Get Themes in PS5 & Customize Your PlayStation 5 Background

Themes in PS5
Themes in PS5

This is one thing that the PlayStation series has won with from the Xbox Series. The ability to Change the Themes in PlayStation 5 and put them according to your preference. That’s sick, to be honest.

Whatever happened to PS5?! It’s not available with the themes option.

Yes, Sony released PlayStation 5 with a whole different interface and to your disappointment, it doesn’t have the themes’ option. Instead, it has a dynamic theme; which changes as you change the pregame screen. This could’ve been thought of as a good thing but people’s demand says the opposite. They want the themes option back.

To your surprise! Sony has been decided to release this feature in coming year 2023 and the company showed the interface to Download PS5 Theme on twitter. Since the end of December 2022 is just around the corner, you just have to be little more patient with your new year surprise of exciting PS5 themes.

Why Do You Need To Customize PlayStation 5 Background?

The PlayStation 5 offers a powerful gaming experience, but you may find the system’s default background to be dull and uninspiring. Changing your PS5 background can help you customize and personalize your console experience. Choosing a unique image or color scheme makes it easier to identify your console, among others.

Additionally, a customized background can add a layer of fun and excitement to your gaming experience. Changing the background on your PlayStation 5 is a simple task that takes just a few minutes, so why not take advantage of PS5 features and show off your style? You can even use custom backgrounds to express yourself or share fun memories with friends and family. No matter what your taste is, you can find a background that will give your PlayStation 5 an eye-catching look.

When it comes to selecting a PS5 background, the possibilities are nearly limitless. You can use any image stored on a USB drive or choose one of the many pre-loaded backgrounds available on the console. Some popular themes include fantasy, sports, nature, and gaming.

You can create your custom background by combining several images to create an exciting collage. Additionally, you can explore the ever-growing selection of user-created backgrounds that are available online. With creativity, you can make your PS5 stand out from the rest.

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How to Change PS5 Themes [2023]
How to Change PS5 Themes [2023]

How to Change PS5 Themes [2023]

The PS5 wallpaper is available to download, but the theme cannot be changed in the background. Still, Sony company has not explained why this feature is not working but the company announces the other Latest PS5 Update. In the meantime, the players must play with exciting backgrounds complementary update to each game.

In addition, you can’t change the themes in PlayStation5 before the end of December 2022…but you can change themes in PS3 and PS4 – and by that, we know how to change themes in PlayStation. Changing themes in PlayStation 5 will be easy with these steps below.

  1. Go into your settings and scroll down.
  2. Find the Themes option and hit X on your controller.
  3. You can either choose the default ones, install them from the store, or choose custom.
  4. Choose the default theme and hit X.
  5. You now have a new theme!

How to install New Themes in PS5

  • Go to your Settings and hit X on your option.
  • Scroll to the option “Find in PlayStation Store.”
  • Hit X, and you can choose to install new ones.
  • You’re all set with the new theme!

How to Set a Custom Theme in PS5

  1. Repeat the steps to go in Settings and then in Themes.
  2. Select Custom options and select any of your screenshots from the game.
  3. Now you have a custom theme in your PS.

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Updates in PS5

What are the Other Updates in PS5 at the End of December 2022?

There has been news about the Latest PS5 Update and they are set to release that at the end of December 2022. The important updates will be about on How to Improve the UI/UX of the Game in 2023 and with that, you’ll be getting the themes too.

1. Dynamic Screen and Themes in PS5

The Dynamic screen that the PlayStation5 has is here to stay but there will be the option for you to set up themes as well. This is something that the gamers have long been demanding for, a whole year, to be precise.

2. Variable Refresh Rate

Moreover. the software update in PlayStation5 will have better VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) which ultimately smoothens the Best PS5 Games 2023 a lot. If you have no idea what VRR is, let me tell you.

Variable Refresh Rate is when the screen has a series of pictures each second. Fewer images per second or fewer refreshes of the screen to fetch newer images may cause glitches in the screen. Increasing the number of images in a frame and then increasing the VRR ultimately gives you a better and smoother experience with the games.

3. 1440p and HDR

The screens and game all in all were impressive from the beginning, but could they be better? Yes, and they are doing it now. The HDR will allow you to see the screen and other objects better even in bright light as the game itself contains. Improving visual and other screen components is going to be the biggest part of this update.

4. Social Feed

This is going to be super important in this update as this feature has a whole other fan base. We don’t have enough clue on this part of the update but from what it looks like, the new update on PS5 will have an upper hand over all the other consoles.


Q1. Why can’t you change the theme and wallpaper on PlayStation5?

ANS. The answer is No! PlayStation 5 has a default dynamic home screen where the theme cannot be changed, but the wallpaper changes when the game is chosen. Unfortunately, PS5 does not have a theme and background customization settings by default.

Q2. Does PlayStation5 have dynamic themes?

ANS. PlayStation5 contains Dynamic themes by default; it is one of the main cause that the console does not offer you any settings to customize it. So, there are no UIs we have seen that have a direct option to install the theme.


In conclusion, New PS5 UI allows users to smoothly navigate through games and control major features over the joystick. Among the things users look at is customizing their home screens on PlayStation by applying new themes. This feature is available on the PS4; users can Download PS5 Themes after viewing YouTube tutorial and apply them (PS5) instantly. The article described the changing of the PS5 theme and the other updates of PlayStation5. I hope this guide will be helpful for you, and let us know if you have PS5 or not.