Pokemon Home Releases New Update 2.1.1

Pokemon Home Releases New Update 2.1.1
Pokemon Home Releases New Update 2.1.1

Pokemon company starts to roll out the latest update to Pokemon Home, bumping to the well-known mobile app version 2.1.1. This update brings in some new features, functionalities, and fixes. But, an extremely requested feature is still missing.

This update is a small patch that pulls some functionality released in the 2.1.0 update of Pokemon Home starting in February. However, it does include one notable feature that builds on the app’s interconnectivity with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The most amazing addition from the last Pokemon Home update was the ability to view ranked Battle information from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and Pokemon Sword & shield using the battle data feature. But, players are more interested in the app’s support for game freak’s recent switch RPGs because it lets them move Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to Pokemon Home.

The upcoming significant update, which Nintendo has said is coming in a few weeks, is anticipated to include the feature that fans have requested.

Moreover, the most requested feature is expected to come in the next major update, which Nintendo recently said is coming in a few weeks.

Moreover, the 2.1.1 update of Pokemon Home enhanced the app’s Battle Data section with the skill to view Pokemon Natures from the ranking screen. And another change in the 2.1.1 update concerns the app’s handling of Mystery Gifts. But, the feature now needs a Nintendo account login to enforce a limit of one of every Mystery gifts per profile, which was earlier only a requirement for the switch version of the app. The update also introduces fixes for bugs to improve the user experience.

The latest update was released on the iOS app store on March 2. However, the android version surfaced on the same day. But it will be globally rolled out on March 3.