QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2 (Which One to Choose?)

If you are a victim of unavoidable neighborhood noises at night. This is for you. We’re going to review the best earbuds that would solve that problem for you. This is the review of QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2.

The main difference between QuietOn-3 and Bose SleepBuds-2 is that QuietOn-3 is the Active Noise Cancelation earbuds that wouldn’t let any sound come in, they require no phone connection. The Bose sleepbuds-2 is the ambient sound cancellation earbuds that block the outside noise and play ambient sounds while you sleep, you can connect to a phone application that can do that.

This is where you split up with your preference. Some people prefer some kind of noise while others opt complete silence. On another thought, the ambient noises are good at distracting you from the noises you are trying to block but they get annoyed at some point at night – you can still try it out and see if it works for you.

We’ll start with different sections or standards that people like to consider before buying earbuds.

Comfort-Fit: QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2

This is the biggest factor when buying earbuds. The size and comfort are the biggest things when looking for the best earbuds. Let’s talk about QuietOn-3 first, since they are popular for their comfort and active noise cancelling specification.


The body is comparatively smaller and more compact than any other earbuds you have seen before. The superior quality and design element both combined give you a smaller body that fits in your ear and prevents the buds to cause any irritation and threat of falling while they are in your ears.

Since the sole purpose of these earbuds is to eliminate the existing low-frequency sounds, there is a lot of space for the actual speaker and supporting components that they save. Put them in your ears while you are trying to sleep can be a nuisance.

The body of QuietOn-3 can be a solution for that purpose. When rolling over to your side, you WILL feel the earbuds but the compact size might just be able to let you ignore it and sleep. They do have a 14-day warranty, so you can use them and see if they’re something for you.

The tip has foam at the end of it, which is something different than other earbuds having a silicon tip. The purpose of the foam tip is to seal the entrance of your ear canals completely for the ANC to work properly. The ANC will be efficient if it has the ear sealed and for that, you’ll have to use the perfect size of foam tip.

After experimenting on what foam tip fits best, you’ll see the ear tips that fit you. Maybe you’ll discover one of your ears being comfortable on a different size than the other one. To put those earbuds in, you’ll first have to squeeze the tips, put them in your ears and just let the foam expand to fit in. if you use tips that are too big, you’ll have trouble sleeping. If you use them too small, they’ll fall off midsleep. Try on different sizes and find the one that would stick.

Bose sleepbuds-2

These are the ambient sound-using buds that also have active noise cancellation in them. They use a series of ambient sounds in the app gallery of the Bose SleepBuds-2. Speaking of comfort, they have a bigger body than the QuietOn-3 and that is because they are actual speakers for sounds. The bigger body can sometimes be the cause for the buds falling off of your years but that is not the cause since they have a wingtip that keeps the earbuds in your ears.

The body is surely bigger than the QuietOn-3 but this wingtip will be able to work for you. If you just moved from other earbuds, these earbuds will feel much smaller. Although if you are moving to SleepBuds-2 from QuietOn-3, this is going to be one hell of a transition.

The sleepbuds-2 use the normal silicon tips that all the other earbuds use. You might find the foam tip a bit too clogging but these silicon tips are something that we all are used to.

The Battery Life: QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2

The battery of a device that you are going to use all night long should be able to last as longer as you want. Impressively, the battery of both devices is good enough to last a few nights. Though, QuietOn-3 performs better than the Sleepbuds-2 with 4 nights of charging and returning to the case.

SleepBuds-3 has a few days of battery life as well but what’s better with SleepBuds-3 is that their battery life stay charged during the time it isn’t being used – or just drops a little. On the other hand, the battery of QuietOn-2 – if left for a couple of days – dies, and it takes 6 hours of charge before being of any use.

Features – QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2

The feature of Bose sleepbuds two offer more advanced features than the QuietOn-3, and the QuietOn Sleep is prettybones when it comes to features as it offers active noise canceling and nothing more. Therefore, it is less expensive than the Bose Sleepbuds 2.

There is a companion app that comes with the Bose Sleepbuds 2. Since they are noise-masking earplugs, and they require noise to mask outside noise. That’s where the Bose Sleep app comes in. You can choose from over 40 sounds, including nature sounds, white noise, tranquil sounds, and more. It is possible to download as many sounds as you like onto the app and then cycle them easily before sleeping.

The Bose Sleepbuds 2 comes with an alarm function that is the most advanced feature of Bose sleepbuds 2, and it is only heard on your earbuds. You can also set the alarm when your time is to get up, and you will be the one who will hear the alarm because the sleepbuds 2 will be in your ears. On the other side, the warranty period of the Bose Sleepbuds 2 is 2 years with 90 days return window if you are not satisfied with the item. In contrast, the QuietOn sleep has a one-year warranty and 14 days returning window time.

Performance – QuietOn-3 Vs. Bose SleepBuds-2

The performance of QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2 is noise effective in order to reduce noise. The Bose Sleepbuds 2 employ noise-masking, while the QuietOn Sleep employs active noise cancellation. Both of these earplugs effectively reduce noise when you need to sleep. What you choose will depend on what method of noise reduction you prefer.

Bose can noise mask the method that lets you listen to different types of sound to mask outside noise. You can also choose your favorite type of sound that you want to hear through their app, and the selection of sounds includes several white noises and more.

In terms of the QuietOn Sleep earplug, it functions just like any other ANC earbud. Whenever a sound frequency is picked up, it will produce a sound that is opposite that frequency to cancel it out. This method is effective for reducing noise, especially low-frequency noise. In contrast, in terms of comfort, the Bose sleepbuds 2 is smaller and more compact than the QuietOn Sleep. Unlike the QuietOn Sleep, it won’t protrude from your ears, while the former is bulkier. Those who sleep on their side and have smaller ear canals may find that the Bose Sleepbuds 2 are more comfortable to wear at night.

Sleeping with the Earbuds – QuietOn-3 VS Bose SleepBuds-2

The company QuietOn argues that while background noise produced by devices such as the Bose Sleepbuds 2 helps you fall asleep, those devices do not keep you asleep. To combat this, QuietOn suggests that you should completely mask the sound. As an alternative, many people use ambient noise to fall asleep – whether they’re intentionally doing so. Or simply prefer the sound of a fan or air conditioner – so the method is familiar and tried and true.

Whenever I felt the need for isolation, I chose Bose Sleepbuds 2 or QuietOn 3. The unnatural feeling of blocked ears rather than irritation prompted me to take them out. I usually woke up, took them out, and went back to sleep. However, it was very rare for me to sleep through the night with them in, regardless of which pair I selected, when the mood for some sleep buds struck me.

Sleepbuds 2 with ambient sound automatically shut off after two hours when I use them with the ambient sound system. I would just put them in because QuietOn 3 does not have such an option. Even though the ANC could not match the Sony WH-1000XM4 or Apple AirPods Pro while awake, it is perfect for nighttime use and, more importantly, there is no pressure buildup in your ears. Its ANC can easily mask outside noises, making the QuietOn 3 a very good choice for noise control.


If you ask me for the ending conclusion? Both are good as shit. One of them has a terrible battery, another uses ambient noise only and if I ever have to travel, I’ll carry two earbuds? One for music, another to be able to sleep? For $240? No thanks. I’ll just use the Airpods Pro and be happy with that. If it’s too loud for me to sleep, I’d be happy to shove my face in a pillow. But hey! If you wanna light your money on fire, get either of these fancy earbuds!