How to Remove Airplay from iPhone Lock Screen

How to Remove Airplay from iPhone Lock Screen
How to Remove Airplay from iPhone Lock Screen

Do you know in iPhone, there’s a handy feature known as Airplay that allows its user to share content like audio, video, photos, or any other stuff from their mobile device? However, the content can only be shared from iPhone to Mac, Apple TV, or any other display or speaker that supports Apple Airplay. But if this feature bothers appearing on your iPhone Lock Screen, you must be wondering to know how to turn it off. Read this guide thoroughly because you’ll learn an easy hack about How to Remove Airplay from iPhone Lock Screen.

Method to Remove Airplay from iPhone Lock Screen

Generally, people do not realize their iPhone or iPad lock screen can do more than display the time. Suppose you turned on Airplay’s built-in feature, a great way to wirelessly stream audio and video content from your iOS device to any compatible device. In that case, you can also disable it from the lock screen. Go through the following methods that may help you remove Airplay from the iPhone lock screen.

  • Go to Settings>Airplay and turn off the Show When Locked option.
  • Otherwise, if you see media playing on your iPhone via Airplay, you can turn it off from the lock screen on iOS.
  • Tap the blue Airplay icon from the top right corner of the media player within the Lock screen.

If Airplay is being used, the screen mirroring icon can be seen as highlighted. And to stop Airplay, Locate the screen mirroring option and Tap on the Screen Mirroring tile inside the Control Centre.

You should see the device where media content is playing from the menu that appears. Tap on Stop Mirroring to turn off the Airplay. The media should get stopped playing on the Airplay-supported device immediately. Consequently, by doing so, the Airplay will switch off and will be removed from your iPhone lock screen.

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