Google Brings April Patch to Pixel Phones after Week-long Delay

Google Brings April Patch to Pixel Phones after Week-long Delay
Google Brings April Patch to Pixel Phones after Week-long Delay

Google takes two months to deliver the monthly April patch to Pixel Phones. The software generally comes up on the first Monday of every month. However, the company’s track record has been so bad lately. Even the users of Pixel 6 had to wait for an extended week on top of the delay. It does not seem to be a sure bet anymore. After a long week delay, Google is introducing this April 2023 patch to support Pixel hardware, which is the Pixel 4a and later versions, but it’s a confusing trend for the company’s hardware.

After seeing the security bulletin last week, we’re currently getting to the patch notes and normal list of solutions that will be seen in your daily routine. Due to much delay, we cannot anticipate anything new this month. Moreover, an obscure “instability” resolve when using USB accessories on Tensor-powered smartphones. Pixel 7 Pro users are getting a few enhancements to macro mode’s autofocus, while other Bluetooth devices get a fixing hack randomly impairing without alerts. Get the fix for. Check out the complete list of patch notes below, three things in a different order.

  • Bluetooth

Resolved an issue that sometimes caused connected Bluetooth devices or accessories to silently unpair

  • Camera

Autofocus improvements when using a macro focus in certain situations *[1]

  • System

Fixed a glitch that sometimes caused instability whenever using certain USB devices or accessories *[2]

1] Pixel 7 Pro includes

,[2] Includes Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro

The factory images and OTA files are currently available on Google’s website, along with selected builds for T-Mobile variants and their associated MVNOs. As usual, updates should be introduced to support the phone for a while. With any luck, Google can get it together for the May update, which is set to come up just ten days before I/O in Mountain View.