How to Cancel Fallout 1st Xbox Subscription

How to Cancel Fallout 1st Xbox

If you have purchased Fallout 1st on Xbox but don’t want to keep it for a long time. Then this guide will let you know How to cancel Fallout 1st subscription Xbox

However, fallout 1st is a premium subscription offered by Bethesda, which offers amazing exclusive benefits and features to increase the gameplay experience. But some players want to end their subscription for different reasons, like some users can’t afford it.

The game is available on all major platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, and PC. Although, you can cancel the subscription at any time until the end of the recurring bill. So keep reading to know how to cancel the Fallout 1st subscription to Xbox.

Xbox Subscription Cancellation Policy

Xbox lets you cancel your recurring subscription and request a refund, but not all membership purchases are entitled to a refund. If you meet the criteria for a refund, you can end the membership and appeal for a refund.

However, Bethesda offers Fallout 76 a premium monthly membership with a couple of advanced features at $12.99/ month and $99.99 a year. If you withdraw auto-renewal of Fallout 1st before your subscription proceeds, it may end your purchase.

Ensure to confirm your Fallout 1st subscription in-game before ending auto-renewal. This will prevent future billing of subscriptions, but you will not instantly get a refund for payments.

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How to Cancel Fallout 1st Xbox Subscription

However, Xbox is a third-party and can’t access the transaction history. For this, you have to cancel your Fallout 1st subscription by going to the Xbox Services and Subscriptions section and canceling it from there.

How to Cancel Fallout 1st Xbox Subscription

Note: ensure to sign in to Fallout 76 before the end of the recurring billing period, and make sure you have assembled all the rewards you have received in a game.

Follow the steps to cancel a subscription to Xbox

  • First, hold the Xbox button to view the guide, and open Fallout 76 on your Xbox Console.
  • Navigate to Profile & Systems> Settings.
  • Tap on the account and then open the Manage Subscription menu.
  • Now, select the subscription you want to cancel, then apply the instruction to cancel it. (Important: keep in mind not all subscriptions or purchases are eligible for a refund.)
  • If you are eligible, you can also request for refund of your subscription.
  • Verify to continue with the cancellation process. It may ask you to enter your account or password or other details.
  • When accessing the subscription management page, find the cancellation process by tapping “cancel a subscription.”
  • After canceling, you will get a verification text.

How to cancel Fallout 1st on PS4

Follow the below steps to cancel the Fallout 1st subscription on PS4.

  • Go to your Playstation network and open “settings.”
  • Tap “Account Management> account information.
  • Tap on “service list.”
  • Choose Fallout 1st from the games list and turn off auto-renew. Once you cancel Fallout 1st, you will lose all the subscription’s advanced features.

Note: If you are wondering how to cancel Fallout 1st on ps5, you can apply this method.

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How to Cancel Fallout 76 Subscription on Steam

  • Navigate to Steam’s official website to start the process.
  • Log in to your Steam account and move to the account details section.
  • Scroll to the Store & Purchase History section and tap the Manage Subscription option.
  • Find your Fallout 1st subscription and tap the edit link next to it.
  • Tap Cancel subscription, and verify it.

What happens if I cancel Fallout 1st Membership?

When you cancel the fallout subscription, you can still access atoms received and resources stored in your scrap box, but you cannot deposit new extra crafting components. But once your membership ends, you cannot access the private worlds, exclusive in-game sales, and promotions.


Is it possible to get a refund for Fallout 1st?
No, you can’t get a Fallout 1st refund on every platform. Although, Xbox offers users some refund policies in certain situations that help you get a refund. But it’s important that your refund meets the criteria.

What items to keep when you cancel your Fallout 1st subscription?
When you cancel the Fallout 1st subscription, the users will still be allowed to get any of the atoms they get or any other resources saved in their Scrapbox. Although, you will not be allowed to deposit any new elements.

Is Fallout 1st free to play?
Fallout 1st is the premium subscription service for Fallout 76, which means a subscription fee should be paid to get it. By getting a subscription, users can access lots of exclusive bonuses.


If you are not finding the best experience playing Fallout 76, then a Fallout 1st subscription can be a great way to enjoy the game. But if you don’t find it useful or find it expensive, you can cancel your Xbox subscription by following this guide. If you face any hurdles in canceling the Fallout 1st subscription, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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