“X” or Twitter Viewer Without an Account: 3 Best Solutions {100% Working}


Can I view images and tweets on X? I don’t have a Twitter (X) account, so can I still be a Twitter viewer? Yes, you can use (X) to view and download videos from Twitter without logging in. Even if one does not use the app directly and does not log in, you are still counted as a user.

Logging in without an account has been made easier with many methods, including taking help from third-party apps and websites. Apart from other ways, these third-party apps allow you to use and view Twitter (X) without an account but have some limitations, as some parts and features of the platform are accessible to the viewers, and others aren’t.

Easiest Method: Use Search Engine To Be a Twitter Viewer

Twitter (X) search bar may not be visible to people using it without an account. Well, then, this won’t stop you from looking for Twitter posts. We all know that most profiles on X cannot be found on the search engines. However, you can use the Google Search Engine as an example if you put a username or display name likeHitechWork Twitter,” which will show you a bunch of posts from the official Twitter account of HitechWork.

3 Different Ways to Be a (X) Twitter Viewer

Some people don’t want to be on (X) but want to be a twitter viewer who wants to stay updated about world events. In this case, some methods mentioned can help you view (X) without logging in.

Be a Twitter (X) Viewer Using Google Chrome

Suppose you want to read tweets from a specific user; search the username “name of a person and add Twitter” (X) on the Google search bar to find the account. Tap to access the profile page, then scroll down and read their tweets. But you can’t access the profile page if their account is private.

Visit Twitter’s (X) Explore Page

Another easy way is to open Twitter’s (X) Explore page to click on the breaking news already trending on the Twitter (X) app or browse the content or topic you want.

Using Third-party Apps to be a (X) Twitter Viewer

Fortunately, you can be an twitter viewer, as some third-party apps are reliable, helpful sources. They help you to see posts and tweets without an account. Enter the Twitter username you want to search for and click the search icon.

However, some platforms may ask you to log in to your Twitter (X) account. In that case, this can be risky to share your information as there is no guaranteed safety. There are are third-party solution apps to browse Twitter (X) like Tw Stalker they allow you to view twitter without actually logging in.

Apps like Nitter gives you following advantages:

  • This app help you see the you the comments on individual tweets.
  • It allows you to open can all the tabs on any user’s profile page.
  • You get a search bar on the profile page to look for posts from the user.

Reliable Third-Party Apps

These apps and websites have pros and cons, so viewers must be careful about their data or IP addresses.

  • Trends24

This application helps you to be a (X) Twitter viewer and explore the trending topics on Twitter (X) and the most popular hashtags for the whole day. You can find the trending gossip for global locations. The default page is set for worldwide news.

  • Getdaytrends

This app can find hot and trending topics, trends history, and famous long-term hashtags, or at least those that last 24 hours. The app has a date filter at the top to find the topics from previous dates.

  • Coco Spy

This website is great for parental control or any purpose. This app claims to be completely discreet and does not ask you to provide your identity to view a private profile on (X).

  • xMobi

xMobi is one of the well-known sites that will help you see posts without logging in, not just with Twitter (X) but also with other social media platforms such as Instagram.

  • eyeZy

This website can help you do it all as they have all the features. They can even send you notifications if your teen indulges in any wrong activity. Even when you open the website, you can scroll down to see the positive reviews their existing clients have left.

  • uMobix

This uMobix is an impressive app and comes in handy if you are a parent worried about your child’s social media life on these social platforms. It does not only help you to view private accounts on (X) but also helps you to view other accounts on major social media sites like Facebook and even Skype.

  • mSpy

It is a well-reputed and trusted private (X) viewer that can help you control your child’s activities. Also, this website is the best option if you know little about the application and social sites. It will take a few minutes to get completely set with them because it does not have a long process.

  • Hoverwatch

The last private (X) Twitter viewer on the list is Hoverwatch. It is also a good cell phone tracker as well as a private (X) viewer. The website takes you through a guided process to better understand their system for signing up for a free online account. Then, you can select the devices you want to connect with that app.

Once you are done with the signing up process, you can monitor the apps through this website.

Commonly Reported Reasons to Use Twitter (X) Without an Account

Well, due to the app policy, some user’s Twitter accounts might’ve been locked, or there can be many reasons one does not want to make an account on all the social platforms

  1. You already have accounts on different social media platforms, and managing them can be a difficult and time-consuming task.
  2. You want to read a few tweets. So, creating an account is not your first option as you would hardly use it.
  3. The Twitter (X) platform uses your data to improve its algorithm and services. However, sharing your data with Twitter (X) doesn’t sound good to you.
  4. You had an account, but you forgot the password. And now you don’t feel like resetting or getting it back.
  5. Or, you may not want to create one. But if you still want to be a (X) Twitter viewer, you can always use some of the alternative ways mentioned above.


Q.  Can you view Twitter (X) without an account?

Yes, you can be a Twitter (X) viewer without an account; however, only with the help of safe, reliable third-party apps and websites.

Q. Why can’t I view Twitter (X) without an account?

Yes, there are several ways to view a Twitter (X) account, either from Google Chrome, Twitter’s Explore page, or third-party applications.

Q. Is Twitter (X) losing users in 2024?

Twitter (X) will lose 8 million users from the United States only. It is estimated that Twitter will lose approximately 32 million users worldwide by the end of 2024.

Q. Can a Twitter (X) account be traced?

Yes, Twitter (X) can access some of your information, like it can trace your IP Address and location from your tweets.

Q.  Why does Twitter (X) require an account?

All Social platforms have some privacy policies. The whole point of these apps is to convince users to have an account on their apps. Also, it is important for a user to have an account on social apps like Twitter (X) to have complete access to the app’s options and all the features.

Q. How do I find tweets without a username?

Another way to find the tweets without a username is to enter the person’s email address. And you will most likely find all their posts and tweets by their username.


Twitter (X) has been the fastest-growing text-based app since the day it was launched. In a world where using technology and social sites is as important as breathing for teens. Also not have an account for maintaining their privacy on these apps.

So, the good news for you is that now you have an alternate option to keep track of what is going on in the world by being an anonymous Twitter viewer. Therefore, in this article, we have mentioned all the methods and third-party apps you can use to be an X or Twitter viewer without using an account.