Hotmail VS Gmail VS .Edu Email Address [2024 Best Email]

Hotmail VS Gmail VS .Edu Email Address

I have prepared a comparative study of the best email addresses in the world for you guys. In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of the most used email addresses in the world. Hotmail, Gmail, and .edu email address. We shall analyze all of the three email addresses and shall see which one is best in 2023. Now, without further due, let us move on to our topic of discuss Hotmail vs Gmail vs .Edu.

Benefits of Hotmail Email

The Microsoft-supported Hotmail email address has been facing a downfall for quite a long time against Google’s supported email address. However, there are still some Benefits of email address over the Gmail email address.

      1. Hotmail Gives Personal Folders

The “Personal Folders” feature of Hotmail email gives you the freedom of grouping related emails into one group. This will help you organize related emails into folders to access them easily.

      2. MS Office Support Feature

Even though you can open, read, and edit MS Office documents using mail. But, the email address has more compatibility and support for MS office documents.

The Microsoft web application provides the MS word environment experience. the documents can be downloaded, opened, edited, uploaded and all the editing and formatting stuff can be done online.

      3. Connect Hotmail to Chat provides you access to Facebook friends and chat directly from and reduces the hassle of chatting from two platforms at one time.

      4. Less Ads Then Google

According to statistics, Hotmail shows 60% fewer ads than This is a major advantage Hotmail has over Google.

     5. Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange server offers free email, calendar, and contacts to be managed on a dedicated server which can create a backup to save you from data loss.

Benefits of Email

Benefits of Email

Hence, account is the most widely used and probably the best email address that offers free access to a lot of amazing web applications and utilities. Google offers G-Suit for Education that helps students and teachers to organize graded assignments. Now let’s discuss some of the major benefits of Gmail email addresses.

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     1. Storage Space

Gmail for business provides 25GB of free email storage space. You can save emails having text, or multimedia files like audio, video, pictures, and documents.

     2. Access Anywhere, Anytime

I do not think I have to explain this you can access your Gmail account from any device, anytime, anywhere. Moreover, You can also add emails from other domains like email address, and email address to the Google mailbox to receive email from them also.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Click on the “Gear Icon” and go inside settings.
  • Click the “Accounts and Import” tab.
  • See the 5th option in the list “Check mail from other accounts” and add new accounts from different domains.
  • Add all the details and click on “Save Changes”.

     3. Multiple Applications with Single Account:

With one email account, you can access multiple applications like, Google Play store, a free blog from Google, Google+, Google Drive, Google Docs, Pinterest, Google Classroom, Google Meet for online meetings, Google Photos a cloud for picture collection, and many more.

Benefits of .Edu Email

Benefits of .Edu Email

Now, for the last email address in our best email extension comparison, we shall discuss what is .edu email and what are the Benefits of the Edu Email Address. The edu email is an email address that is provided by colleges and universities to students and teachers to exchange official emails.

The .edu email benefits are countless as compared to the above two email address services. The free edu email like free subscriptions from Amazon Prime Account, GitHub Student Developer Pack, 15000 free emails/month, and much more.  The .edu email account can save a lot of money for students and teachers at the same time.

      1. G-Suite for Education

G-Suit of Education gives 5TB of storage and a lot of free study tools like Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc.  The benefits of Edu email are countless; it helps you to save images, eBooks, videos, etc.

      2. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 is Free with a .Edu Email Address. You can access and use the online web application of Microsoft Office 365. Sign in with your email to MS Office 365, verify your account, and proceed to create your account as a student. The Microsoft suite includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Microsoft Team, Share Point, OneDrive etc. the Office 365 typically costs $150, but by using .edu email, you can get all of the software for free.

     3. Edu Email Benefits For OneDrive

you can also get Google Drive Benefits from .edu email that also include 1TB of OneDrive storage for free. When you sign-up to Microsoft office 365 using the edu email address, you can store up to 1TB of Documents, PowerPoint, excel sheets, images, videos, and much more.

     4. GitHub Student Developer Pack With .Edu Email

GitHub Student pack with free .edu email address brings a lot of discounts with it. This one is the biggest benefit of the Edu email address. There are countless student email benefits when you subscribe to the Github student package. You can get amazing stuff with an Edu account for free having $1000 worth.  See the list of .edu email benefits below:

  • Unlimited GitHub Repositories for students having .edu email.
  • $110 AWS credit.
  • Bitnami Business Plan free for one year (normally cost $49/month).
  • DataDog Pro free Account for 2-years (a monitoring system for cloud-scale applications).
  • Digital Ocean $50 credit for students having edu email.
  • One year SSL certificate from NameCheap ($9/year for normal users).

Free Services & Benefits with .Edu Email

Free Services & Benefits with .Edu Email
  • Free access to, thousands of free templates.
  • Microsoft DreamSpark having a lot of useful tools free for students.
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Windows Embedded
    • Visual Studio Professional (for labs)
    • And, Visual Studio
    • Visual Studio Community (for edu email holders)
    • SQL Server
    • Windows Server
  • 500MBs space at DropBox.
  • Free license for .edu email from Intel.
  • And, Free software for students having .edu email.
  • Free one-year membership for students.

Discounts with Edu Email Address

  • Edu email discounts for cellular carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.
  • Newspaper subscription discounts from:
    • New York Times ($4 for normal users).
    • The Wall Street Journal (15 weeks for $15 for Edu email).
    • The Economist (12 weeks for $12 for Edu email).
  • FedEx 20% off for students having Edu email.
  • 35% off on annual subscription from MLB TV.
  • 20% off on Levi’s purchase with a valid .edu email.
  • 50% discount from Spotify.
  • Norton antivirus software discount 40%.
  • 60% discount on Adobe Creative Cloud for edu email.
  • Exclusive deals from Best But only for students having Edu email.
  • 75% Discount on Premium plan from Evernote.
  • 20% discount on premium plan from AWeber for students.
  • 30% discount from Amazon for Edu email.
  • 50% discount for one year on student edu email address from Squarespace.


Q. Which service provider is safer, Gmail or Hotmail?
Gmail and Hotmail are the two most secure email services available in terms of protection. However, there is no end–to–end encryption on your emails. both are tremendously secure and both secure your emails from hackers

Q. What are we going to do with the Edu email?
The edu email is the best we can have. It will give you a lot of benefits, like free subscriptions to Amazon Prime Account, GitHub Student Developer Pack, 15000 free emails/month, and much more. At the same time, email account can save a lot of money for students and teachers at the same time.

Final Words

In this article, we prepared a comparative study of the Benefits of the World’s Top Email Address of Hotmail vs Gmail, and the .Edu email address. We discussed the benefits of all three of them and concluded that the edu email for students is the best email extension & you can also Get the Free Edu Email from different ways. The other two, however, are doing best in their domain, providing the best services at free or no cost. In the end, we leave the decision on you to decide which one is best in your opinion.

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