Milestone Credit Card Login and MasterCard Activation Process in 2024

milestone credit card login

Looking at how to activate and use your Milestone Credit Card Login through the portal? We’ve covered up each and every detail about Milestone Credit Card.

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First Register On Milestone Before Login Credit Card

Purchase now at to enroll in the MyMilestoneCard in order to log into MyMilestoneCard. Here’s how you can go through the registration process. 

  • Open your PC or other smart device like Laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Connect your device.
  • Go to the homepage of the official website,
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • The registration page will open, looking at three columns: the first is the “Account Number” column, the second is the “Date of Birth” column, and the last column is the “Social Security Number” column.
  • Complete all specified columns with the appropriate information.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Successfully! You can register my practice card.

How to Login Milestone Card Online

How to Login Milestone Card Online

After making the MyMilestoneCard registered login account, you should log in to Milestone Card online for shopping or investing online. Follow the given instructions carefully.

  • Go to the official website in the installed browser.
  • Under the heading “Log in our Secure Server,” enter your username and password.
  • The system will officially verify the username and password.
  • If the required data is correct, you will immediately access your MyMilestoneCard login account.

Among other credit cards, Milestone God MasterCard is the only real friend in shopping and investing. It is best for those users who don’t want to lose their credit. Additionally, buyers can also benefit and improve their creditworthiness.

MasterCard Gold Offers:

  • Extended warranty coverage.
  • Price protection.
  • Roadside assistance.

However, there is no liability if you lose your MyMilestoneCard or steal it. Therefore, to secure your information through the official site, MyMilestoneCard makes a unique platform for each cardholder.

How to do the Milestone Gold MasterCard Activation Process

Milestone Gold MasterCard Activation Process

If you haven’t activated your Milestone Gold MasterCard, don’t wait for more! Go to the website ( and enter information, like bank account number, date of birth, and social security number.

Then select “Next” and follow the on-screen instructions until the end of the process. Now, create a username and password to use and manage your card online.

Manage card

About The Milestone Credit Card Login Portal

The Milestone card, also known as the Milestone Gold Mastercard, is a credit card issued by the Bank of Missouri. Additionally to the Official Bank of Missouri, Genesis Financial Solutions is also responsible for providing the MyMilestoneCard.

Established as Bank of Perryville, Bank of Missouri was the only bank in Perry County, Missouri, USA, to be renamed Bank of Missouri in 1997, growing its business and services to other banks. Recently, the bank has more than 20 branches in multiple locations.

Genesis Financial Solutions is a customer-centric financial services company helping people with low credit scores expand their credit profiles and earn scores dramatically. Genesis FS is a popular financial services company in the United States and offers the best possible options and services.

Furthermore, the official Milestone Gold MasterCard is mind-blowingly joined to the top three rating companies and provides cardholders the ability to have a regular cost history when investing with a credit card.

Eligibility Criteria for Milestone Credit Card Login Portal

Everyone desires to obtain a MyMilestoneCard, and it is very simple to apply online at Have a glance at the necessary requirements before applying:

  • Applicant should be 18 years old to apply for this card.
  • Users must have their own permanent address, a bank account, a US ID, and a social security number.
  • Applicant must fulfill all business income requirements as well as examination guidelines.
  • The user doesn’t have another credit card account at another bank.
  • The individual must follow all directives and instructions required by the bank.

Customer Service and Credit Card Payment Address

Milestone credit card customer service number: 1-800-305-0330
Milestone Credit Card Payment Address
Genesis FS Card Service PO Box 84059 Columbus, GA 31908-4059


Q1: Does Milestone card have a mobile app?
Yes, it does have. You can use your milestone cc login account in the Bank of Missouri Mobile Application for Android and iOS devices.

Q2: Where can I use My Milestone Card?
You can access your Milestone Card wherever the MasterCard is accepted in the United States and even abroad.

Q3: How many days does it take to receive the Milestone Card?
It took around 14 business days to receive the Milestone Card.

Q4: How can I contact a Milestone Credit Card?
They provide customer service at 1-866-453-2636 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time, seven days a week. Currently, they do not access a phone app option.

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