Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts: Easy Overview 2024

Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts

If you want to progress in the Palworld game, you like building upgrades for your base and character then you will need the Palworld ancient civilization parts. Let’s dive into details with this article.

How and Where to Get the Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts

Valuable material like ancient civilization parts in the Palworld game can be used to craft the Egg Incubator, sphere, shields, launchers, and other helpful objects. It is a necessity for breeding more pals. So here we have mentioned how you can get your hands on Palworld ancient civilization parts.

They drop from the overworld and dungeon bosses. If you are having trouble locating the dungeons, they can be found scattered throughout the world, and they are also recognizable as large cave openings. However, unfortunately, caves can’t appear on the Palworld map, and they seem only for a limited time.

Utilizing Sixth Sense Ability to Gain Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts

But by utilizing the Sixth Sense ability that is available from one of the many Palworld pals. Moreover, one can get these ancient civilization parts from multiple resources, but they mostly involve tough pals, and they are as follows:

  • You can get them by defeating Tower Bosses
  • Also, by defeating or catching alpha pals
  • By defeating or catching lucky pals
  • Lastly, also by opening chests found around the world

You can rematch Alpha bosses or Alpha pals and tower bosses, which means that they are technically a near-infinite source of ancient civilization parts (except for the fact that they take a bit to respawn). That said, farming out the pals who are of lower level, like the Chillet and Penking, is a good idea.

We have also marked some early-game bosses to farm Palworld ancient Civilization parts from the map:

  • Chillet (level 11, ice/dragon)
  • Penking (level 15, water/ice)
  • Azurobe (level 17, water/dragon)
  • Grintale (level 17, neutral)
  • Kingpaca (level 23, neutral)
  • Katress (level 23, dark)
  • Bushi (level 23, fire)
  • Zoe and Grizzbolt (approximately 30,000 HP, electric)


Q. What are alpha pals in Palworld?
Alpha Pals in the Palworld game are larger Pals that appear at predefined locations in the world, visible on the palworld map.

Q. How do you get penking?
In the Palworld game, you can get Penking by hatching a large damp egg into the Egg Incubator. You can find these eggs as interactable objects on the Palpagos island.

Q. How do you win civilization?
In Palworld, you can win Ancient Civilization Parts by defeating or capturing Alpha Pal bosses in the open world or at the end of dungeons.