How to Leave Roundtable Elden Ring

How to Leave Roundtable Elden Ring

The Elden Ring video game is stuffed with every aspect, and the game allows the player to explore it to the greatest extent. And Roundtable Hold Elden Ring is one of its most crucial locations in Elden that may blow your mind once you get to know its endless surprises, such as access services, barter with merchants, purchasing equipment, and upgrading weapons and Spirit Ashes. Meanwhile, players sometimes get frustrated being present at the main Hub and want to know how to exit this place as two of its doors are locked. So if you also want to overcome this situation, keep scrolling through this guide to learn How to Leave Roundtable Elden Ring. And if you want to explore more about Elden Ring, checkout What Does Dexterity Do in Elden Ring?

What is Roundtable Hold?

Roundtable Hold is a main hub or place in Elden Ring action play game. Typically, you cannot get there by exploring the game’s huge world of the Lands Between. The Roundtable Hold is there nearby Melina. A partner comes over and offers to take you from a Site of Grace. 

You can reach out to this area through a fast journey. You will see two locked doors at the Roundtable Hold. The first Door requires one Stonesword Key to open and contains a chest holding Crepus’s Black-Key Crossbow. The second Door after the first Door needs two keys to unlock.

That means you need a total of three keys to open both the doors. The Roundtable Hold acts as the central area in Elden Ring. It has a society of adventurers intended to assist each other. 

How to Get to Roundtable Hold?

Get to Roundtable Hold

Here’s introducing you to Roundtable Gold, which acts as a main hub, where you will be welcomed by beautiful terrains. The place isn’t physically available in the lands between. Due to this, getting there is quite uncertain. However, you can get to Roundtable Hold if you rest at one of two Site of Grace spots and choose the fast travel option from the world map.

There’s only issue is that you can only fast-travel to a Site of Grace in Elden Ring if you have already discovered it. But people visiting the place for the first time can go there by walking through the following directions.

Luckily, there’s no need to look for the Roundtable Hold; the games take you there when the time comes. You are only supposed to follow the main storyline, defeat the first few bosses, and rest at a site of Grace. There’s another thing that games do not let you know exactly where you must rest to trigger the Melina, the Finger Maiden cutscene.

Lake-Facing Cliffs: Defeat Margit, the Fell Omen, and move ahead north of the Stormveil castle area. Although, the cutscene will only begin after the Godrick encounter. 

Stormveil Main Gate: You can go to the Roundtable Hold location before fighting Margit. So, all you need to do is encounter the first big boss and travel into the tunnel to the Site of Grace. You’ll Rest at this place to summon Melina, the Finger Maiden. Later you have to fight many foes the clean the area to take a trip to the Table of Lost Grace. When you arrive at the Storveil Main Gate, rest there and start the Margitt boss fight several times. Ultimately, you must leave the place, return, and rest at the Site of Grace again to initiate the Roundtable Hold Sequence.

How to Leave Roundtable Elden Ring?

Leave Roundtable Elden Ring

We mentioned that Roundtable Hold is the central Hub of Elden Ring, with many doorways and countless helpful NPCs (some mysterious secrets). And none of the doors open to the terrain of the lands between. So the only way to get out from Roundtable Hold is to travel fast to any Site of Grace. You can exit the Roundtable Hold without roaming around strange places.

So follow the process to get off Roundtable Hold when you find yourself stuck inside it.

The only way out from Roundtable Hold is by Fast-travelling to a formerly-unlocked Site of Grace. See how to do this:

Players will need to bring the world map, and then they must use mouse or controller wheels to hover over any Golden Medallion icons.

These icons signify the Site of Grace and will allow the player to move freely to any of the sites, and they will automatically disappear and reappear at the place they have already discovered in the lands between.

A player can follow the same way to return to the Roundtable Hold. However, the icon for the Hub is always located in the bottom-left corner of the map, in its big circular symbol, detached from the rest of the world map.

What can a Player do at the Roundtable Hold Elden Ring?

The Roundtable Hold is the prime location hub area in Elden Ring. The players could meet multiple interesting NPCs who can describe the lore, sell you weapons and armaments, and upgrade their gear.

In addition, some NPCs offer you main and side quests even though Finger Reader Enia and the Twin Maiden Husks are the most important NPCs for getting the legendary deadliest weapons in the game.


Elden Ring is a complex, widely-played game with countless challenges and epic battles. However, most of the new players face difficulty in an unfamiliar environment. When leaving the Roundtable Hold, a fully closed region in an otherwise open environment, the only way out is possible through fast traveling using the world map option. As it lacks entry or exit points, you can’t leave the building by any means except fast travel.

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