‘Reality-dial’ & ‘Copresence App’ – Apple Best Hope for New Headset

Apple Best Hope for New Headset

Recently, Apple displayed its upcoming Mixed Reality headset to a group consisting of the top 100 executives’ company. As stated by Bloomberg, the company carried the gathering at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. This recommends a public launch is edging closer. In fact, as per details revealed by Bloomberg and The New York Times, this new headset is on track for a market debut in June. Hence, it will possibly be displayed at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Features of Apple Reality Headset

Apart from its launch timeline, Apple executives have also showily displayed a couple of new details about the MR headset. They particularly told NYT that the device is similar to a pair of ski googles and features a fiber frame, a hip pack with battery support, extraordinary cameras on the outside to capture your beautiful moments, two 4K displays on the inside, and a “Reality Dial” that allows users to increase and decrease the amount of real-time world video around them.

Furthermore, the new Apple headset costs $3,000 at launch. The NYT said it wouldn’t fit over glasses. On the other hand, Apple intends to sell display prescription lenses to those who do not wear contact lenses.

Somewhere else, Apple has focused on producing the headset to spend time with others as virtual avatars and be amazing at video conferencing. Hence, the company calls the device’s signature app “Copresence.”

The headset allows artists and engineers to use image-editing apps and freely draw in space. Moreover, it can track hand gestures for editing virtual reality films.

Finally, the report states the Apple headset will function as a high-resolution TV with custom content from Hollywood filmmakers such as Jon Favreau.

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