X Analytics: 12 Essential Benefits for Your Twitter Profile

X analytics

Want to enhance your Twitter performance? Try X analytics! It is a powerful tool for businesses, influencers, creators, marketers, or even Twitter avids who want to set their strategies to boost their reach and engagement on the X platform. So, without further delay, let’s discover the benefits of using Twitter (rebranded as X) analytics.

What is X Analytics?

Twitter Analytics is a tool introduced by Twitter to help its users better engage and grow on the X platform. It is developed for both organic post and paid ads campaigns, providing insights into multiple benchmarks that show user engagement and campaign productiveness.

It is a free tool available to all X accounts, such as ordinary, professional, and Twitter Premium accounts. Anyone can see Twitter Analytics directly from the official X Analytics dashboard, whether they are using a PC or mobile device.

12 Benefits of Using X Analytics

1. Get to Know Your Profile Reach

Twitter Analytics displays the number of times your post appeared on People’s timelines. It is known as impressions or Twitter reach, and the more regularly you post, the higher your impressions will be. You can further browse this data and see when and where exactly people saw your post.

2. Find out Your Account’s Monthly Performance

X Analytics provides you with a data report of your account’s performance in the last 28 days. It also allows you to compare that data to the previous months to analyze whether your performance has enhanced or degraded. However, if you recently got Twitter Blue, it is the best tool to track whether Twitter Premium increases reach or is just a waste of money. On the left side of the data summary are some useful features like your top post, top followers, top mention, and more.

3. Knowing about Your Audience

X Analytics gives you access to information about your followers, including their age, gender, location, household income, and even buying preferences. You will have a better knowledge of your follower demographics which allows you to introduce an effective X campaign that is suitable for your audience.

4. Identify Your Audience’s Interests

Besides the typical data like age and gender, Twitter Analytics also gives data about your follower’s top 10 interests. You can use this data to create and optimize your content-related topics your followers are interested in. However, to find your audience’s interest and trending topics, you can also use Twitter’s advanced search features to find relevant and trending keywords, which helps them to make your content more prominent on the X platform.

5. Find Out Trending Topics

X analytics shows the current trending topics and the number of engagements each topic gets. Find the best-trending issues that match your niche and make content based on that topic. You can also use these helpful insights to increase your Twitter engagement further.

6. Know about the Peak Time of Posting

Every social network has an ideal posting time. While this may be true, it does not essentially apply to all niches. Your viewers may be different from the ordinary Twitter user, so it is ideal to look at your account data to identify which times of the day your followers are the most active. Moreover, you can also try different times of the day to know if there is another best time when your followers are most engaged.

7. Determine Your X Account Engagement Rate

Are you curious to know how well your account is performing in terms of engagement? Directly go to the Twitter Analytics dashboard to see X Analytics about your account’s engagement rate. That engagement rate is estimated by dividing the number of engagements by the number of impressions. However, quote posts, replies, favorites, links, hashtags, embedded media, user names, profile pictures, and post-expansion are all included in engagement.

8. Different Types of Engagement

Likes, retweets or quote posts, clicks, and replies all count as engagement, but they differ in value. A like is a sign that someone appreciated your tweet, while a quote post or retweet means someone appreciated your post and thought they could share it with their followers. A click or reply is in a way that your post was fascinating enough to assure the user to take action. Based on the types of engagement your account is getting, set out the strategy that fits best.

9. Differentiate Between Ordinary and Twitter Premium Account

When you get Twitter Premium to get verified on Twitter, it is the best tool to track your account performance. Twitter Premium allows users to provide high reach and prioritize rankings in replies. However, X analytics is the best tool to keep check and balance on your account’s reach and engagement to see whether Twitter Premium is worth it or not.

10. Track Your Follower Growth

Twitter Analytics lets you keep an eye on the number of followers you have gathered over time. You can select any day from the time you started your X account and see how many followers you had on a particular date. This information is significant because it informs you what strategies worked in the past and what did not.

11. Find Out If Your X Ads Are Working

X Analytics can show data on your paid and organic posts. Just the usual post, you can see the number of engagements your prompted posts get. However, the most crucial metric to see is conversions, as this lets you inform whether your ads are productive enough or not. You can also set conversation tracking so you are aware of how much return on investment you are getting from your ad expenses.

12. Discover What Happens After Users See Your Ads

You can also track what action users take after they see your prompted post. X Analytics can help you with that through conversation tracking.

For this purpose, you need to generate a website tag. This unique code snippet will work whenever someone visits your site via your X campaign.

You can later look at these conversations, which will be arranged based on type, including purchase, custom, etc. Save and use this data to optimize your future paid X campaigns.


Q. How to check X analytics?
Go to the Twitter web and log into your account. On the left sidebar, click on More window, then tap on the Creator Studio section. Now click on Analytics to go to the Twitter(X) analytics dashboard.

Q. Can I check someone’s Twitter Analytics?
Unfortunately, no, you can’t check anyone’s Twitter account Analytics unless you have those account credentials.

Q. What helpful insights does X analytics offer?
Twitter Analytics provides users with the most useful insights for free, such as profile visits, mentions, Twitter impressions, top posts, Follower growth, conversation tracking,  video content performance, and post engagement and engagement rate.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have shared a closer look at the benefits of using Twitter Analytics. With this remarkable tool, Twitter Premium or ordinary users can see metrics of how their accounts perform as a means of reach and engagement. Users can create and optimize their content strategy using X Analytics data to enlighten their presence on the X platform.