Top 5 Best Business Technology Tools


Business and technology are increasingly becoming more cohesive and technology today has a big impact on business. Both SMEs and large businesses can increase profits and deliver better goods and services that meet customers’ needs.

The primary role of technology is to help businesses grow better and enhance interdepartmental operations. Operations that rely more on technology in business are human resources, communication, production and finance. Developers have created many tools to help businesses operate better. Here are the best 5.

Monday project management is one of the most recent project management software in the market. Project management can be challenging whether you are managing a small or mega project. You need software that will help you organize better workflow, receive updated information consistently and increase efficiency.

Monday project management helps manage simple and complex projects. Project managers can use the software to manage projects, assign tasks, allocate resources, track project milestones, manages portfolios and many more. Different teams can track new developments and update their progress, helping other teams to compare their progress with other teams remotely.

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GoToMeeting is built to enhance communication between workers in any business regardless of size. Various departments in a business need to communicate constantly to promote production.

Better communication will involve tools for sharing files and communicating through video and audio. Departments receive regular information that can be used for the good of the company.

GoToMeeting provides solutions to all these needs and more. With the software, managers can call for a meeting within a few minutes and collaborate more easily with different departments with the office and remotely. The software allows workers to access and add notes, receive highlights for action, and connect remotely through video. Managers can use the tools to connect with a few workers or the whole team.


DripDrip is easy-to-use software and is one of the best-known CRM software. Customers give life to business and that’s why customer relationship is given greater weight in any business.

The customer relationship department can figure out the best way to service customers with the help of customer relationship management software. Drip helps businesses connect better with their clients.

The software can be set to automatically respond to some of the most common questions asked by clients. It is very useful in email campaigns and can use visuals or text. With Drip, you can segment lists, track communication. Customize content, tag clients, and arrange events.


QuickBooks is a popular software used by many small businesses to balance their accounts. The software costs about $10 per month and is user-friendly. Using QuickBooks, businesses can balance between their old and recent transactions.

Accountants can access customizable templates to create invoices, charts, spreadsheets and plans.

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HubSpot is a free marketing software that can help businesses grow fast. Users who desire to access more features can upgrade to the premium option. Marketing tools like HubSpot help inform customers about the various products sold by the business. The software can also help stir client interest and action to buy.

HubSpot software helps businesses send marketing emails with backlinks, plan marketing meetings, analyze marketing reports, track emails, chat live with customers, and set online customer help desk.


Today, businesses face high competition locally, regionally and internationally. Every business person must strategically set themselves to face completion by using the right business technology tools. The tools will help businesses manage their marketing better, track cash flows, improve communication and serve clients better. Businesses can choose the best tool fit for their needs from the various tools available in the market. The tools help improve service and increase productivity.

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