How to Delete Instacart Account (5 Quick Tricks)

how to delete instacart account
how to delete instacart account

Have you decided to delete your Instacart account, whatever the reason? So, you will get all the tricks in this article on how to remove your subscription. But think twice, as it is the best free app that allows users to order groceries online and get 24/7 instant grocery delivery from major retailers.

No doubt, it is safe and secure to use because of its user-friendly interface and flawless ordering experience. Hence, it benefits more than 50,000 users. Moreover, you can also pay with different payment methods according to your needs. However, deleting the account means erasing your purchase history and data on Instacart, whether you are a customer or an Instacart shopper. You also don’t need to pay further charges for removing the account.

Even as a shopper, you don’t get penalized if any mistake happens, but they inform other similar platforms about your deactivation and the reason. So be aware when canceling and have a specific reason for doing this. Furthermore, you can also get a refund on the order if you cancel it. Thus, see the following section for various ways of erasing the account and the cancellation method for shopper and Instacart orders.

Prepare to Delete Your Instacart Account in Several Simple Steps

Delete Your Instacart Account in Several Simple Steps
Delete Your Instacart Account in Several Simple Steps

The Instacart app is available for both Android and iOS users, and you can access your account via mobile or website. Some clients who have desired to close their accounts seem hindered by confusing steps.

So, see the step-by-step method to delete the account, but after deleting the account, you cannot sign in again. Hence the ways of deleting the account:

  1. Call
  2. App
  3. Website
  4. Customer service
  5. Email

1.      Rescind the Instacart account via call.

The Calling feature of Instacart is highly requested for assistance. You can reach the customer service representatives directly at 1-888-246-7822. Then, request them to erase your account and provide the account details.

how to cancel instacart subscription and get refund
how to cancel instacart subscription and get refund

Furthermore, you have to provide more details like your full name, associated phone or mobile number, and email address. The subscription will be canceled at the end of the billing cycle once the details are verified. Another plus point is that you can contact customer support anytime from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET.

Hence, you will get the confirmation message through SMS. Moreover, the Instacart care support staff typically confirms it to you rather quickly. However, they also try to figure out what problem you are facing and may offer possible solutions. But if you are sure about your decision to close the account, then they will assist you in doing so.

2.      Remove the Account through the Instacart App

Remove the Account through the Instacart App
Remove the Account through the Instacart App

Here is the handy method to cancel your Instacart account that you can apply within a minute:

  • Initially, sign in to the Instacart app on your phone.
  • Click on the three lines on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Then, click on Instacart Express.
  • Now, please move to the Cancel Membership tab by scrolling down and clicking on it.
  • You will receive a confirmation message, then click on Continue to cancel

3.      Delete Instacart Account Using Web Browser

Another way to remove your account permanently is by accessing the website, so go with the below straightforward steps:

  • Go to the Instacart Help Center site on your web browser.
  • Log in to your account in the Contact Us
  • Now, please scroll down and tap on the My Account

    My Account tab
    My Account tab


  • Then, click on I still need help
  • After that, tap on the Chat with us Then, you will be linked with a customer care agent who will help you to close your account permanently.
    Chat with us tab

    Chat with us tab

Note: You will get your refund in your associated bank account. Check your email account to confirm that your account has been removed. The deletion process takes approximately 72 hours when informed to the company.

4.      Customer Care Support for the Assistance of Account Deletion

Support for the Assistance of Account Deletion
Support for the Assistance of Account Deletion

If you prefer speaking over writing, then Instacart gives you the opportunity to live chat with a support agent for help. Well, support agents are helpful, polite, and respectful at Instacart.

So, you can talk with them without effort. Hence, follow the steps for that purpose:

  • Open the Instacart app
  • Then, open the menu.
  • Click on the Help
  • Then, tap on the Get Help
  • Now, click on the My Account
  • At the last click, I still need help tab to start a new Chat with a Care agent.

5.      Erase the Account by Sending an Email

Apart from other methods, if you are not in a hurry to erase the account, you can use this method to email the company and wait for their reply. So, let’s see the instructions:

  • Firstly, access your registered email
  • Compose an email and enter the instacart email in the recipient field.
  • Type in Customer Support: Request to Delete My Account in the subject field. This way, your mail will be directly routed to the concerned support team.
  • Request to delete your account from their database and clear all your information with them by writing the mail to the company. Thus, you must provide your account details like account name, login email address, and the related phone number to help the company speed up the deletion process.
    instacart care

    instacart care

Tip: Write the short message: Please delete my Instacart account from your system. Thank you. Hence, the deletion process takes 72 working hours, and you will get the confirmation email.

Do you want to cancel your Instacart Order?

cancel your Instacart Order
cancel your Instacart Order

Undoubtedly, Instacart is well known for its customers’ facilities, like speedy 30-minute deliveries, cancellation of orders, and getting a refund until that shopper has not started shopping.

However, you can withdraw the order regardless of the reason, and you can do it through the website or app without calling the customer service agent.

Now, go through the steps for canceling the order via the website:

  • Sign in to your account by accessing the Instacart site on your browser.
  • Click on the Your Orders
  • Move to View Order Details and find the order you want to cancel.
  • Then, click on the Cancel Order
  • Confirm the cancelation process, and your order will be canceled.

Instacart is relatively flexible. You can also order groceries and withdraw them in case you need to through the user-friendly mobile app.

See the below steps to do cancelation via the app:

  • Open the Instacart app on your smartphone and sign in to your account.
  • After that, click on the My Orders
  • Choose the order you want to withdraw.
  • Confirm the order cancelation.
  • Finally, your order is canceled.

Note:  You may get the refund reflected in your account very soon if it was pre-paid. You will get a notification from the app in the form of an SMS about the termination and commencement of refund.

How can you delete your Instacart Shopper Account?

delete your Instacart Shopper Account
delete your Instacart Shopper Account

You are an independent contractor because you work as a personal shopper. Thus, deleting an account is an unalterable process. Hence, it offers you another opportunity if you want to stop shopping; switch your account to hidden mode. It will permit you to come back for shopping when you are ready.

Although if you are sure to deactivate your driver’s account, the process is not complicated at all and is very similar to the deleting process. The simple difference is that you have to send your request to Instacart shopper support. See the steps to contact Instacart Help for drivers:

  • Firstly, click on the (?) icon on the top right of your screen of the Shopper app.
  • Contact Instacart Care by clicking the person with headset icon in the top right.
  • You can choose from chat, schedule a call or Call now.

Pro Tip: Starting a conversation in the Shopper app from a related screen will allow Instacart to know what your question is asking about.

If you want to Switch to the Other Grocery Platform

There are other well-known online grocery delivery platforms that you can use after deleting the Instacart account or if you want to switch to another. Let’s see a few of the names of online groceries platforms:

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Whole Foods
  • Blink for Supermarkets
  • Peapod
  • Dumpling
  • Fresh Direct

Final Words

Without a doubt, Instacart proved to be an excellent and valuable service for people who are unable to go grocery shopping in person. However, you can close down and delete your account immediately, whether you are a driver or a customer.

You can download the app and create a new account even if you change your mind and want to continue using it. Hopefully, you get all the canceling methods from the above section and let us know your views by commenting on the article.