an Apple Watch, which comes with a pretty hefty price tag. You rushed home to unpack the box as soon as possible. And when you did you found a shocker: Your Apple Watch not connecting to phone.

This revelation hits a raw nerve with you.

But, worry not!

There are many simple and easy ways to solve your ‘Apple Watch not connecting to phone’ problem.

Start With the Basics

Why is my Apple Watch not connecting to my phone? The straightforward answer to this: Have you checked you are both devices, i.e., your phone and Apple Watch are connected to the Wi-Fi; and most importantly; are they in range of each other. Due to Bluetooth make sure the smooth connection between the two. Hence, proximity is key here.

Do this first and check if your Apple Watch not connecting to phone problem is resolved. If not, then check the next solution.

Always Check Your Settings When Resolving Apple Watch Not Connecting to Phone Issue

Bluetooth is the first place you check to find the switch is on or off. Then the next place you will be looking is your devices, (iPhone and Apple Watch), is not on an Airplane Mode. Due to this very modesend the devices into hibernating. So, make sure all these options are up to the snuff to resolve the Apple Watch not connecting to phone issue.

Well Now Switch Your Devices Off and On Again

This option does sound a wee bit too much. But often it worked to solve the Apple Watch not connecting to phone problem. So, first, start with your phone. Grab your iPhone to turn it off and on again. If this fixes the problem, then there is no need to repeat the same exercise on your Apple Watch. But if it doesn’t. Then Apple Watch will too, go through with the alike process of switching on and off.

Reset Network Settings to Solve Your Apple Watch Not Connecting to Phone Trouble

This step deals with resetting your network settings to make your Apple Watch not connecting to phone worry go away. There are, however, cases reported by iPhoneusers to experience this problem merely after updating their iOS. But we will get to that later.

We will first get into the resetting part. So, in order to reset your iPhone’s network settings. First go to the Settings app, after that, scroll down to General.

In that option, look for Reset, press hit Reset Network Settings which asks you for your phone’s passcode to okay the move. Now try your luck again to connect your watch to your phone. This step will end your difficulty of solving the Apple Watch not connecting to phone problem.

Apple watch not connection on phone
Apple watch not connection on phone

Have You Got the Latest Version OF iOS in Your iPhone?

Apple, repeatedly, nudges its users to upgrade to the newer, flashy and expensive devices of their products. For one: debase its old and earlier products.

So, the possibility cannot be ruled out that your iPhone is not pairing with your Apple Watch due to your old version of iOS. In this case, update your iOS to the latest. Which may answer to your Apple Watch not connecting to phone question.

It entails a very easy and smooth steps. Go to Settings first. Select General in the next step. Third will be the Software Update section. There you will see an Automatic Updates option –tap it to turn on Download iOS Updates. Tap on Install iOS Updates. Then leave the legwork to the phone which will automatically update your device to the latest version of iOS.

Reboot Your Apple Watch

This may sound like a last resort attempt, but hope always prevails over despair. So, before resetting your Apple Watch – there is a rider: BACKUP.

The resetting of Apple Watch often fixes the pairing issue. But here’s the rub: All your saved data will be vanished like an ash in air. So, better to be prepared. Backup your device earlier. The watch’s backup will save your apps and data, but will not save your sensitive information like Apple Pay or passcodes.

So, back to resetting. There are 3 child-like steps to reset your Apple Watch. Go in the Apple Watch’s Settings, select General, then Reset, and after press Erase All Content and Settings. 

Afterward, the watch will be brand new again, and hopefully, your hassle to resolve Apple Watch not connecting to phone will be over.

Tried Every Option—It Won’t Work

In this scenario, after tried previously mentioned above all the fixes still get the same nil results. Then the problem will not fix just by yourself. You will need an expert, in this case, iPhone repairers.

Because the problem then, is very much seems like a hardware rather than a software bug. So, you will need to take your iPhone to your closest Apple Store to repair.

Plus, if you have the AppleCare+ package your repairing cost will turn into next to none. Giving the final solution, this will definitely end your Apple Watch not connecting to iPhone problem.