How To Change Text Size on iPhone Series

How To Change Text Size on iPhone
How To Change Text Size on iPhone

Do you ever struggle to read the text on your iPhone? Too small text can be difficult to see, and too large lettering may not fit properly on the screen. We are here to help – in this blog post, we will explain how you can easily change the text size on your iPhone so that it looks just the way you want it! With a few simple steps, you will be able to make all of your apps easier to read, whether it’s an email from a colleague or a message from a friend. Let’s get started!

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  • iPhone Updated Version
  • Read the Article if you want to change the text size.
  • Charger if your battery is drained.

Part 1: Using the Display Settings Icon

  • Open your iPhone screen and click on the Settings icon.
  • Tap display & brightness, which is the on the interface’s third number.
  • Select text size (4th option of the interface). If you want to improve the bold font size and make it readable, you can do it from the below option.
  • Tap and drag the slider that will manage the font size (if you drag it the right way, the font size will be enlarged, and if dragged left side, the text size will shrink). This change will apply to all the iPhone settings, interfaces, and third-party apps that support dynamic types. Keep remember, this size dragging will not affect the icon text.
  • Now tap display & brightness in the screen’s left corner. Doing so will save your text size change, so you will see your modified text size immediately applied to the menu text here on iPhone.

Part 2: Using Accessibility Settings

  • Open your gray color iPhone’s settings on the home screen.
  • Tap accessibility, which will be the seventh option in the general menu.
  • Click on display & text size, which exactly says: text settings (You should see a slider and a switch that says “larger accessibility sizes).
  • Select the larger text that will find at the top of the second group of options on the interface.
  • Slide the larger accessibility sizes and switch right to the “ON” position.  Doing so will increase the max size to which you can enlarge menu text.
  • Tap and drag the slider correctly to increase text size; dragging it left will decrease the text size. Like the text size slider in the display & brightness menu, any change you make here will only support to iOS menu and apps that support the accessibility size.

Part 3: Using Display Zoom (Only Works for iPhone 6 to 14)

  • Open your iPhone home screen and Tap settings.
  • Tap Display & Brightness.
  • Now tap view, which is the fifth group of settings here.
  • Select the zoomed tab on the right side of the screen (Here, you can see a preview of the home screen and how the zoomed view will look).
  • Tap set in the top right corner of the screen. This will save your settings, and the entire display will now be zoomed in slightly.

Part 4: Make Your Text Size Change Even larger & Bold on iPhone

Still, if you have not made any changes to iPhone mobile text, there is one more option or settings to try to change it. By trying this method, you can bold the text on your iPhone.

  • Tap the gray icon of settings on your iPhone home screen.
  • Tap accessibility, then tap Display & Text size.
  • Now, you will turn on the bold text option that appears on the screen. That will replace your iPhone text in bold.

Note: Here are the master tips for changing text more easily! To read more Hitech content updates, check out How To Change Keyboard On iPhone 12/13 & 14.

How To Change Font Size On iPhone Lock Screen

Unfortunately, changing the font size on the iPhone lock screen is impossible. Apple does not launch this customization due to maintain the uniformity and consistency of their design  across all iPhones. But you can change the font color and style on the iPhone lock screen. Here is the shortcut way to do it.

To Change the Lock Screen Clock Font Style & Color

  • Unlock your iPhone using face ID, don’t swipe, and don’t go to the home screen.
  • Long press on the lock screen, and here you will tap customize at the bottom.
  • Tap the clock; the font style and color-changing option will appear.
  • Tap the font style you want to adopt and change the lock screen clock font color.

Note: There are 8 fonts available to change. And you can also change the type of numerals. If you tap the globe icon, the options show for Arabic, Arabic Indic, and Devanagari.

How To Change Font Style On iPhone Without App?

How To Change Font Style On iPhone Without App

There are different ways to change the font style on iPhone without downloading any app from App Store. Consider a few steps to know:

  • Tap Settings icon > Tap Display & Brightness
  • Under the heading font size, use the appear slider to adjust the text size on your screen (If you want to see your font bold, tap bold to turn it on or off).

How To Change Font Size On iPhone Notes?

It is convenient to type notes on your iPhone while on the go for your business. While traveling, you can use this to jot down ideas when attending conferences or meetings. The native Notes app on the iPhone allows you to change the font, just like you can change the font in a document on your computer.

The notes app turns on you to type on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard to compose docs that you can send to people via email to your computer for future use.

  • Press the Home button on your iPhone.
  • Tap the Settings gray icon on the screen.
  • Tap notes (Here, you will see the list of fonts).
  • Tap the name of a font to select it, such as “HELVETICA.”
  • Press the home button, and tap the notes icon to use the app with the newly designated font.


Q: How to change the font color on iPhone?
A: The inverted color option is available for those who face difficulty seeing the standard color theme option and want to see a new look.
• Open settings app
• Tap accessibility > Display & Text size
• Disable or Enable classic and the smart invert color settings.
Q: How to change font size on iPhone 11?
• Go to Settings > Tap Display & Brightness
• Choose text size > Use the text slider to adjust the font size
• Enable the bold text switch if you prefer thicker text. That’s it (iPhone 11 will display the text size in the new font size).
Q: How to change keyboard background on iPhone?
A: Unfortunately, no vibrant color could change the iPhone keyboard background, but two default dark and light themes can change it easily.• Tap Settings > Scroll down and Tap Display & Brightness
• Choose the dark setting
• Now your iPhone keyboard background will change with other apps of your phone from white to black.

Q: How to change message background on iPhone 6 without jailbreaking?

• Tap AppStore > Choose the search button
• Enter “Color Text Messages & Tap search
• Now you will see various apps to design cool messages with outstanding effects, cursive fonts, bubbles, and colored texts.
• Select any app to install on your iPhone and put a background on the iPhone message.
Q: How to change text color in Mail app on iPhone?
• Open mail app > Compose a new message
• Highlight the text to whom you want to change the color > Tap the format button
• When format option show > tap the color palette icon.
• Choose the color you want to select for your text color in the mail; the highlighted text will change.
• Close out the formatting tab, and if you are satisfied, send your text.


The ability to adjust the text size is a valuable feature accomplished by Apple manufacturers, and it can achieve within a few minutes. Following the instructions outlined in this guide, iPhone users can easily customize the text size according to their preferences. And using different third-party tools, you can make your mobile comfortable and accessible to use. Comment below if you found more features in iPhone 15 related to font and text colors.

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