How to download Instagram content: videos, stories, reel in 3 clicks

How to download Instagram videos

In todays ‘instagrammable’ era we possess an urge to put everything up on our feeds be it a picture from a recent wedding or just the early morning sun, we need to show the world what we’re up to and when, this comes with an equally compelling wish to save things we see on the daily, a post with a cute caption, an appealing picture of our crush, an Instagram reel showing a delicious looking meal recipe or an inspirational IGTV video but, with it comes the dilemma of not being able to download content off of Instagram and that can sometimes prove to be a buzz kill, although there are a lot of ways allowing you to download Instagram content but that can only be done using either third-party apps or just some tech hocus pocus because ethically Instagram itself does not permit you to download content either from public or private accounts.

How to download Instagram videos

Instagram videos can be really helpful for a lot of things; you can get food recipes, everyday lifestyles of your favorite celebrities and influencers and what not, but what if you want to save a video to watch later? First and foremost, you should know that every device has a different method from downloading videos now, let us see what kind of video content Instagram offers:

·        Reels – Shorter version of content covering almost 60 seconds of footage.

·        Stories – Everyday content that can be uploaded as stories which disappears after 24 hours

·        Highlights – Saved up Instagram stories for you and your audience to view later, the highlights appear on ones Instagram profile

·        IGTV – Longer video that can cover up to 60 minutes of content.

As they say that there is always a loophole for everything so, we have discovered a universal method for downloading Instagram videos so no matter what device you’re using you can go ahead and save those videos to enjoy later, here’s how:

·        Open instastories app from the link (

·        Enter the username or link of the Instagram account in the search box from which you wish to download a video

·        The profile of the said username will open on the site where you’ll be able to see all public information of the user

·        Select the video you want to download

·        On the top of the video there will be an option to download the video to your PC or phone, hit that button and the video will be downloaded to your downloads folder or phone gallery.

How to download Instagram videos on PC

Screen recording

If you’re a desktop or laptop user then at the end of this guide you’ll be able to download Instagram videos directly to your PC, let’s see how:

·        First, you’ll have to launch the Xbox game bar on your PC which you can easily launch by pressing the windows button + G.

·        Now, go to your Instagram app or site and open the video you want to save.

·        Press the capture button on the Xbox game bar another popup will open                                      

·        Press the start recording button and your screen will start recording instantly, you can toggle the play and pause buttons using the recorder that will appear on the top right side of the screen                      

Pro tip: if you already have the Xbox game bar launched on your PC then just Press the windows key + alt + R to start recording your screen.

Development tools

In this section we’re going to show you how to utilize your browser tools to download Instagram videos.

·        Go to Instagram and open the video that you want to download

·        Right click on the video and a drop down menu will open, depending on your computer you will see either options, ‘inspect element’ or ‘view page source’, and click on it.

·        A code page will appear, now click ctrl + F for the find option and type .mp4 in it.

·        A coding section will appear with a highlighted mp4.

·        Copy the link section starting with src and ending with mp4.

·        Paste the link in a new tab then right click on the video to open a drop down menu.

·        Select the option ‘save video as’ and voila! Video will be downloaded to your PC.

How to download Instagram videos on IPhone

Screen recording

If you’re an iPhone user then you can easily screen record the Instagram videos through your phone.

·        Open the accessibility shortcuts menu on your iPhone                  

·        In the above menu you’ll see the screen recording option, now go to the video that you want to record.

·        Open the menu and hit the screen record button for the recording to start.

·        Press the same button again for the recording to stop, your recorded video will be saved in your phone gallery.


To download an Instagram video through your IPhone browser, safari:

·        Go to your Instagram app and open the video you wish to download

·        Copy the video link by tapping on the three dots on the video and selecting the ‘copy link’ option.

·        Next, open the safari browser and paste the link there, wait for a few seconds for the browser to fetch the desired video.

·        As soon as the video appears hit the download button for the video to be downloaded on your phone.

·        Go to the downloads folder in your phone and select the video, now press ‘save video’ in the sharing icon to save the video in your photo gallery.


There are several apps that can be used to download Instagram videos and one such app is Blaze, it is a browser and file manager for iPhone to help manage vast data and also makes it easier to download pictures and videos from the internet. To download an Instagram video through Blaze just follow the super simple steps:

·        Download the Blaze browser from app store and launch it in your device

·        Now go to the video on Instagram that you wish to download and click on the three dots, copy the video link

·        Paste the video link on the search bar of the Blaze browser.

·        Select the red download button on the top left corner of the page.

·        A pop-up will open where you have to select the option that is most suitable for you. You can save the video to your photo gallery or export it to any other app.

Some other iPhone browsers can also be used to download data from any app, be it Instagram videos or images or movies because all iPhone users know how tedious it can get to download stuff so, to make this task easier you can also use:

·        Total browser

·        Brave browser.

How to download Instagram videos on Android

Screen record

·        Open the Instagram app and find the video that you wish to save

·        Tap on the screen record button in the drop down menu on your android phone to start recording the screen                   

·        When you’re done stop the video and your recording will automatically be saved into your camera roll.


To download an ig story or video through your browser, go to the insta site and:

·        play the desired video and be sure to watch it until the end

·        now, go to your phones file manager and take the following steps, android→data→ android→cache→videos

·        here you will find the cache of all the video you have played with the.extension, you can tap on it and play any video you want.


There are quite many apps available that can be used to download ig reels, highlights and stories but the one that is considered the easiest to use is the InShot app, let’s see how it works:

·        download the Inshot app from play store and open it

·        copy the link of the ig video that you want to download

·        Paste the link to the InSaver option on InShot to download the video in good quality.

Apart from Inshot other apps can also be used to download content off of insta in a similar manner like, Repost: for Instagram, InsTake and InstaGet among many more.

How to download Instagram reels

Videos and reels are almost similar and so is downloading them, you can use third party websites and like Instagram reel downloader ( or storiesig (

·        Simply go to one of the above websites and type in the username of the Instagram account you want to download reels from.

·        Go to the said account and to the desired video

·        On the top of the video there will be an option to download the video to your PC or phone, hit that button and the video will be downloaded to your downloads folder or phone gallery.

How to download Instagram highlights

Similarly, you can download insta highlights by following the above website through the link and following the steps.

How to download Instagram stories

Downloading insta stories is very similar to downloading stories, just go to and follow the steps in the above section

How to download IGTV videos

 Downloading IGTV videos to watch later is very much like downloading videos so, go to the instastories website and follow the simple steps mentioned above.

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