How To Charge A PS4 Controller With or Without Charger

How to charge a ps4 controller

If you don’t know how to charge a PS4 controller or face difficulty, you have clicked on the correct article. Your ps4 is just a pricy, weighty device and nothing more or less than that if its controller is not charged. However, wireless controllers are very convenient to use and require occasional charging.  

Some input and output connectors features are given in the ps4 controller.

  1. Micro USB port
  2. Extension port
  3. A 3.5 mm CTIA TRRS connector stereo headset jack.

It can be charged with the help of a dedicated charging station, microUSB via a standalone charger, or a console. So, if your controller is showing a problem with charging, and you do not know what to do. This article is about how to charge the controller and the problems you face while charging it.

Facts About PS4 Controller Charging

You should remember certain circumstances about your PlayStation4 controller charging.

  • If your controller is completely exhausted, charging takes almost two hours. 
  • The controller will be charged halfway if you charge it only for 1 hour almost.
  • The charging capacity of the controller will get slow if you use it while charging.
  • The battery of the controller charge only if you connect it to the ps4 with a USB cable.
  • When you press the ps button and hold on to it, the charging light will appear on the screen.
  • You must charge the controller fully once a year to make it function properly.
  • You should charge it between 10 to 30 centigrade.
  • The controller will only charge while the PlayStation 4 is not off and is in the rest mode.
  • You only have to charge it when it is low on battery. Else you can lose much of its battery health and longevity.
  • You can turn off ps4 controller to save battery.

Charging PS4 Controller With Console

Charging PS4 Controller With Console

Below are the steps briefly defined about how you can charge ps4 controller with the console:

  • There is a power button given on the front of the console. After pressing, you see a blue light. You must hear a signal from the ps4 too.
  • Plug the USB port end in ps4 and the micro USB port in the controller.
  • Your controller will start charging.
  • Then, You will see the light as a signal above the USB port. It will indicate that battery of the controller is charging.
  • Also, If it is not showing any signals of charging, clean your controller or fix the USB cable that must be loose or broken.

Charging PS4 Controller With Plug Socket

You can charge the PlayStation4 controller with a wall plug socket other than its console. Below are the steps which simplify everything you have to do:

  • You should have an adapter of five volts in hand.
  • Plug the USB port end in the adapter and the micro USB port in the controller.
  • Turn on the plug socket button.
  • The controller will start charging.
  • You can use the adapter /charger of an Android phone and an iPhone.
  • Then, You will see the light as a signal above the USB port. It will indicate that battery of your controller is charging.
  • If it is not showing any charging signals, fix the USB cable or adapter that must be loose or broken.
  • While using the controller, never use a charger less than 800 mA.        

 Charge PS4 Controller With Dual Shock 4 Charging Station

Charge PS4 Controller With Dual Shock 4 Charging Station

With the Dual Shock 4 charging station, you do not need to worry about the voltage because it is specifically manufactured to charge the controller and keeps your desk tidy. It can be connected to different devices with the help of four USB portals. It charges two controllers at the same time. There is no need for any USB cable to charge your controller if you have it.

  • First, connect your Dual Shock 4 charging station to the current with the help of its adapter. Insert the adapter into the socket. Turn on the switch.
  • Stabilize the controllers onto the charging station while inserting its ext port into the dock.
  • The controllers will start to charge.    

How To Charge PS4 Controller Without A Charger?

Suppose you do not have a console or adapter to charge your controller. Do not worry; we have got you! You can charge it with your computer or television or even use a mobile power bank with the help of its USB port.

  • Insert the charging USB cable of the controller into the USB portal given on the television or computer.
  • Then, Insert the micro USB cable into the controller.
  • The wall switch of the television or computer should be turned on during this process so that the current should pass through the USB cable from one device to another.
  •  You will see the charging signal on the controller.
  • Using a power bank to charge your controller, use a standard 1000mah or more.
  • Use the power bank fully charged to charge the controller.

What To Do If PS4 Controller Is Not Charging?

The issue can occur to a few usual problems:

  • The charging cable will not charge the controller if it is covered with dirt. Take a cleaning cloth and clean the USB slot and port first.
  • You can also change the battery if it is useless from the controller’s backside.

Below are the different quick ways how to reset your ps4 controller :

  • An issue in charging can occur because of any bug. Reset the controller; in this case, power off ps4. Disconnect your controller with ps4. You will find the reset button on the backside of the controller downer to the L2. Press and hold that button with the help of any pin. Connect it to ps4 and turn on the power switch.
  • Sometimes not charging is a problem of software. To solve it, you have to update your ps4. Go to Settings > click option Devices>  click Turn off device> click Turn off ps4, then Press and hold the controller’s reset button with any pin’s help. Connect it to ps4 with the help of a USB cable. Turn on the power switch and press the PS button on the controller and see if it starts to charge.


Are all ps4 controllers rechargeable?
Yes, all the internal batteries of ps4 controllers are rechargeable with the help of a USB cable connected to any power-insulating device or the Dual Shok 4 charging station.

What color is the ps4 when charging?
The light of the ps4 is orange when it is charging.

How to turn on ps4 controller?
You just have to press the PS button given in the middle of the 2 analogue sticks on the device.


Charging your PS4 is not a worry now. Above is a complete guide on charging your PS4 controller with or without its console. You can easily charge the controller by connecting it to its console with the help of its USB cable.

 Else you can also charge it with the help of an Android or an iphone charger or power bank. Connecting it to a computer or television with a USB cable while the power socket is on also makes it very easy to charge your controllers. If you like a tidy desk, you can also purchase a Dual Shock 4 charging station for no hustle.

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