How to write an admission essay on a tech theme

How to write an admission essay
How to write an admission essay

Technology is an integral part of daily living. So much so that colleges are requesting aspirants to submit application papers on technology themes. Admission committees use these articles to determine who gets admitted to their institution. Instead of relying on test scores, good grades, and activities, they want to know what makes you tick as an individual. Not only this, but it is also an opportunity to share your goals, vision, failures and successes, and experiences. More importantly, why you are the most suitable candidate for enrollment. Use this guide to draft your college application essay like a pro.

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Step-by-step instruction on composing an introductory essay on technical topics

Read the instructions carefully

Before starting your application paper, the first thing to do is to read and note the instructions. Technological prompts are hard to grasp. As a result, you must be highly attentive. Note details like topic, word count, and deadline.

Choose a topic

College admissions essay prompts often contain broad, open-ended questions. Depending on the school, students may be required to pick from several prompts or respond to one. If the instruction does not state a topic, choose yourself. Good technology essay topics must enable meaningful, concise, and transparent discourse. It must also include compelling details. Follow these steps to choose a topic:

  • A defining experience or moment.
  • Someone who has influenced and changed your life.
  • A unique hobby or your biggest passion.
  • A problem you solved.

Compelling topics allow you to tell a relatable and memorable story. As a result, we recommend you choose something that holds a personal meaning. For example, mobile devices as teaching aids. When you discuss something you are passionate about, you will do so with more enthusiasm and authenticity.

Research extensively

Don’t start drafting until you gather enough information to work with. All forms of discourse require research. Apart from the provided subject reading list, pour through books and journal articles by qualified authors. While at it, don’t forget to note reliable sources to reference them and avoid plagiarism.

Cover the major themes

An application essay is like a feature story where you are the main character. Bear in mind that you are also the writer. As a result, you must build it and ensure it follows a natural flow. Facts, figures, and descriptive activities don’t impress the committee. Instead, they want information about who you are and how you got there. Unlike test scores, a college essay allows control over expression. In other words, you focus on yourself and not other people. Below are vital areas you must cover in your application:

  • Extracurriculars – leadership/clubs.
  • Competitions and achievements.

When discussing the subject, let the committee know how it inspired your educational journey. Another angle is how it helped you develop as a leader. Regardless of the direction you wish to spin the story, tie it to your educational aspiration.

Create an outline

Outlines are structures and road maps that guide on-paper interactions. It also reduces working hours significantly. All college application articles follow the introduction–body–conclusion format. The body paragraph should contain three or more paragraphs depending on the requirement. Use some of these ideas for your text:

  • Open the sentence with a hook. A hook is a piece designed to catch the reader’s attention: a question, fact, or story.
  • Stick to one idea per paragraph to avoid confusing your audience.
  • Draft the way you speak. Instead of trying to impress the reader with inauthentic and flowery language, use your natural voice.
  • Share your personal experience: open up a bit, but resist the urge to over-share or be too casual. Readers appreciate vulnerability. Use a personal statement, examples, and anecdotes to engage the committee without trying to demonstrate perfection.
  • Build clear and logical arguments. As you work on the technology essay theme, show, don’t tell. We recommend you avoid worn themes in favor of new perspectives.

Don’t choose a broad topic

One of the mistakes students make is choosing a broad topic. For example, modern technology. A topic like this won’t allow you to demonstrate depth. Instead, narrow down the subject of interest. Stay focused on the subject and use points to fit things together.

Compose more than one draft

One of the secrets to starting and completing an application essay is to start on time. Pen your first draft to have room for additions and omissions. After the draft, revise the whole content. Pausing between work helps to clear the mind and give new perspectives. The break ranges from a few hours to days. After resting, come back at it with a renewed and clearer mind.

Edit and proofread

Don’t submit your paper without editing for mistakes. Read manually and ask your friend to check for errors you missed. Apart from this, use online tools to track grammatical mistakes, improper referencing, and inconsistencies.

Tips and tricks for composing an essay

  • Read samples: The impact of reading samples is undervalued. Check out the works of experienced writers to increase your perception and proficiency.
  • Consult a professional: contact your supervisor, friend, or anyone who knows about your topic or academic writing. Before reaching out to them, jot down questions to avoid omitting anything.
  • Use analogies and examples: include your success stories, leadership, and how you overcame obstacles. But don’t include information about your criminal record, if any.
  • Don’t compose directly in the application box. Instead, upload it on your computer or iOS devices after completion. This helps you check mistakes after completion.
  • Check your formatting and pay attention to the requirements
  • Don’t include your grades, test scores, or academic achievements. Also, avoid sharing about your life of privilege or information about your pet.


Your college admission paper is a vital part of the admission procedure. Even with the best test scores, a badly written article can reduce your chance of enrollment. Carefully showcase your strengths and uniqueness in the form of a story and tip the scale in your favor. Follow the steps above, and you will draft an outstanding essay on technology.