Epic Launches Unreal Editor for Fortnite, will Offer 40% Net Revenue to Creators

Epic Launches Unreal Editor for Fortnite
Epic Launches Unreal Editor for Fortnite

Epic has announced new ways for Fortnite players to make content and earn money. The company will offer 40% of item shop revenue with island creators.

Epic revealed the beta launch of Unreal Editor for Fortnite during the state of unreal conference GDC. The company will now share 40% of net revenue with the ones who design “Island” in a game. This involves money the company earns from purchasing V-Bucks; real money invests in fortnite on items such as Fortnite Crew Subscriptions, cosmetics, quest packs, and starter packs.

However, creators can develop their incredible in-game experiences with Custom designs & rulesets on their personal islands. A creator’s payment is decided by how well-known the island is and how many users keep coming to the island.

Epic says that companies can also earn payouts in this program, such as Roblox professional game developers can also publish their content on Fortnite and can earn. Although, the point is unclear whether Epic itself is allowed to earn back a portion of the fixed 40%, which would make the sum going to other party creators far smaller.

Moreover, about half of fortnite playtime takes place in user-created content, but these third-party maps are about to get a huge upgrade. Epic also announced that the fame is getting an unreal engine editor, which will be available in the public beta. According to videos, it looks like a bigger game changer.

Additionally, with the new editor, it only makes sense that Epic would change its creator system. Creators had a personal code, and if fans entered their code while purchasing an item in the fortnite shop, they would get 5% of the profits.

To link with a new program, Epic calls “creator Economy 2.0,” users can log in on Fortnite’s new creator portal. Any creator who enrolls before April 21 will be paid for any island engagement from March 1 onward. To be permitted to pay, users must be 18 or older and have an account at least 90 days old.

Hence, the epic game “creator Economy 2.0” system is an amazing way to encourage more Custom Fortnite islands and prize creators for their hard work. With a massive cut in item shop spending & related transaction, creators can earn more and continue to make amazing content for the game. Although, the release of the unreal engine for Fortnite will also lead to more refined third-party projects, making the game more thrilling for players.

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