Microsoft Confirms that Windows 11 Features are Arriving on March 14

New windows 11 update arrives on March 14
New windows 11 update arrives on March 14

Microsoft claims that its new Windows 11 update will generally be available on March 14, and the latest windows 11 update will come with features such as Bing Chat and more.

According to reports, the new update, Windows 11 23H2, is due this fall, though without major changes. It will bring new useful features; for instance, the Redmond based tech giant is bringing Voice Access out of preview, which allows everyone, including people with mobility disabilities, to manage their PC with their voice. Whether you are working on Microsoft word or managing files in File explorer, you can use Voice access to help you in your workflow.

Last week, we informed our users that Windows 11 Taskbar Now has Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing. Now let’s have a look at upcoming windows 11 features.

Windows 11 Upcoming Features

Some of the notable windows 11 features that will come to your PCs next week are:

Windows 11 Upcoming Features
  • Widgets now comprise Phone Link, Xbox game pass, and other apps such as Meta. Spotify and others.
  • Windows Studio Effects (a collection of audio and video effects to customize your audio & video in any circumstance) is now easier to find and adjust from the taskbar in quick settings.
  • iOS users can now use iMessage on Windows 11 (via phone link).
  • Quick Assist option improved, allowing others to take control of the PC for technical support (with your permission). You can access this option from the Start menu.
  • Save on your power bill feature with new energy suggestions, which allows you to decide the best way to decrease power consumption for your needs.
  • The new update also brings a built-in screen recorder through the snipping tool.
  • Tabs for navigating notepad let you move between notes and lines of code.
  • Control & access Cloud PCs from the Windows 365 App, and the app is available on the Microsoft store.
  • Touch optimized taskbar for 2-in-1 devices; easily switches between a collapsed or extended taskbar to get more screen space when required.
  • The latest file explorer controls the power of AI more quickly than ever.
  • Samsung users can simply transfer their sessions from their phone to their windows PC with the recent website feature.
  • The new feature system tray lets you rearrange all icons in the notification area, such as “show hidden icons.”

Microsoft announces in its recent blog that they are listening to its user’s queries and continue to update because they want to improve the windows experience while maintaining security and productivity. Although windows 11 23H2 features are based on 22H2, says sources.

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