How to Clean a Flat Screen TV Without Ruining it

how to clean the screen of a flat screen tv
how to clean the screen of a flat screen tv

Google, recently, observed an uptick in searches for “how to clean a flat-screen TV,” “how to clean the screen of a flat-screen TV,” and “how to clean a flat-screen TV screen.” These queries sound like childish. But that’s how people search on Google, including me.

The question of why people in large numbers are searching for these queries can be understood in the context of excessive binge-watching. It makes sense too. Who will tolerate the dirt, or worst, streaks, on screens to ruin their favorite show experience?

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into solving your problem of cleaning flat-screen TVs, without ruining their display and quality. And make sure to read the entire blog to know all the hacks to get dirt, streak-free screens to enjoy your favorite show.

Try Simple, Soft Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth, fancy term, right? Well, it is not. It is the most commonly used and highly recommended cloth when it comes to wiping your flat-screen TVs clean. The cloth is formed of polyester and nylon. Well—in English—it is made up of plastic.

Gently, begin putting it on the…hold for a second;have you done the followingthing before applying the cloth on the screen?

Remember Always Turn Your TV Off Before Cleaning It

TURN YOUR TV SCREEN OFF. The warning should be placed in the capitalized or else your easy-to solve cleaning a flat-screen TV will turn into something else, something terrible would be the right to describe it.

Why so?

Due to the warm surface of the TV screen, while apply cloth, often dampened in these scenarios, will give you a nightmare as it risks damaging the inner system of your screen.

The thousand buck’s product will turn to good-for-nothing. So, be careful.

Wipe As Gently as You Can and Don’t Forget to Clean the Surroundings

Well, your guide on “how to clean a flat-screen TV effortlessly” got another hugely important tip for you. BE AS GENTLE AS YOU CAN WHEN YOU WIPE THE SCREEN. Let that sink in.

Why am I giving too much emphasis on this point? Well, if you don’t want to end up having scratches on your screens byyour botched attempts of cleaning it—in the first place–then listen to this piece of advice. Because flat TV screens are delicate. Especially LCDs.  So be careful around it.

Meanwhile, to get dirt-free clean screens, check for dirt in its surroundings first. Often, many people did this mistake; they completely clean the screens but leave their adjacent areas.

The result: the dirt again with help of air gets stuck into the screen you just complete cleaning. So, Remember, this is a two-pronged work. You did only half of it. The other half needs to be done to end this simple problem.

Get Distilled Water to Wipe Down the Stubborn Stains

Some stains do not leave easily like the rest of them. So, what to do with them? You hit them hard, in this case: water.

Get some distilled water, but not tap waterbecause the minerals in it may damage your screen. Filled the water in a spray bottle ready it to spray on the cloth, I REPEAT ON THE CLOTH, not onto the TV screen directly. As it will spoil the quality of your TV screen.

Having said that, gently wipe your screen with circular motions to give it a bright, shiny look. You can also use a blend of (mild) dish soap with water to clean the stubborn stains. While some also suggest the use of vinegar to make your blemishes worries go away. Both of these solutions will apply on cloth, instead of the screen first. But you stick with the water; it will do the work for you.

Afterward, the dampened cloth usage. Use a dry cloth on your TV screen to remove any swirls or streaks.

how to clean a flat screen TV
how to clean a flat screen TV

How to Clean a Flat TV Screens: More Simply

The flat TV screens categories included, LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and Plasma TVs. The last time I checked, they all came along with a pretty hefty price tag. So, you need a better understanding of how to clean these flat-screen TVs so as not to ruin them in any way.

How to Clean LCD

LCDs are fragile. So, take extra precautions around them. Take your microfiber cloth with you and gently wipe the screen to clear out the smudges. Remember, LCDs cannot with stand the typical wet cleaning. So, act resourcefully. And try to get as much dirt as you can from the screen and its vents.

How to Clean LED, OLED, AND QLED

They all belong to the same family, but with slightly different features. So, the drill will be the same here as that of the LCD. Applydry microfiber cloth to make the screen clean while the scratches are away.

How to Clean Plasma TVs

Unlike the previous two, Plasma TVs or panels are a tad bit different from them. They have glass screens but still are prone to the kid’s fingerprints, smudges and whatnot. So, lint-free cloth aka microfiber cloth will come to the rescue (again) to remove all the blemishes from its surface to give it a brand-new look.

How Not to Clean a Flat Screen TV?

  1. Do not rub, press, or scrub the surface of the screen as it will leave marks or scratches.
  2. Avoid glass-cleaners that contain chemicals like ammonia, ethyl alcohol, acetone, or ethyl chloride to clean your TV screens. Unless you don’t like your TV screen or want to get rid of it.
  3. Do not use paper towels, tissues, and newspapers to clean the screen. They will make you regret.
  4. Let go of cleaning kits. The easy-to-apply hacks you have learned in this blog will be enough for you to make your screens clean, shiny, and spotless without them.