UI Trends You Should Be Keeping Up With

UI trends

UI trends design is considered one of the most exciting and creative fields of work. It is one of the in-demand professions in the tech industry. However, what many overlook is the fact that the software industry keeps evolving with each passing day. As a result, you will always have new trends taking the seat of the previous ones. This makes keeping up with the UI trends a tad bit tedious. 

But don’t worry. We have curated a list of all the latest UI trends that you should make yourself familiar with. 

The use of 3D animation is a rather new concept in user interfaces. Before that 2D pictures and flat text were used, but that is soon becoming a thing of the past. 3D pictures and animation help personalization of user interface experience according to the user. The availability of multiple options in UI trends designing to 3D animate objects further facilitates a much more engaging and informative experience for the users. 

  • Animation

Animation of the objects can help to further grab the attention of the user much better than the simple images that look unfinished and static comparatively. Animations can easily be incorporated using a programming language such as Javascript. The images so users need not necessarily have full transparency or even background. Lottie can also be used to create animations that work online. 

  • Illustration

Rather than the use of photographs or images in user interfaces, illustrations can be used to garner more attention. They help tell a story and let the designer get creative to bring focus to the product in question. The quirky characters introduced can have as much depth as required and attract the user towards the completion of the end goal. This trend is in demand as it helps cut down unnecessary noise on the interface.

  • Brutalism 

Brutalism is a young trend and is for young users who will not be appalled at the blatant disregard of design techniques such as overlays, textures, symmetry, gradients, etc. The shock value of brutalism helps put the point across rather successfully. 

  • Asymmetry 

Asymmetry as a trend is garnering popularity, by avoiding the usual solutions and chaos of symmetry. Various elements, objects, geometric designs, etc. are used by designers to provide out-of-the-box solutions and not lose the edge in the process. 

  • The 90s are back 

Pixelated design, Memphis design, glitchy transitions, and gasp… even screen tearing are making a comeback to the user interfaces. This trend banks upon nostalgia and utter familiarity to attain the required reactions from the user. 

  • Mixed Reality 

Mixed Reality is the amalgamation of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to transport the user to the situation and take charge of how they want to approach it. This gives them much-required personalization and freedom to browse. This trend has especially benefited from the pandemic situation and is set to make a foray into various new industries.

  • Product Functionality is the boss

Whatever elements are used to entice the user, product functionality remains the bottom line. As much as easier navigation, an uncluttered interface, and fast loading of resources attract the users, if the product does not solve their problem, everything else is meaningless. Thus, this trend has been there and is here to stay. 

  • Design for speed

With 5g becoming a reality the design of the interface should be such that it can incorporate speed in its elements. A minimalistic approach towards designing, providing the maximum value to the users is making the waves currently. Anything that slows down the loading is the deterrent to the end goal. 

  • Device synchronization

This is an ongoing trend that promises maximum functionality on the run. The websites that run on different devices sync at regular intervals without compromising the mobility of the user. And the user sure appreciates that. 

  • Icons

The introduction of icons as minimalistic elements makes the interface uncluttered and helps the user navigate easily. They can be used to express the meaning with minimal words and achieve the desired result. 


The above-mentioned trends are expected to grow further next year for all interfaces, whether they are websites, applications, or event management systems. The learning management systems such as TalentLMS use the trending elements to stay at the top of the game. TalentLMS Reviews TalentLMS Reviews further support these claims.