FaceTime Mac Camera Not Working With Good Quality

Camera Not Working Mac
Camera Not Working Mac

As the pandemic-hit world moves from physical meetings to virtual online meetings the need for good quality webcams has gone up to the sky. Every top company got in a race to upgrade system configurations and especially the most important hardware used in online meetings the “Webcam.” Apple, however, lost the race just because of one factor “the Mac camera not working with no image quality.”

As everyone already knows Apple ID is the most basic requirement to use these devices. If you do not have it, then I suggest you to Create Apple ID first then start using these devices. The users of MacBook or MacBook air Pro was very quick to notice that. Other products of Apple iPad Pro or iPhone have amazing front and rare facing cameras but the consumers of MacBook are always facing the same issue of MacBook camera not working with camera quality it should be working with.

Most of the other brands like Google and Microsoft have improved the quality of hardware including the webcams.

Camera Not Working On Mac
Camera Not Working On Mac

How to Improve the Camera Work Macbook & Macbook Pro

There are some ways you can improve the camera quality to attend virtual meetings with a clear camera quality. One method is to use your cell phone as a webcam. iPhone is the best choice for this task as both products are from the same company, therefore, there will be no connectivity issue.

Another way you can improve online meetings is to use an external webcam. Get a good quality webcam and connect it with your MacBook or MacBook air Pro.

Another way to solve the camera quality issue is to raise your laptop to face the camera properly. If your laptop is at a position where you can use your laptop keyboard then that is the worst position to face the webcam you MacBook.

Use some fat books and other things to raise your MacBook to face it upfront. This can help you solve the Mac camera not working with Good image/video quality.

Camera Mac Not Working
Camera Mac Not Working

Use Good Lighting:

Another good and most affordable way to improve the MacBook camera is to use the sunlight for free. In low light, most of the good quality stops capturing good photos and videos. This is the reason why TV sets and Photoshoot studios have an enormous amount of lights surrounding the cameras.

If you are attending a Zoom Meeting at night, then I would strongly recommend you to use a good quality selfie light to improve the image/video quality of the Apple MacBook. You can buy a good quality light for under $50 or so.

All the Apple laptops have the same camera resolution of 720 pixels. But, one laptop, however, from Apple has a higher webcam resolution 1080p, and that is the iMac Pro which is available for $5000 and up. That’s a huge price. The iMac Pro has a higher resolution front-facing FaceTime HD camera that is capable of providing better video and picture quality than the other Apple Laptops.


I hope, I might have solved the issue of the Facetime camera not working with good quality. The MacBook pro camera works well under certain environments having good and bright light. If you ever face the problem of Mac Camera Not Working with good image or video quality, then follow the above-discussed methods to resolve the issue and keep looking beautiful.