Spotify Tests Card-Style User Profiles for Discovery

Spotify Tests Card-Style User Profiles for Discovery
Spotify Tests Card-Style User Profiles for Discovery

Spotify is testing a new design for user profiles that contains a card-style outline and extra features to help users create a social identity on the platform. However, the new profiles being tested in numerous markets comprise a heading at the top of the screen that aspects more like you had to get on the social network.

Moreover, the profile comprises other facts about the person. Such as which Spotify plan they subscribe to, how long they have been a Spotify member, their general location, and their follower and following accounts.

The new-fangled profile still features segments for playlists and artists. But these now seem like cards with more collaborating features after these options. The users can tap a button to create a new playlist right from their profile and use buttons near every playlist to share them with others.

However, users are jagged about other things they can do on Spotify under the Discover More Features segment on the new-fangled profiles. Such as finding live events, like more songs to recover their approvals, creating Blends with friends, checking out Spotify’s new audiobooks, and more.

Furthermore, the profiles also comprise a message at the bottom that reads View more cards, indicating future additions approaching this space yonder the playlist and newly played artists.

These variations would create sense as part of Spotify’s wider focus on the discovery that’s pouring its most new app updates. The reformed profiles would let people discover more of what Spotify has to bid while correspondingly making discoveries and liking new artists and music straight from someone else profile with limited clicks.

The Spotify server regularly tests new features, and it is indistinct when this feature will be unrestricted worldwide. The company will likely change the feature built on user appointments and answer before a universal rollout.

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