How to Alphabetize In Google Docs and Google Sheets

How To Alphabetize In Google Docs
How To Alphabetize In Google Docs

Curious to know how to alphabetize in Google Docs? Google Docs is one of the usual famous work tools to save many types of data. Whether you are using it for personal or professional goals, making assured a list in Google Docs is arranged is necessary. One way to achieve that is to alphabetically order your data. But it can be critical to place things in alphabetical line.

If you sense like you are lonely in this, do not upset. A large number of people are seeking to alphabetize in Google Docs. Luckily, getting an alphabetical index is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.

This chapter will provide you a step-by-step walkthrough so you won’t have any difficulties sorting the data in Google Docs alphabetically.

How To Alphabetize A List In Google Docs
How To Alphabetize a List In Google Docs

How to Alphabetize In Google Docs 

Usually, you will use Google Docs for quick notes. At other times, you will get long lists of documents. When that appears, it’s enough to arrange everything in alphabetical order and have regular columns of content. Alphabetizing is essentially what it seems like. It indicates you are applying the first letters of the word to organize the information.

Nevertheless, do not deem you want to do this manually, even though that’s likely if the list is not too long. But since that normally is not the case, you require something to make your experience more comfortable. That’s why there’s a choice to alphabetize in Google Docs.

Use of Alphabetizing in Google Docs

Alphabetizing is one of the usual practical answers to arranging everything, from your books to the names of customers. But you can quickly get lost in every content if you do not structure it correctly. By having everything look in alphabetical order, you will be on the roof of your game. Furthermore, you won’t miss valuable time searching for something you need from a huge list of items.

Steps to Alphabetize In Google Docs

If you are viewing for a way to handle your column, table, or text in Google Docs, there is no greater selection than sorting them alphabetically. Added, the tracks are much straightforward. In the following part, we will explain to you how to happily build an alphabetical index of items both in Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Alphabetizing in Google Doc Using the Add-ons

The peculiar structure of your data in Google Docs is instantly done by using add-ons. But before we reveal to you how to do so, get sure you are signed in to your Google account. If you do not have one, make it now!

Here are the steps you should Follow Next:

  1. Get assured you open the document you require.
  2. Next, press on ‘Add-ons’ and select ‘Get Add-ons0’.
  3. Presently, enter ‘sorted paragraphs’ in the search box.
  4. Press on it and then tap on ‘Install’ to begin the process.
  5. The pop-up information will request your permission. Tap on ‘Continue’ to complete the installation.

Now that you have installed the Add-on, Sorting Data will be Easy. This is what you have to make:

  1. Choose the text you need to arrange.
  2. Then, navigate to ‘Add-ons’.
  3. Hover over ‘Sorted paragraphs’ and tap on ‘Sort A to Z’ or ‘Sort Z to A’.
  4. Ready for some moments to make an alphabetical order of data.

Alphabetizing in Google Sheets

Following you now grasp how to arrange an alphabetical order in Google Docs, it would be helpful to determine how to make it in Google Sheets too. There are 2 ways listed below-

Alphabetizing in Google Sheets Using the Formula:

Learning the formula you can practice alphabetizing in Google Spreadsheet can be helpful for your business. First, you require to make assured your data is opened. Once you have a file of data you require to alphabetize, heed these moves:

  1. Determine where you require your alphabetical order to arrive, and make sure you choose that cell.
  2. Then, navigate to the formula bar, enter ’=SORT ().’ The data in the brackets should be the cell area of the things you require to categorize.
  3. Press ‘Enter,’ and that’s it.

Your alphabetical index of things will seem in the column you needed.

Alphabetizing in Google Sheets Using the Built-in Options:

A different simple way to arrange items in Google Sheets is by utilizing the built-in options from the menu. Once again, get assured you have the file open and create the record of things you require to arrange. If that is a complete set, here’s what you should take next:

  1. Make sure you choose the column.
  2. Then, press ‘Data’ from the menu bar.
  3. Next, click on ‘Sort range.’
  4. Just assured that ‘Sort by’ is the right column.
  5. Choose between ‘A to Z’ and ‘Z to A’.
  6. Complete by pressing on ‘Sort’.


Q: How do I sort in Google Docs?
Initiate a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, on your PC. At the top-right press the letter of the column you require to sort by. Tap on Sort sheet by A to Z or Sort sheet Z to A.

Q: How do you alphabetize rows together in Google Sheets?”
Navigate to items and pick Sort range from the dropdown menu. Allow the Data has a header row right. Next, Under Sort by, pick the header that you need. Elect the A-Z or Z-A choices for and ascending/descending sort (respectively).

Q: Can you make files in Google Docs?
You can generate new folders as required. Press on Create and select the kind of Google Docs folder you need to create. Essential: The first time you enter Google Docs you must allow Share to use your account.


As you can notice, reading how to alphabetize in Google Docs and Google Sheets is an amazingly effective and quick solution for arranging data. The methods are simple, you just need to make sure you catch them correctly.

Now that you have seen this chapter, we are assured you won’t have any problems making an alphabetical arrangement of data in your records in the future.