How to Play Genshin Impact on Xbox

How to play Genshin Impact on Xbox

Genshin Impact is the most popular action-adventure RPG of all time. The free-to-play game genshin Impact is popular worldwide for its open world that players can set in teyvat. There is also a massive collection of new characters like Kiara and Pirmogems genshin Impact. However, gamers can play the Genshin impact game on every gaming platform, including PlayStation, smartphones, and PC, except for major consoles Xbox, steam, and Nintendo Switch.

This blog describes why you can’t play the game on Xbox Version. And some other games like genshin Impact.

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How to Play Genshin Impact on XBOX Game Pass

Unfortunately, the Genshin impact game lover can’t enjoy the game on the Xbox version when writing this blog. As per the reports in mid-2022, Microsoft claims that “Microsoft talked with the development and publishing company miHoYo about the in-game developments of genshin impact but did not reach a deal.”

However, as per the reports, Microsoft fast-tracked its exploration for a prominent Chinese developer to make something comparable to Genshin Impact for its network. While there are no clear indications, they tell which developers will be in control of the genshin competitor.

But the main suspect is the perfect world developer of games like Tower of Fantasy, final fantasy, Persona 5, and the phantom X. After the developer of the game like Harry Potter, Diablo Immortal, and marvel super war NetEase denied all rumors of the partnership. 

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When will this game be Released on Xbox?

The Xbox game pass is gaining immense popularity, and the Xbox has become a popular gaming platform. It has pinched more clients to the Xbox platform, making it more renowned. So it looks like a great idea to release genshin Impact on the Xbox edition. As many gamers are concerned to play genshin Impact on Xbox.

However, Genshin Impact was released globally on September 28, 2020, by HoYoverse till now, and players have been possession an eye on its upgrades. Till now, no further announcements have been made by developers.

MiHoYo team is quiet, and currently, there are no hints or plans to release this game on the Xbox version anytime soon. Genshin Impact has massive popularity everywhere, but Xbox looks to be getting the short end of the stick, making one wonder if there is still any chance for them.

Why I Can’t Play Genshin Impact on Xbox – Most Probable Reasons

Why I Can't Play Genshin Impact on Xbox

As we stated above miHoYo company does not release Genshin games on Xbox so that players can play this game on their Xbox version consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X|S). But you can play many best games on Xbox 360, one, and Series X|S.

Here we have shared some reasons that might cause the game not to be released on Xbox.

  • Negative Response

In 2019 the official trailer of this game was released for all devices. At that time, Microsoft developer for Xbox China even hired PR and advertising agencies to promote the genshin impact trailer. However, everything turned sour after the first trial of this game got negative reception.

Before releasing the trailer, the game claimed to be a revolutionary open-world RPG, but after seeing the trailer, Chinese players started complaining about it for being an obvious Zelda clone.

  • Lacking pay for promotional campaigns

Another reason genshin Impact is unavailable to play on Xbox is because the miHoYo company does not pay adequately for promotional campaigns. They give big promises of the game having a development budget of over 1000 million US Dollars that impact lunatic nonsense in Chinese gamer’s eyes. For protesting against the company, an annoyed protestor was got giving the mid finger to the genshin impact compartment at ChinaJoy.

The miHoyo company becomes the most controversial video game company in China just before the release of Genshin Impact. Regarding the media backlash, Microsoft cut all bonds and canceled all promotional plans for the game.

  • Xbox is not much popular in Asia

Xbox has not sold well in Asian markets, which is another probable reason the Genshin Impact was not launched and played. However, HoYoverse is a Chinese company, so it will ensure its local fans are most covered. That is supposed to be if Microsoft is seeing a boom in growth in Asia. It might be probable that HoYoverse will put effort into an Xbox Edition.

Available Platforms & Consoles to Play Genshin Impact

Available Platforms

So far, Genshin Impact is not accessible to play on Xbox. But there are still sufficient ways to enjoy and play the game on other platforms. The platforms where you can play genshin Impact game are;

  • Windows PC: Players can play the genshin Impact game on a Windows operating system PC. You can download the game by hovering over the game’s official site or epic game launcher. The file size of this game is 33.65GB.
  • Android Mobile: If you want to play the Genshin Impact game on your Android mobile platforms, ensure your Android device is updated on the 7.0 version or above. However, you can install the game from the google play store, and the file size of this game on Android is 349MB and 3.1 GB.
  • iOS: The compatible iOS device with genshin Impact are iPad Air, Mini Pro 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gen iPhone 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro max. Players can install the game from the Apple app store, and the file size storage on iOS is 4 GB.
  • PlayStation: To play the genshin Impact on Playstation, console players need PS 4, PS4 Slim, PS 4 Pro, and playstation 5. It requires 9.81GB of free storage space on PS4 and 31GB on PS5. Check out the best PS5 games.

Games Like Genshin Impact on Xbox

Players cant play the genshin Impact game on the XBOX edition. So here we have share games that you can enjoy on your XBOX instead of Genshin. If you want to play games with your friend on mobile, check out this list of the most popular multiplayer mobile games.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
  • Elden Ring
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Final Fantasy 14
  • Persona 5
  • Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
  • Tales of Arise


Can I play genshin Impact on Steam?
As with Xbox, genshin Impact is not accessible to play on the Steam deck server. And there are no official details of the game coming on the stream.

How to play Genshin impact on Mac?
Right now, the game does not officially support the Mac version of the PC. But players can play on their Mac using dual Boot camp on Mac with Windows 10 OS.

Can you play Genshin Impact on Playstation?
Yes, players can play genshin Impact on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can install the game for free from the playStation Store.

Can you play genshin Impact on the switch?
Currently, The developer of genshin Impact HoYoverse plans to release and start the switch version. But there is no official date for releasing the game. However, the youtube account of this game released a trailer for Nintendo Switch users.

Can I play genshin Impact on Xbox Series X|S?
Currently, gamers can’t play Genshin Impact on the Xbox series X|S as the game has not so far been released on the Xbox game pass edition.

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