How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages?

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Do you want to know how to recover deleted Facebook messages or Spy on boyfriend’s text messages? Know how to recover deleted Facebook messages? Abstaining meaningful messages could be irritating if you know it is going to be a tough task to retrieve them. But, not anymore with superior data recovery tools. If you have newly missed some meaningful chats with your friends on Facebook and you question how to retrieve them, then this article is meant for you.

Here, we have examined ways to get and recover erased messages on Facebook Messenger on smartphones. It includes some built-in innovations and quick resolutions that enable you to instantly find all lost messages on your Android device and recover them.

In adjunct to that, we have also examined how great data recovery software could be effective to recover these erased messages. So, without further ado, let’s examine some of these useful tips and tricks to assist you to recover your important messages on Facebook Messenger.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages? Here is the Way

Restore Messages via Facebook on Android/iPhone 

If you own your messages archived in your Facebook Messenger app, then you have the possibility to recover deleted Facebook messages simply. To achieve this, follow these tracks:

  1. Click and open Facebook Messenger app on your phone and navigate to your recent chats.
  2. Press on the search box to search the chat that you earlier archived.
  3. Once you obtain the chat, just select it and click on the Unarchive Message button to unarchive it.

If you have opened the website version, navigate to Messages > More > Archived to see the Archived Messages button to retrieve deleted text messages on Facebook Messenger.

Archive Messages

For example, if you do not know the method of archive messages on Facebook Messenger, then heed these steps:

  1. Start the Facebook Messenger app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to the recent chat list and pick the chat that you need to archive.
  3. Once picked, long click on it and choose the 3 horizontal lines menu and pick the Archive option.

This easy move will immediately put the picked chats into archives. You can next use these archives to retrieve lastingly deleted messages.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger
How To Recover Permanently Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger

Retrieve Erased messages from Facebook Settings

Presently that you have archived messages, you can also retrieve randomly removed Facebook messages from a Facebook account on the desktop. To achieve this, copy these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account on the desktop.
  2. Navigate to Settings > General Account Settings.
  3. Choose the “Your Facebook Information” choice from the left panel.
  4. Take the “Download your information” selection from the right board.
  5. Here pick the “Messages” selection and press the “Create file” button.
  6. Once you tap on this key, it will need a while to finish the process.
  7. Once it will finish the method, it will throw you a notification to assist you to download the file.
  8. Press on this notification and press on the Download key next to the File you need to download.

Here it will require you to put a password to download this file for more solid protection. Type the password and it will provoke a new window requesting you to save the file on your desktop. Now that you have the file stored on your PC, you can reach these data from your Android Phone to retrieve removed texts whenever you need it.

 To Recover Connect Android Device to PC

The subsequent thing you can attend to retrieve deleted Facebook messages on your Android phone is to connect your Android phone to a PC by USB cable. Once joined, heed these steps:

  1. Navigate to “SD Card” or “Internal Storage”.
  2. Choose Android > Data.
  3. Here search for the “com.facebook.orca” folder and choose it.
  4. Now navigate to Cache > fb_temp.
  5. Here, see for words that you need to retrieve and catch the process to recover it.

Recovery Using Third-Party App

The subsequent instant resolution to retrieve deleted Facebook messages is to use third-party data recovery tools. Operating on advanced algorithms, these tools assist you to recover every kind of file and data effortlessly. These tools run automatically to save a lot of your time and decrease manual efforts. Some helpful features of these tools proposal include:

  1. Helps to retrieve every kind of deleted and lost data.
  2. Support you to retrieve erased text messages, photos, videos, documents, and other file types.
  3. Enables you to preview before you retrieve data. This feature provides you greater command over your data where you can determine which files to save or delete.
  4. Promotes multiple devices including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and more.
  5. Simple and seamless user expertise with an excellent solution.


Q: How far back can text messages be retrieved?

A: Each of the providers maintained accounts of the date and time of the text message and the individuals to the message for time periods varying from 6-7 years. Nevertheless, the preponderance of cellular service providers does not save the content of text information at all.

Q: Can chats be traced after they are deleted?

A: Yes, so if you have been holding an event or doing something dodgy at the job, beware. When you transfer messages around or remove them, the information really stays put. Every you are making is telling the phone to point at the files in various ways.

Q: How do you restore removed messages on iPhone without backup?

A: If you need to retrieve erased text messages on iPhone without backup data, you require iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. It is a licensed tool that assists you to scan your iPhone for the removed text messages, which are hidden from you. After then, you can pick text messages to preview and recover them.

Q: Can you restore erased chats from 2 years ago?

A: No. If you do not have a backup carrying those messages, they are gone. Sadly no, you would have a backup made before erasing the messages. There are quite some cell providers that hold text messages (MetroPCS is one of the few in the US) and even the ones that do would not hold them for two years.


The potential of social media lies in its capability to produce easy interaction with conversation options. Now that you had explained something meaningful with your friend on Facebook Messenger and dropped it randomly, the best way to restore it is to catch the above-mentioned moves. Following these immediate moves, you can simply get and retrieve deleted messages on Facebook Messenger on Android. Numerous of these suggestions hold built-in features and using third-party tools for immediate effects.