Cannot Be Opened Because the Developer Cannot Be Verified Error (6 Quick Hacks)

Cannot Be Opened Because the Developer Cannot Be Verified Error
Cannot Be Opened Because the Developer Cannot Be Verified Error

Are you trying to access the app that cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified on Mac? So no need to worry; here are the solutions to your problem of appearing error message. As you know, macOS only permits Apple verified developers to users so that it keeps your device secure from malware. That’s why, if the app is unregistered, you get the message that you cannot download the app.

So, if you install the app from the internet or directly from a developer. In that case, macOS protects your Mac device and also checks the Developer ID signature to verify whether it is an identified developer or not. Thus, let’s move to the next section to seek the methods to eliminate the error and the reason for the error appearing.

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Why Are You Getting Unverified Developer Error Message?

Apple has a rule that necessitates developers to index with the company and put forward their apps for analysis. The developer’s applications will be offered to Apple users after enduring this process. The company has taken these procedures to prevent user devices from being infected by malicious software.

So, if you are trying to download an app from a developer who is unregistered with Apple, then you acquire an error. Moreover, you may also note this error when the developer is registered, but the app does not get reviewed and approved by the company. Thus, the developers have to cross several hoops to come up with Apple’s requirements as the third-party app in the iOS App Store.

How to Fix the Un-Verified Developer?

cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.
cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

If you desire to install your favorite app from the Apple store, so you can try a few tricks. But remember that Apple has forbidden installing the app to protect its user. So, if you want to download the application safely, then you try the below fixes if an error occurs:

Fix1: Search for a New Version of the App

You can fix the error by finding an updated application version in the Mac Store, and then you can download that new version.

Fix2: Override the Security Settings

If you trust the developer and feel secure about downloading the app, overriding the security system is the best method that permits you to install the app on your device. So, let’s follow the below steps:

  1. Initially, find the app which you want to download and right-click on it.
  2. Then, click on the Open tab from the appearing dropdown menu.
  3. Now, again click on the Open button on the appearing security alert.

Fix3: Bypass the Security Block: To Opened the Verified Developer

app cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified
app cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

You can apply another method if all the above methods are not functioning to avoid the malware issue of macOS. So, it is suggested that bypass the block in the security and privacy settings.

For that purpose, go through the below instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Apple menu à and then the System Preferences tab –>and after that Security & Privacy tab.
  2. Then, click on the General.
  3. In the lower-left corner of the screen, click on the lock.
  4. Now, enter your username and password in the dialogue box, and afterward, tap on the Unlock tab.
  5. Go for the App Store and Identified Developer.
  6. Find the App Name that you want to download; if it is blocked and not opening due to an unidentified developer, then click on the Open Anyway. Again try to re-access the app.

Now, you can be able to open the app on the device.

Fix4: Utilize the Terminal to bypass the Security

An additional technique to eliminate the error is bypassing the security settings via Terminals. It means you can run terminal commands to apply permanently. Moreover, in rare cases, it happens while downloading an incompatible app from anywhere rather than to verified developers.

Thus, in this case, allow the application in the security settings to fix the unverified error. So, apply the given steps for this reason:

  1. Firstly, close all the applications and at the top right corner of the screen, tap on the Search tab.
  2. Secondly, type in the Terminal and access the application.
  3. Write the below command in the window and tap on the Enter Key.
Sudo  sptcl  -master-disable
  1. Now, you have to type Password in the next line. Then, type your Mac computer password.

Note: You observe that while typing the password, you cannot view the characters on the screen.

  1. After that, close all the windows and reboot your PC.
  2. Now, repeat the steps from 1 to 5 of the above fix (Bypass the Security block).
  3. In Allow apps downloaded from section, select the Anywhere option.
  4. Again, reinstall the app and check if the issue exists anymore.

Fix5:  Explore an Alternative App: To Opened the Verified Developer

mac cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified
mac cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

Another method is; if you are trying to install the app and it is blocked by an error message. So, you can also try an alternate version for that app from the Mac App Store, which will perform the same function from a developer whose platform is verified. This technique is a better and safer alternative than installing a program that is not approved.

Fix6: Download the App via Safari

If you are trying to download the app and an error occurs, maybe the reason is due to the browsers like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you cannot open the app. So, you can try another method, that is to access through another browser like Safari. Here are the below instructions to apply:

  1. Initially, delete the application which you have downloaded using a different browser.
  2. Now, access the Safari browser and install the application. Then, you may open the app easily.


Apple is sincere with its policy for its users so that no infection affects the device. Because when you try to install Mac apps, plug-ins, and installer packages from outside the App Store. It might be possible the virus can harm your device.

So, applying the above methods are quite helpful for you to eliminate the error. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment box about the article.