7 Twitter Hashtag Research Tools for Marketers

(X) Twitter Hashtag

Twitter (X) is a powerful search engine platform and works wonders for industry stakeholders. Social media fanatics and experts know that (X) Twitter hashtag is a crucial part of their marketing strategies, and help people identify posts relevant to their interests. 

The right hashtags can help you skyrocket your engagement and draw in your target audience. However, the key phrase to note here is ‘the right hashtag.’ Some brands fill their posts with irrelevant hashtags or with low-traffic ones. The algorithm detects their tweets as spam and curtails their reach. 

Thus, you need the appropriate resources to boost your client’s posts, which is why we have compiled a list of the top X Twitter Hashtag Research Tools used by expert marketers. You can buy (X) Twitter followers, in addition, to helping you get the boost needed.


BrandMentions offers a free X Twitter hashtag research tool to monitor the performance and enable users to choose the appropriate ones. The site offers a premium version offering additional tools and detailed analysis across popular social media platforms.

The tool makes it easier to track brand mentions, dedicated event hashtags, and promotional campaigns. Some major industry stakeholders use BrandMentions’ tool for competitor research, social media analytics, Wikipedia mentions, customer satisfaction monitoring, and brand reputation management.

These tools help brands stay ahead of their competitors and publicity mishaps (if any). Thus, they get the time to successfully manage and boost their promotions. The tool also helps brands check whether their competitors buy (X) Twitter followers or not for engagement (through engagement ratio report).


Hashtagify is an advanced X Twitter hashtag research tool used by expert marketers to plan social media campaigns and identify Twitter (X)  trends. You can search for hashtags for detailed analysis, get suggestions, and analyze Instagram trends. 

The ‘Search Hashtag’ functionality allows you to track the hashtag’s inclination and offers details like – overall and recent popularity, monthly and weekly trends, related hashtags based on popularity and correlation, most-tweeted by, popularity trend visualization through graphs, and much more. Most Twitter (X) marketing experts advise brands to use Hashtagify’s tool with services from the best sites to buy Twitter (X) followers for increased reach.

(X) Twitter’s Built-In Analytics

X algorithm and built-in tools make it easier for creators and brands to build excellent social media campaigns. One can find popular hashtags on the left side of their screen or search for in-depth insights. 

Twitter (X) Search and Built-in Analytics are a great way to stay up-to-date on industry trends and establish relationships between the industry and the brand. When you buy Twitter (X) followers, you contribute to your brand identity on the platform, which motivates the site’s experts to help you research hashtags with a wide reach.


Social media is difficult, but growth research does not need to be. RiteTag uses advanced technologies to suggest relevant Twitter hashtags with the widest reach, for the images and texts you use. 

Other than an iOS and Android app, RiteTag has an easy-to-access Google Chrome extension for real-time suggestions. The parent company RiteKit offers several marketing tools and can be paired with the best sites to buy Twitter (X) followers for optimized results.


Social media is largely about competitor research and tracking analytics. Most brands have a dedicated customer support team on social media to respond to queries and mentions. However, you don’t need a large workforce or budget to do so. 

Socialert is one of the top (X) Twitter Hashtag Research Tools widely used to track competitors, check hashtag statistics, and keep a tab on brand mentions. The software helps brands become more responsive and form connections that matter. You can buy Twitter (X) followers and other engagement services to put the tool to work.

Tweet Archivist

If you believe all the sweet things in the world should be accessible to everyone, Tweet Archivist might be your go-to. A powerful but free X Twitter hashtag research tool (paid version is available too) to help you take your social media to the next level.

Track hashtags whether it is yours or your competitor’s, monitor brand performance, perform in-depth research, and receive extensive reports to create better social media campaigns. You can get expert advice from the marketers at the top sites to buy Twitter (X) followers to boost your audience.


Gaining a local audience is as important as forming a global community. TrendsMap is a leading X Twitter hashtag research tool that lets you discover the trending hashtags in your area. The tool provides an extensive list of hashtags relevant to your industry and posts. Most brands buy (X) Twitter followers and engagement services based on TrendsMap’s reports.


If you have been avoiding hashtags for mere complexity, it is high time to stop doing so. The top (X) Twitter Hashtag Research Tools mentioned above will help you get the audience and engagement you deserve!