How to Turn Off Like Count on Instagram in 2 Easy Ways

How to Turn Off Like Count on Instagram
How to Turn Off Like Count on Instagram

Prospectively how to turn off like count on Instagram in your feed is vital if you want to complete revenue control over your Insta experience.

Nowadays, everybody uses Instagram worldwide, and when you post a picture or video, you will get likes via continuous efforts. But if you want to grow your Instagram as a content creator, you don’t have to concentrate on its metrics.

Simply put, if we jolt to compare ourselves on the volume of likes we have on an Instagram post, particularly compared to popular influencers and celebrities. Then we are going to have a bad time. That’s why many Instagram users have amused themselves with the clue of turning off like count.

You are at the right place if you also want to know how to hide the like count on your Instagram posts. Let’s navigate to the guide.

Can I Turn off Like Count on Instagram

Instagram is introducing a new feature on its site in which user is facilitated to disable the like amount feature on a post. Moreover, one can correspondingly hide likes from followers, preventing a user from constantly getting stressed about how many likes they get on their post.

However, social media can be equally harmful to some people in a race to get more likes than others. It can impact some people’s mental health. Turning off the like count on your post is a great way to make healthy interactions with social media.

In that way, people can be stress-free from getting many likes on their posts and can continue to promote their Instagram profile without any tension. So, you can actually hide the likes count on your Instagram post in two ways.

1: Your Own Post Before Sharing

2: Your posts After Publish

Below we have shared a step-by-step guide to disable like counts on your own posts and accounts you follow.

NOTE: You must ensure you have installed your device’s latest version of Instagram.

How to Turn off Like Count on Instagram for My Posts After Sharing

How to Turn off Like Count on Instagram for my Posts After Sharing
  • Open the Instagram account on your phone device.
  • You will see it in the bottom right corner.
  • Here, in the Profile section, hover over to that post you want to hide likes for.
  • Now tap the three dots menu icon you will see at the top right corner of the post.
  • Then select hide like count option from the pop-up menu slant. That’s it.

How to Hide Likes on Your Own Posts Before Post it

  • Open your Instagram account on your device.
  • Start creating a new post. To do that, tap on the new post icon on the top left side of the homepage of your Instagram.
  • Select a video or image from your gallery to post, then add filters if you want.
  • Now hit è an icon that you see at the top.
  • Then tap on “Advanced settings; you will see it at the bottom.
  • After that, turn the toggle on the Hide Like and View options.
  • Finally, share the post. That’s it. Now the post you share on your feed has no like counts.

Here we go like count on that particular post has been disabled. Now no one will be able to see how many likes you get on that particular post on your Instagram.

However, you will still be able to see who liked the post you shared. When you click on the name of the people who recently liked your post, you will see the like counts on your post.

NOTE: Keep in mind that only you can see the like counts.

How to Turn Off Like Count on Instagram Accounts You Follow

you can correspondingly hide likes on other Instagram posts that show in your feed. It is beneficial for users because it can help prevent you from comparing personal accounts or contestants’ accounts to your personal ones. To do that, you can track the below-mentioned steps.

Turn Off Like Count on Instagram Accounts you Follow
  • Open an Instagram account on your phone device.
  • Click on your Instagram profile icon on the bottom right corner of your Instagram home page.
  • Then tap on the three lines that you will see at the top right corner.
  • Now tap on the settings option from the pop-up menu slant.
  • Then type posts on the search bar and navigate to it.
  • Here select the likes and view option.
  • Now swipe the toggle of hide like and view counts option to turn it off.


The content is monarch on Instagram. Consequently, you have to slog on enlightening the worth of your content. And keep turning off the like count to avoid compatibility. This post describes how to turn off the like count on Instagram in 2 ways. Let us know in the comment box whether you like this post.