Strava Brings Spotify Integration for Easier Music Navigation During Activities

Strava Brings Spotify Integration for Easier Music Navigation

Strava announced big news today about the partnership with Spotify, which integrates the streaming platform within its own mobile app. Now you can link up your favorite songs, playlists, and podcast to the activity platform and play music promptly without the need for switching between apps.

The Record tab will display a music note that pulls up Spotify playlists and tracks. A Premium user can listen to their starred tracks and curated playlists, while a Free user will hear whatever the audio app usually serves up, including occasional advertisements.

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Guests will be able to use the feature regardless of whether they subscribe to Summit or not, and it will require a one-time link between the two platforms. As a result of Strava’s integration, Spotify Premium users will be unable to listen to music or podcasts offline – the audio feed works without a mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

This ultimate groundbreaking feature will eliminate the need for the extra step of switching between apps, and the feature will arrive in Android and iOS today.

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