Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software [2024]

Best Data Recovery Software

If you are looking for the Best Data Recovery Software, you have landed on the right page. While there lot of data backup software alternatives, and disk cloning applications that can make the method of data recovery relatively easy and quick to do, if you do not have anything like this in place, then in the event of a hard disk crash or damaged drive you will require dedicated data recovery applications to help restore your lost files and folders.

Luckily, there are many high-quality data recovery applications available to businesses. In partial or full data loss, these software packages allow you to recover as much data as achievable and restrict the negative impacts.

Even if you utilize a data backup service, you should still have a data recovery plan for the most severe issues. These applications scan the storage medium and obtain the lost files. It can recover distinct types of files like audio-video, emails, contacts, etc.

Top Best Data Recovery Software

Best Data Recovery Software: Wise Data Recovery 

1. Wise Data Recovery 

The Intelligent Data Recovery software is one of the most feature-rich or customizable applications. It has a clean interface with very little work to tweak. This might make it a bit short, but for a fast job, this tool is excellent.

All you have to do is start the tool and choose the drive you would like to scan (removable drives). The application will promptly check (very fast compared to others) the drive and display to you all the info that can be recovered, including deleted photos, videos, documents, emails, etc. It also has a portable version to save it with you all the time.

This program is most suitable for people who need a quick and easy tool to recover data, but it may not retrieve all the info as other programs can.

You can download this tool at the Wise Data Recovery Website.

2. Disk Drill

Best Data Recovery Software: Disk Drill

Disk Drill for Windows is a safe and user-friendly data recovery program that gets your data back in some clicks. This upgraded software offers users the ability to preview and recover up to 500 MB of data with the free trial edition.

Disk Drill is a feature-rich and stellar data recovery program that applies sophisticated scanning algorithms and enables users to perform detailed scans. The Quick Scan finds files that were recently removed and usually recovers them precisely as before deletion.

When stronger recovery capabilities are needed, a Deep Scan can reconstruct missed files from bits and pieces left on the storage media. In some situations, you may be required to rename the folders after recovery from Deep Scan.

This tool has an intuitive interface that provides users with just common knowledge of computers to recover their lost files quickly. Its recovery capabilities will also request to more experienced PC users. The software offers additional data protection tools for free that can support you recover newly deleted files quickly.

The Recovery Vault feature enables you to select folders and files for advanced protection. You can also build a byte-level backup of a disk that can be used to recover breaking storage devices.

You can download this tool at the Disk Drill Website.

3. Stellar Data Recover

Stellar Data Recovery

Meet Stellar Data Recovery software, the perfect safest software for recovering missed files or precious data. Whether you are a business or an individual, we have all experienced some panic when losing essential files. This tool is made for personal or enterprise requirements. Available for Windows and macOS.

This tool is an excellent application for data recovery. It comes close but is not nearly as great as the Disk Drill. Still, Stellar Data Recovery’s open and free version allows users to get up to 1GB without paying.

That’s a lot of data, or Word documents maybe, that you could probably recover for no charge. Repair photo or video data with this tool, or even use their BitRaser for File feature to erase undesired data from your internet browsing or files on your hard disk.

You can download this tool at the Stellar Data Recovery website.

4. Recuva Pro

Recuva Pro

From the creators of the veteran file-cleaning software, CCleaner develops Recuva, which is one of the most affordable file recovery software around at the moment, costing only £19.95 per year subscription at the time of writing. Though it is by no means the most necessary, for instance, you’re able to recover information from virtual hard disks as well as physical ones. You also have access to premium support and automatic program updates.

Recuva Pro is straightforward to use and offers all the standard file recovery features efficiently. So it’s entirely worth giving it a go; however, be aware that it’s only accessible for Windows machines and that’s there’s no free trial (But there is a restricted free version to provide you a feel for things.)

You can download this tool at the Recuva Pro website.

5. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Best Data Recovery Software: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a part of the data recovery software that provides a method to recover lost and deleted files. The free trial can recover up to 2GB of data on your device. Recoverable files can be viewed before file recovery, ensuring the right files will be restored.

The software provides a filter function allowing you to control the scanning process to search the type of files you want to retrieve. EaseUS addresses face a data loss scam that sometimes deletes your file or is quickly hit with a malware function.

The tool supports 100 file recovery and is compatible with all disk-based storage devices. The interface is clear and easy to use. The data recovery solution is suitable for users with average computer skills.

You can download this tool at the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard website.


Q: Does Recovery applications work?
Data recovery programs are created to scour the drive and find any recoverable data, piecing it back collectively and storing it in a salvageable form. The most reliable data recovery software provides a preview of recovered folders, searchable and filtered results, simple file restoration, and additional features.

Q: Can we recover data from an external hard drive?
The external hard drive data recovery application can recover erased data from an external hard disk, even the drive got damaged or unexpectedly formatted. The challenging drive recovery program will start scanning the device to exploring your dropped data. The scanning will serve for a while.

Q: How much time does it need to recover data from a hard drive?
Usually, data recovery will take 2 to 5 days. Though, the measure of time it needs to recover data will change depending on the issue. After a specialist takes a glance and diagnoses the problem, you will be able to get a more reliable estimate of the time it will need to recover your data.


The Data recovery software discussed above is the most reliable in the business and serves to recover erased data from Windows and MacBook.