How to Defeat Godskin Noble

How to Defeat Godskin Noble
How to Defeat Godskin Noble

Are you looking for some strategies that may assist you in defeating the Godskin Noble? So you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to Defeat Godskin Noble, one of the toughest fights in Elden Ring. While exploring Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor Prison Town, you will face the first boss dressed in the flayed skin of fallen Gods. And if you want to explore more about Elden Ring, read How to Get Finger Snap Elden Ring.

Key Factors About Godskin Noble

Godskin Noble can be found inside the Temple of Eligay in the Volcano Manor. Although, the boss fight is optional unless you want to take on Shardrear Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, inside the legacy Dungeon.

Godskin Noble is a huge boss who takes fat rolling to the extreme. It has a sword that reaches far and wide to throw damage to you. You must avoid the combos it performs, as they are extremely annoying with an unpredictable mix of slow and fast attacks. So, if you do not protect yourself, the big boss will get on its side and roll about, flattering you and dealing damage. You can even call out any Sprit Ash or online players to help you in the encounter.

As he’s a big boss, he can freely move fast and attack you, leaving you in wonder. Few of his attacks need precise timing to dodge to avoid damage. Read the following attacks the boss uses inside the Temple of Eligay and learn a few strategies to tackle him.

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Strategies to Defeat Godskin Noble Elden Ring

To win the fight, you must be able to trap the foe and follow the tricks, for instance, stick to his right and hit his bally, or you can beam him to death.

General Tips

Like the Godskin Apostle, this big boss has a few fairly magnificent doors of opportunities for you to damage, and it shouldn’t be more than a challenge if you stay calm.

  • You should use the pillars in the room to avoid the attacks you are troubling dodging.
  • The Godskin Noble has the potential to resist holy fire and strike damage. Although, it is weakest to Slash, Hemorrhage, and Frost damage.

No matter which mode you choose to play, either a ranged or a melee character, the strategy here will extensively remain alike.

Melee Strategy to Defeat Godskin Noble

Melee Strategy to Defeat Godskin Noble

Applying the melee strategy will become even simpler if you get used to the big foe. And the only attack to catch out for is the Belly Shove and Body Slam. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how close you are to the boss. You must guard yourself whenever you see Godskin Noble attacking you. In general, the foe quickly resumes his attacks right after the next ones, so you must always be vigilant enough.

While playing as a melee-oriented character, you need to stay in the middle range of the boss and wait for him to start using this attack. You’ll find the ball of Black Flame in the air and roll under it onto the boss, here; you may use 2 instant attacks or one heavy jumping attack. The jumping-heavy attack will be safer to overcome, especially if you’re using a slow weapon.

Ranged Strategy to Defeat Godskin Noble

Ranged Strategy to Defeat Godskin Noble

If you’re having difficulty, you can pick Sorcery Beam one shot as a last resort. However, to utilize this, you must include the Cerulean Hidden Tear in your Wondrous Flask. This way, you can use Comet Azur for over ten seconds. So that once the boss begins to walk towards you at the initial stage of this fight, you will have maximum time to cast your Sorcery and a chance to hit him constantly until he comes over to you and attacks you and tries to intervene in your attack.

How to Avoid Damage?

Several boss attacks are pretty straight to dodge, but a couple of attacks can be more challenging to avoid. Such as Rapid Flurry, in which the foe releases a series of rapid thrusts forward, ending with an upward thrust. But you have two different techniques to get through this.

  1. If you’re standing closer, you can roll towards the boss and slightly to the right side to find yourself in melee range, avoid his attacks, and be able to punish the boss.
  2. If you’re far away, you can throw this attack back by sprinting backward. Note that you might have to dodge the beginning of this attack by rolling backward.

In Phase 2, you will experience another terrible attack, and that is the boss rolling around the room. It cannot be easy to ignore this, even though there are a few hacks to deal with these attacks.

At the very first moment, you should use a 100% physical defense shield, block the boss while the boss rolls towards you, and dodge through the boss at the very end moment. This way, even if your dodge-rolling timing is slightly off, you will restrict the damage before rolling through the boss.

Another technique is to use the pillars around the room to avoid taking any damage from this attack.

When you typically have time to sort out the dodge timings for some of the more straightforward attacks, try to use a 100 physical defense shield and keep blocking it until you dodge to avoid taking any damage.

Consequently, if you defeat the Godskin Noble in multiple fights, you will be rewarded with his armor set, Godskin Stitcher weapon, and a Talisman.

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