How to Screenshot on an ASUS Laptop: Using 5 Easy Methods

How to Screenshot on an ASUS Laptop

It is a multinational computer hardware and electronic company based in Taiwan. ASUS was established in 1989. They’ve been creating products for your present and future to contribute to your smart life. It is a company that was recognized as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune magazine in 2015 and 2016.

They’ve given us the top-rated laptops and have revolutionized the PC industry. This is a company that has been rapidly developing virtual reality products. Professionals and PC experts thoroughly test all the products for their battery life and product quality. However, some features could be challenging for new users. That’s where we step in. Let us show you how to screenshot on an ASUS laptop.

How To Screenshot on an ASUS Laptop

The question is how to screenshot on an ASUS laptop, so there are several ways of doing it.

How to Screenshot on an ASUS Laptop Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

To use the keyboard shortcuts, all you need to do is press the PrtSc key to take a screenshot of the whole screen. After that, you can paste it into the Paint program and save it to your PC. Here is how to do it:

  • Firstly, press PrtSc then the complete screen will be copied to your clipboard.
  • Then press the Windows logo key, type paint, and click open on the paint program.
  • Then press Ctrl+ V at the same time to paste the screenshot into the Paint program.
  • A final but most important step is to press Ctrl+S at the same time to save this screenshot.

Using Windows Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch (Windows 10 and above):

The Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch are built-in screenshot tools in Windows. To use the Snipping Tool:

  1. Click open the Start menu and type “Snipping Tool” in the search bar.
  2. You can then use it to capture a specific area of your screen by dragging the cursor.
  3. Snip & Sketch is an enhanced version available in newer versions of Windows 10.
  4. Search it in the Start Menu. You can access it by pressing “Windows + Shift + S.”
    • Using the Snip & Sketch Shortcut (Windows 10 and above):
  5. Pressing “Windows + Shift + S” directly opens the Snip & Sketch tool, bypassing the need to open it from the Start menu.

Note: This shortcut allows you to capture a specific portion of your screen quickly.

How to Screenshot on ASUS Laptop Using the Windows Game Bar (Windows 10):

  • The Game Bar is primarily used for capturing screenshots and recording gameplay, but it can also capture other applications.
  • Press “Windows + G” to open the Game Bar overlay while in a game or any other application.
  • Then, click on the camera icon to take a screenshot.

Using Third-Party Software:

  • Third-party screenshot tools offer additional features and customization options beyond the built-in Microsoft Windows tools.
  • Examples include Greenshot, Lightshot, and ShareX, which provide various ways to capture and annotate screenshots.

Using Built-in ASUS Tools:

  • Some ASUS laptops may come with proprietary software that includes screenshot features.
  • These tools may offer additional functionalities or integrations specific to ASUS laptops. Check your laptop’s documentation or ASUS software suite for such features.
  • After taking a screenshot using any of these methods, you can usually find the captured image in your default Pictures folder or in a designated folder specified by the screenshot tool or settings you’ve configured.


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[wps_accordion_item title=’Q. How do I change my screenshot settings on my ASUS?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]First, click the “Screenshot” button on the Game Bar > then press the Windows key + Alt + PrtScn keys on your keyboard > After that, the screenshot will be captured and saved automatically in a subfolder called “Captures” in the folder named “Pictures.”[/wps_accordion_item]

[wps_accordion_item title=’Q. How do I use PrtScn?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]You can use the PrtScn for screenshots by pressing the main Win key and PrtSc at the same time. This will help you to take screenshots of the entire current screen.[/wps_accordion_item]

[wps_accordion_item title=’Q. How do you take partial screenshots on your ASUS laptop?’ open=’no’ icon=’plus’ ]To take a partial screenshot on your ASUS laptop:
1. Click on the left button (or double-click the “Ctrl” key)
2. Next, drag your mouse to select the area on your screen.
3. However, to take a full screenshot, you will click the right button (or double-click “Alt” on the keyboard).


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