How to Make Money on Twitter – 15 Proven Ways

How to Make Money on Twitter

Do you ever wonder how to make money on Twitter? X platform is like a double-edged sword; you can earn money directly from Twitter, or you can generate money by offering services and promoting products on Twitter. In this article, we have shared 15 remarkable ways, along with tips and tricks, to make your X ordinary account into a fully income-generated tool.

How to Make Money on Twitter – 4 Must-Follow Tips & Tricks

Most of the well-earners on X are either individuals who are already celebrities or those who are devoted to their work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be famous to make money on Twitter. You have to get creative and follow some best practices, which are mentioned below.

1. Fully Optimized Your X Profile

First of all, you must complete your X profile. A fully optimized profile makes you prominent on this platform.

Setup your profile with these tips to give your X account an impressive look:

  • A high-resolution display picture of yourself or a business logo.
  • Craft an Easy-to-remember username and X handle.
  • It is a subtle, captivating background image.
  • Add an appealing and attractive bio.
  • A link to your website.

The more appealing your profile looks, the more rememberable it will be, and the more strength you will gain with the money-making ways we discuss in this article.

2. Choose Your Niche

Whether you decide to make money on Twitter via affiliate marketing, post sponsored tweets, or promote your products, selecting a niche will help you to become more prosperous. You will be able to deliver clear messages and have a quick time building engaged users who are more probably to buy your products and services.

3. Maximize Your Following

Boosting your earnings capabilities on X comes down to your ability to grow your following. With this method, you can increase your money-making opportunities. For example, brands are more interested in hunting creators for doing affiliate marketing and sponsored tweets if you have a large X following.

So use the following tips to get more followers to make money on Twitter:

  • Be active to increase your Twitter engagement by posting daily, interacting with individuals, retweeting, quoting posts, and commenting on other user’s content.
  • Only share content that is related to your niche.
  • Always use hashtags on content to expand your Twitter reach.
  • Follow accounts relevant to your target audience or niche.
  • Add your X handle in your email signature.
  • Embed your X account on your website.
  • Promote your X account on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

4. Invest in Twitter Premium

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, the platform had many significant changes. Buying Twitter Premium will prioritize your replies, your profile will shown on others for your timeline, and your tweets will be boosted if links are in them. That’s how Twitter Premium increases reach and engagement to your profile and crafts an easy way to monetize your account.

How to Make Money on Twitter – 15 Proven Ways

1. Post Sponsored Content

Posting sponsored content for brands can earn you money. Brands pay creators to promote their products on their feeds. Keep in mind that the product is associated with your niche, and that is something related to your followers would be interested in.

2. Doing Affiliate Marketing

Sharing affiliate content is a great way for creators to earn money on Twitter. You post an affiliate link with your audience, and if they buy the product or take services via your link, you make a commission.

3. Promote Your Own Business

Use X to promote your own business. Make engaging content, share your valuable ideas, and connect with your viewers. As you build your high presence, you can sell your services as a coach, consultant, content creator, or product creator to gain passive income.

4. Sell Your Products

Creators can use X to promote and sell their products. Promote your merchandise on X, direct your audience to your online store, and make money on Twitter.

5. Set Up a Twitter Subscription

If your account has met the eligibility requirements, you can monetize your content via the Twitter subscription program. You can offer exclusive content to your subscribers, including joining your live stream, and allow subscribers to message you.

6. Active in Twitter Chats

You can connect with other creators or influencers and engage with your audience by contributing to X chats. As you build relationships with other creators, help to create collaborative content.

7. Utilize Twitter Ads

X ads allow creators to reach more users, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. Create engaging and appealing advertisements on Twitter that resonate with your followers.

8. Offer Social Media Management Services

Many brands and celebrities don’t have the time or resources to manage their social media presence productively. As a social media expert, you can provide services like account management, content creation, and engagement to accounts willing to pay for your expertise.

9. Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics offers users insights about their viewers and the performance of their posts. With X Analytics insights, you can create more engaging and useful content about your audience’s interest, leading to more revenue.

10. Organize X Contest

Organizing a contest on X can inspire your followers to engage with your content and increase your reach and followers. You can collaborate with fellow creators or businesses to offer giveaways to the winners.

11. Use Ticketed Spaces

X Spaces is a live audio platform that allows you to host virtual events and conversations. With Ticketed Spaces, you can charge attendees an entrance fee to access your live audio that’s how you can make money on Twitter easily and effectively.

12. Create a Community

Launching a paid community on X can help you craft your expertise and connect with like-minded people.

13. Become a Ghostwriter

Suppose you have a talent for making appealing posts and engaging content you can make money on Twitter. In that case, you can offer ghostwriting services for companies or high-profile personalities looking to hire someone to manage their social media presence.

14. Build Your Email List

Email marketing is an easy and effective way to generate sales. You can use Twitter to craft your email list. Nevertheless of your business type, whether it is promoting a product or brand on X or driving traffic to your website, Twitter is still an excellent traffic source.

15. Ads Revenue Share

Twitter launched its ads revenue sharing program for users to make money from X. It is an excellent way for creators to monetize their Twitter accounts. Creators get an ad revenue share based on the verified user’s organic impressions of ads shown in the replies to their tweets.


Q. Can a normal person get verified on Twitter?
Yes, you can get verified on Twitter by subscribing to Twitter Premium, and if your account matches the eligibility requirements, you can apply for verification.

Q. How can I get a blue tick on Twitter?
The blue checkmark is the indication of verification on Twitter. You can get a blue tick by getting Twitter Premium and applying for verification.

Q. What are the benefits of monetization on Twitter?
You can make money on Twitter by using an ads revenue sharing program or by charging monthly subscription fees for your exclusive content.

Final Words

In this article, we walk through a guide on how to make money on Twitter. With creativity, effort, and implementing effective ways, you can turn your X account into a powerful money-making tool.