Latest WhatsApp Feature Will Allow you to Video Call up to 8 People From Your Desktop

WhatsApp allows you to video call up to 8 people

WhatsApp latest feature for desktop allows you to video call up to 8 people and audio call with up to 32 people, just like on the mobile.

It’s also more instant than before and syncs better with smartphones, but it’s still built with an interface common for WhatsApp & windows users. Although, Mac users have to wait for this new update, which is in the initial stages, according to the company.

It reveals three major changes to the WhatsApp experience, such as sending up to 100 photos or videos all at once. According to WhatsApp, the new desktop loads faster and is built with an interface familiar to WhatsApp and windows users. You can host group video calls with 8 people and audio calls with 32 people. The company aims to make messaging and calling experience better for users.

It has also been stated that, with time, the limit on the number of users who can participate in a call will be increased.

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