Microsoft Rewards Robux: (know the Diverse Ways to earn Robux)

Microsoft rewards Robux
Microsoft rewards Robux

Roblox is the ultimate game that allows you to experience and play in a virtual world. And the collaboration with Microsoft starts with the Microsoft Rewards Robux program. It gives its users redeem points to join the fun game with thousands of players to discover the vast diversity of the imaginary world. As a result, the Roblox game is top-notch and has been played more than a billion times is more accessible to a massive audience of teenagers.

Microsoft allows users to acquire the free Robux just by signing in in collaboration with Roblox. But the question is, is the reward simple and easy to get an incentive from Microsoft? So let’s discuss the Microsft reward and Roblox games to earn the points.

What are the Roblox Games: A Gaming Platform

The Roblox games ranked as one of the top online entertainment platforms, mainly under 18. And the status can be revoked through the community, with thousands of people signing up for these Roblox games. Individuals can build a theme park, start a racing competition, become a fashion show star, and make a dream house by playing Roblox games. They are considered the most engaging online games, with massive virtual spaces.

robux microsoft rewards
robux microsoft rewards

The games aim to bring people together to play in a fun, loving virtual world and enable Roblox players to create, imagine, and have fun with others while meeting a 3D experience. Moreover, the global community powers them to join people in an entertaining mode to solve the technical challenges. It is easy and free to play on the Roblox games with any device you have access to. Moreover, you can easily acquire the game on your desired device, like Xbox, HTC Vive, Amazon, PC, MAC, and Android.

How to Earn Microsoft rewards Robux?

Robux is defined as the currency used in Roblox games to buy accessories, features, and perks. However, earning the Robux from Microsoft rewards is quite facile, superficial, and calm. First, you have to log into the Microsoft rewards account, a program launched by Microsoft to offer free Robux and gift cards..

microsoft rewards free robux
microsoft rewards free robux

When you sign in to your Microsoft account, you’ll receive 100 Robux for free. It is exciting to have the opportunity to obtain free Robux; additionally, it is popular among fans to get free Robux through the reward program. You can also have the chance to earn five points each time from Microsoft by searching on (Microsoft website). When you get enough points, then redeem them in the account.

Additional Points Earning Through Microsoft Rewards Robux

Microsoft also provides you an opportunity to earn more Robux by just doing the following things.

  • You have to complete the daily tasks.
  • You have the option of “more activities” to complete the other activities.
  • The account will also show you the quests and punch cards. When you complete these tasks, you will earn the Microsoft rewards Robux.
  • You can get the five rewards points by each search on the website of Microsoft (
  • Make sure that you signed in to the original Microsoft account.

How To Get The Reward Card From Microsoft Program?

Microsoft Reward Robux will offer you a card with 100 Robux so you can activate the game and spend the reward on your desired things. The notable thing is that the game is allied with a program that benefits every new individual who earns Robux. Follow these steps to get your reward card from Microsoft.

  • Log in to the Microsoft promotional website, and then you’ll see the join word. Then click on it.
  • You’ll be asked to move to the Microsoft login page to enter your information.
  • Then, you’ll see the free sign-up. Click on it to enter into the Microsoft reward program.
  • After completing the above steps, scroll down to the activities.
  • You will see “claim your Robux.” Then click on “Redeem Now” and then on “Redeem the reward.”
  • Then you’ll get the code and complete the confirmation of the phone.
  • After the confirmation, you will get the reward in your Microsoft account.

But, there are some restrictions to getting it, as this offer is only valid for some countries, like the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Sweden, Spain, etc. But don’t worry if you don’t belong to these cities. You can also get the card by using the “best Roblox VPN” to get the card.

Redeem Achievement From The Microsoft Rewards Robux Card

Want to know about the redemption of your reward card? Here are some steps for you to help you get the reward. Unfortunately, this is a common misunderstanding.

  • Check the account page of Roblox and then click on it.
  • After that, go to the redemption gift card page.
  • Here, you’ll be allowed to enter the card’s pin code you set, then choose the redeem button next.
  • Exceptional, you can also use the Roblox card when purchasing something in a game. First, you will ask about the method of payment. Then choose the gift card.

Does the free reward offer Discarded By Microsoft?

People assume that there were some glitches in loading the gift card from Microsoft, and some individuals missed their gift card while hitting the redeem button. As a result, they are allowed for all accessible deals except the gift card.

The reason explained by the advisors for this problem is that Microsoft canceled the campaign of the reward Robux because some existing users of Microsoft come with the new multiple accounts to get more Robux. So, Microsoft on and off provides the reward gift. And for the new members to get it from the Microsoft reward Robux program. So, if you do not get the reward, contact Microsoft reward support.


Gamers are always curious to know about the reward programs, and they are always desperate to get the reward. So for all the Roblox gamers, Microsoft offers them a reward of Robux just for signing in to their Microsoft account. But Microsoft provides the reward Robux in only a few countries, so if it doesn’t show the reward, it means their reward program is not available in your country.

Microsoft offers several ways to earn Robux by just completing the activities of the Microsoft account and searching on But, due to some scams, Microsoft is on and off this service, but it is still available for new people who sign into the Microsoft reward program.