10 Smart Tips for Perfect Essay Writing


Fear of writing is real. The daunting task of writing the perfect essay that will fetch you the best grades is quite scary for most students. However, you can master this skill. You have to follow some guidelines to write your essay well. Here are the 10 smart tips for perfect essay writing. Read on!

Do a Big Research

Writing good essays is a tedious task that involves a lot of planning, effort, and plenty of research. It is highly recommended that before you sit to write an essay, you should involve yourself in the act of doing extensive and quality research. You will need it. The essay writing process demands that much information be processed and structured correctly. Read as many books as you can on the topic and search for authentic material available on the internet that will help form your opinion about the topic of your essay. If you are short of time, look for a good writing service. If you are wondering who will write my essay for me in Canada, there are various quality writing services available on the internet that can help you.

Plan Ahead

An essential essay tip that should be your priority is planning. This holds the key to whether the finally written essay will be of good quality or not. Planning covers every step that you will take in writing a good essay. From the first step of understanding the essay question clearly to the final step of proofreading for errors, all the process demands proper planning. A well-planned essay will mean that your essay will be well structured, and it will be easier for your marker to follow the points you have expressed in your essay. Proper planning will also ensure that your essay is well researched, which means that you will be all set to get good grades for your efforts.

Define Your Argument

Developing an argument is a skill that needs to be learned and demands extra effort from the person who wants to be good at it. Most of the time, you might find yourself stuck in developing your argument properly. You might also end up confusing your reader rather than convincing them. If you want essay help in this regard, you need to define your argument properly so that your readers can agree with your point of view and ultimately get convinced. One tip that can help is to refer to evidence when you make any point. People get convinced when they are given references to research. A good reference to evidence and writing your argument clearly will help you write a good essay.

Use and Cite Sources

Citing sources is an important aspect of academic essay writing. During essay writing, you should look for much stuff from books, research articles, and websites, and you should also use this material to prove your point. You should properly cite the information that you found from different sources. Though there are many different citation styles, the most common are APA and MLA. Study how to cite using these styles properly. If you feel that it is difficult for you to learn these styles, you can always use the help of a free citation generator available on the internet. This will help you in citing sources properly in your essay.

Follow a Standard Structure

A good essay will always be well structured. While writing your essay, you should ensure that it is properly structured. For that, you will need to follow the standard structure, which consists of an introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The body can have three to five paragraphs depending on how many points you consider in your essay. A standard essay with five paragraphs is recommended for a sound beginning. Make sure that you place the background information in the beginning. You can also choose from different standard structures depending on your essay question. These standard structures include chronological, compare and contrast, and problem and solution structures. Using the standard structure will ensure that you have written a good essay.

Make a Strong Thesis

One of the smart tips for writing is to write a compelling thesis. It should convey clearly and crisply what the topic will be about. The thesis statement is short but gives the main summary of the topic concisely. It is the main idea of the research paper and is given in the last part of the introductory paragraph.

Write Clearly

There are a few smart tips for writing in a clear, crisp manner.

  • Don’t use long phrases, idiomatic expressions, and complex language;
  • Use a formal tone and avoid unnecessary detail and elaborate ideas;
  • Avoid using technical words and jargon;
  • Don’t use filler words that kill the purpose of your writing;
  • Make sure each sentence is carefully crafted;
  • Organize your thoughts and create an outline.

Proofread and Edit

One of the effective essay writing skills includes proofreading and editing your work. Once you have written your essay, you can’t just submit your work to your professor without giving it a final read. It is crucial to understand that you are prone to making grammatical errors, typing errors, and others as you write. Going back to your essay at the end helps you identify those errors and prune your article to give it a perfect look. You may also find issues with conciseness and coherence in your paper. Make sure that you make all the relevant corrections so that your ideas are organized logically.

Use Online Apps

You can also seek help writing an essay. Check for plagiarism and other writing issues by using online apps that offer great editing and plagiarism checking services. Plagiarism is considered an academic sin, so you must be sure that your article doesn’t have any trace of plagiarism. Online apps check their web database for any similarities between your article and other already published works. You will also get a plagiarism report at the end for your satisfaction. These online apps also provide suggestions for any grammatical or writing issue in your essay, making editing your document a lot easier.

 Write a Strong Conclusion

The concluding paragraph holds primary importance in your paper, as a good conclusion will only emphasize the main idea you have presented in the body of your essay. A strong conclusion will leave a lasting stamp on your reader. Therefore, you must ensure that the conclusion of your essay is a reinstatement of the main thesis statement and not an afterthought. Ensure that you don’t introduce a new point or idea in the concluding paragraph. Here are a few tips for writing a good conclusion:

  • Keep it short and crisp like the introduction;
  • Reinstate the main idea and don’t introduce a new point;
  • Start your paragraph with a concluding transitional phrase like ‘in the end, ‘to conclude,’ ‘in conclusion,’ etc.

To conclude, these smart tips will make writing an essay easy and a fun task for you. Follow them and produce a top-notch essay that impresses your professor. Viola! You are already on your way to getting the best grade in your class.