How to Cheese Malenia Elden Ring

How to Cheese Malenia Elden Ring

Suppose you are playing Elden ring video game and happenstance Malenia but don’t know how to cheese or beat her. This gaming guide will walkthrough the simple cheese strategy guide to beat Malenia. Click here to learn elden ring secrets and discoveries the game does not tell you.

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About Elden Ring Malenia

Malenia: The Blade of Miquella is a voluntary boss in Elden’s ring who was the sister and bodyguard of demigod Miquella who was her brother. Malenia is Elden Ring’s Empyreans’ most powerful and robust optional boss.

However, she employs a prosthetic arm and leg and controls Scarlet Rot’s scattering in the Cealid region of Elden ring. Malenia has the most formidable opponent attacks and 2 hardest phases, as she has the special skill to rebuild herself. At the same time, crafting huge damage to a player with her life snip katanas spells and Scarlet Rot attacks as the Goddess of Rot.

Players will find Malenia boss fight in the Consecrated Snowfield area, which they can access after proceeding to a specific range in the game. Players have to shatter Morgott to get to the consecrated snowfield area, which lies in the lower plains of Mountaintop of Giants region.

How to Cheese Malenia Elden Ring

The Elden Ring game has many challenges and bosses a player will encounter. But Malenia Blade of Miquella is the most well-known boss, one of the threatening challenges in any FromSoftware titles. However, Malenia has few well-being points but is insignificant as she restores a noteworthy amount with each knockout.

Many players will encounter difficulties when trying to beat Malenia and will halt her extensively. So, playing Malenia at level 120 is recommended, if probably 125+ using armaments of level +23 or overhead.

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Here we have shared 2 cheese methods for Malenia, the blade of Miquella in Elden ring.

Beat Malenia Using Mimic Tear

Beat Malenia Using Mimic Tear

The Mimic tear lets a player call an identical twin of their own, while players don’t need any FP to summon their mimic tear. When summoned, the player mimics Tear would have the same spells, shield set, and armaments as the player’s discolored character.

Additionally, after the mimic tear player has its own carafes and can stay active for extensive epochs. The mimic tera method will help players fight against Malenia as she is reckless. That is why players need her to aspect the other way to get in a spell.

NOTE: Update your mimic tear to level 9 or 10 before starting the mortal combat with Malenia, the blade of Miquella.

How to Cheese Malenia in Elden Ring – Stagger Her

The most ostensible Malenia Elden’s ring weakness is that she can stagger simply by hitting her. But she has powerful attacks that can drop your HP down to zero. Consequently, the best method to cheese Malenia is to keep spamming her with few attacks so she cannot use any one-shot spells on you. Players can use a heavy weapon like an axe to help wobble Malenia.

Below we have described 2 ways to stagger Malenia: the blade of Miquella in Elden ring players can use to inflict the maximum damage.

Build Forst Concentration Against Malenia

Build Forst Concentration Against Malenia

When players build Forst focus, it will help them to stagger Malenia and close the gap with one or two attacks. To build Forst focus to cheese Malenia in elden ring, players need the Hoardfrost stomp Ash of War with the weapon they choose that provides the Cold Affinity and Hoardfrost stomp skill.

Note: Remember that Malenia heals every time she domains an attack on you.

When the battle starts, players must summon their mimic tear and let it attack. Players and their clones have to inflict maximum Forst stomp damage on Malenia simultaneously and not let her respond so she can be astounded.

A player can get Malenia into a corner and hoardfrost her while doing a lot of damage and stunting her. So, players must keep making this step and spell quickly down the HP of Malenia each time they can.

Build Bleed-Focused Cheese Malenia Elden Ring

Build Bleed-Focused Cheese Malenia Elden Ring

The second way to cheese Malenia players need the swarm of Flies incantation that lets the players release a swarm of blood flies to assault enemies. To take full advantage of the effectiveness of the bleed-focused, players can use weapons that do bleed loss or mutilation.

Players can use the dragon Communion seal as it benefits the swarm of flies’ incantation, scales, faith, and arcane. However, the attack’s ways are similar to the first one. Players have to summon their mimic tears and initiate casting the swarm fly’s incantation, then add in some attacks whenever they see a gap.

The swarm fly’s incantation can track Malenia around and even astonish her during her prevailing one-shot spell, which she also uses to rebuild. So, keep spamming this great incantation as frequently as probable attack her when you can.

Cheese Malenia Second Phase in Elden Ring

Cheese Malenia Second Phase in Elden Ring

Once you have beaten Malenia’s first phase, she converts into her second phase, recognized as the Goddess of Rot. Players can beat Malenia similarly as mentioned above but have to be alert of Scarlet Aeonia’s moves. Because when she hedges, she will impose you with a huge amount of scarlet rot.

Players can escape this move by running in the Malenia direction and moving rightwards. She will make an effort to come after you, but you must possess moving to dodge her. However, the rest of the battle players can cheese her in the same methods stated above.

After Malenia Scarlet Aeonia’s attack, players can use a host of ranged weapons as she cannot move for a while after landing it. Furthermore, don’t forget to rebuild, as players must continuously keep on healing, as some Malenia spells are very robust and can easily clasp you unprepared.


What is the weakness of the Malenia Elden ring to cheese?
Malenia, the blade of Miquella, is weak to fire and bleed weapons.

Where is Elden Ring?
The Elden Ring game takes place in the land of a fictional monarchy over which numerous daemons rule.

How to cheese Maliketh?
To beat the Maliheth in the Elden ring, use Rotten breath incantations, build a black blade, and mimic tear.

How much HP does Malenia have?
Malenia, the blade of Miquella, has 33k HP between both phases.

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