Best Apps to Find Electric Car Charging Stations in the UK

Car Charging Stations in the UK
Car Charging Stations in the UK

Are you an electric vehicle (EV) owner in the UK looking for the most convenient and reliable charging stations? With the growing popularity of electric cars, finding the right charging infrastructure has become essential for a seamless driving experience. Thankfully, technology has provided us with innovative solutions in the form of mobile apps that make it easier than ever to locate electric car charging stations across the country.

In this article, we will explore the top apps available to help you find electric car charging stations in the UK. These apps offer comprehensive databases, real-time information and user-friendly interfaces to ensure that EV owners can effortlessly locate charging points wherever they may be. In other words, whether you are planning a long-distance trip or simply need to top up your battery during daily commutes, these apps are indispensable tools for every electric car driver.

Thus, without further ado, let us dive into the world of electric car charging apps and discover the most reliable options available to you.

List of Apps to Consider


Bonnet is a highly regarded and feature-rich platform designed to assist electric vehicle (EV) owners in locating charging stations throughout the United Kingdom. Boasting an extensive network of over 17,500 charging stations, Bonnet ensures that EV drivers have convenient access to reliable charging infrastructure wherever they may be. The best EV charging app provides real-time information on station availability, charging speeds and pricing, empowering users to plan their charging sessions effectively. Besides that, Bonnet’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation system make it a top choice for EV owners seeking seamless charging solutions. 

Additionally, Bonnet’s commitment to transparency is evident through its clear pricing structure, displaying standard rates for all EV charging stations, and eliminating any unwelcome surprises when drivers reach a charging point. All in all, with its comprehensive coverage, user-friendly features and commitment to transparent pricing, Bonnet is an invaluable tool for EV owners in need of reliable and hassle-free charging experiences.


Zap-Map is a widely recognised and trusted app that offers a comprehensive database of electric car charging stations across the UK. With a network comprising over 20,000 charging points, Zap-Map provides extensive coverage, ensuring that EV owners can easily locate and utilise the available charging infrastructure. The app offers detailed information on each station, including connector types, charging speeds and availability, allowing users to make informed decisions when planning their charging sessions. 

Moreover, Zap-Map’s interactive map interface, coupled with its search and filter functions, enables drivers to locate the nearest charging points that meet their specific requirements. Furthermore, Zap-Map encourages community engagement by allowing users to share feedback and reviews, fostering a helpful and collaborative environment for fellow EV owners. With its comprehensive data, user-friendly features and community-driven approach, Zap-Map remains a go-to app for EV owners looking for reliable charging solutions.


PlugShare is a versatile and highly regarded app that connects electric car owners to an extensive network of charging stations in the UK and beyond. With global coverage of more than 200,000 charging points, PlugShare serves as a valuable resource for EV drivers, whether they are exploring local areas or embarking on long-distance journeys. 

The app offers comprehensive information on each charging station, including availability, pricing and user reviews, allowing drivers to make well-informed decisions about their charging needs. PlugShare’s additional features, such as trip planning functionalities, enable users to map out their routes and identify charging stations along the way, ensuring a seamless and worry-free travel experience. With its broad database, intuitive interface on top of a strong emphasis on user experience, PlugShare remains a reliable and sought-after app for electric car owners in search of convenient charging options.


ChargePoint is a leading app that grants electric car owners access to an extensive charging network across the UK and beyond. With over 100,000 charging points, including both public and private stations, ChargePoint provides comprehensive coverage to ensure reliable and convenient charging options. The app offers real-time information on station availability, pricing and connector types, allowing users to plan their charging sessions with ease and efficiency. ChargePoint’s intuitive interface and user-friendly features, such as the ability to initiate and pay for charging sessions directly through the app, enhance the overall charging experience. With its substantial network, seamless user interface as well as advanced functionality, ChargePoint is a trusted and dependable app for finding and utilising charging stations.


EVgo is a highly regarded app that offers access to a vast charging network strategically positioned across the UK, making it an excellent choice for electric car owners. With over 600 charging stations located in key destinations, EVgo provides reliable and convenient charging options for EV drivers. 

In essence, the app offers real-time updates on station availability, pricing as well as compatible connectors, thereby allowing users to efficiently plan their charging sessions and minimise any potential disruptions. EVgo’s focus on fast-charging technology, coupled with its partnerships with leading charging infrastructure providers, ensures that EV owners can quickly recharge their vehicles and resume their journeys with minimal waiting time. With its extensive network, real-time updates and a great degree of prioritisation on fast-charging capabilities, EVgo remains a highly recommended app for EV owners in search of reliable and efficient charging solutions.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the availability of reliable and convenient electric car charging stations is crucial for the growing community of electric vehicle owners in the UK. Fortunately, there are several outstanding apps that make the task of finding and utilising charging infrastructure a breeze. From Bonnet’s extensive network to Zap-Map’s interactive features, each app offers unique benefits and features tailored to enhance your electric car charging experience.

Whether you are planning a road trip or simply need to recharge your vehicle during daily commutes, these apps provide real-time information, user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive databases to ensure that you can easily locate and access electric car charging stations across the UK.

With that in mind, we encourage you to embrace the convenience and peace of mind that these top apps offer and never worry about running out of power again. To get started, download one or more of these apps today and embark on a journey towards a smoother, more efficient and environmentally friendly driving experience with your electric vehicle.