What is Ambient Mode on YouTube: How to Turn On & Off

What is ambient mode on YouTube

Google has gifted the social media platform YouTube app with new features to celebrate YouTube’s 17th birthday, like zoom-in and zoom-out for videos, precise seeking, and light theme to dark theme features. But the best part is a new cosmetic upgrade known as ambient mode YouTube, released on October 24, 2022.

In this post, we have briefly described the ambient mode on YT and how you can turn it on and off on your PC, android device, and iPhone.

What is an Ambient Mode on YouTube app?

The new ambient mode is a feature that makes the video-watching experience more immersive. When this feature is turned on, it will take the colors from the video recording and expand it all over the user interface in the appearance of a soft gradient texture because the colors are leaking from the video player.

However, it is a lighting effect that facilitates YouTube videos with a soft and glowing light which usually reflects the colors feature in the video itself. Also, the YouTube server has announced that ambient mode is made to make the content-watching experience in dark device themes more immersive.

The ambient mode feature resembles the shine of a television display in the room where the lights are off. However, the YouTube server has said it is an inspiration for the effect because of the natural history of this feature, and it will only work in dark mode.

What is Immersive Ambient Mode on YouTube

Ambient mode is a feature that helps to make your viewing experience more immersive. The ambient feature uses striking effects to make the YouTube content in a dark theme more immersive by making a mild background color from the video on your screen.

Some avid YouTube users will appreciate this feature, which is designed for immersive viewing. A relatively mimics the shine of a television screen in a dark room where the lights are off. Technically ambient mode features are said to make your viewing experience more immersive.

How to Turn on Ambient Mode on YouTube?

How to Turn on Ambient Mode on YouTube

The ambient mode feature is available on the MacBook, Windows, Android, and iOS. Keep in mind that the ambient mode on YT only works in dark mode, and before using ambient mode on your device, make sure that you update your YT app to the latest version.

Follow these steps to enable dark mode on your iPhone, android phone, and PC.

Turn on YouTube Ambient Mode for iPhone and Android

  • Open the YouTube mobile app on your Android and iPhone or iPad.
  • Hit on your profile icon at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Select the Setting option from the pop-up menu list.
  • Then choose the General option, and after that, select the Appearance option.
  • In the Appearance menu, select the Dark Theme setting to enable the dark mode on your YT app.
  • After that, find a video content and open it.
  • Hit on the settings icon from the video that you open.
  • Then tap on ambient mode from the settings option to turn it on.

How to Turn on Ambient Mode YouTube PC

  • Open the web browser on your desktop and then go to the YouTube website.
  • Hit on your profile picture at the upper right corner of your screen
  • Then click on the Appearance option from the pop-up menu list of profile options.
  • In the Appearance list, select the Dark Theme option.
  • Now find a video on YouTube and open it.
  • Tap on the Settings icon you will get at the bottom right corner of the YouTube video.
  • Then hit the ambient mode switch to turn on YouTube dark mode on the Macbook.

YouTube Ambient Mode not Working; What to do?

Youtube Ambient Mode not Working; What to do

Suppose you just switch on the ambient mode on your YT, but it is not working. In that situation, do you know what you will do? To understand the solution to an ambient mode not working on YT, users have to know the reason why it is not working.

One of the main reasons why the ambient mode is not working is that you may not have turned on the dark mode on your device. Another reason may be that you are using the YouTube application’s out-of-date version, which does not have this feature.

Below we have shared the fixes you can apply when this feature is not working on your device.

  • To work out this situation, users must update their YouTube app on their device to the latest version.
  • Anything users have to do is turn on the device theme dark and the YouTube app. Then the ambient mode will automatically turn on and work appropriately.

YouTube Ambient Mode Turn off

YouTube Ambient Mode Turn off

Unfortunately, some people are not fans of this new mode and looking for a way to turn it off. Suppose you are one of them, so you didn’t like this ambient mode feature on YT.

Here is the way to turn it off on your mobile and desktop.

On Mobile

  • Find a video on your YouTube account and open it on your iOS and Android devices.
  • Hit on the screen tab to reveal control options.
  • Tap the settings icon at the top right corner of the video to reveal a pop-up menu.
  • Then turn the toggle off for the ambient mode option to close the feature on YouTube.
  • Now you can see the ambient mode is off message confirming that feature has been disabled.

On Desktop

  • Choose a YouTube video and open it on the desktop version.
  • Move your indicator to the video player to reveal the control options.
  • Hit on the settings icon at the top right of the video. Now you can see the pop-up menu on your screen.
  • Now hit on ambient mode to turn off the feature.
  • Now you can see surrounding areas of the video will instantly lose the gradient background.

Ambient Mode VS Art Mode

The Ambient mode is located on Samsung QLED televisions. This mode can show colors or images on the screen so the room has no black square. In short, when you are not watching the Television, this mode will convert your TV black screen into something evocative.

Art mode is a setting on Samsung which allows you to show art and photos on the display if you are not watching the Television. If you have an elementary model HDTV or any media streaming device, it probably has a screen saver option when it doesn’t display a video or any show on your TV.

A difference between ambient mode and Art mode is that the Ambient Mode is less energy efficient. This function may cost 40 to 50 percent of the usual energy utilization; for art mode, this is around 30 percent.


Can I turn on youtube ambient mode while charging?
Yes, you can switch on the ambient mode feature on the YT application when your device is charging.

What is an ambient mode on headphones?
Ambient sound mode on headphones allows listening noise from your surroundings into your earbuds, so you can keep your ear open to know what’s going around you.

What does ambient mode on the TV?
Ambient Mode is a screensaver built into Google and Android TV. Its function is to keep away from displaying static images for extended periods.

In Conclusion

Ambient mode is a feature that makes the user experience for watching videos more immersive. Before using ambient mode on any platform, update your YouTube app to the latest version. In this post, we described what ambient mode on YouTube is and how to turn it on and off on Android, iOS, and Desktop.

Let us know in the comment section if you want to know any other details regarding the ambient mode.

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