What To Know Before Updating iOS 16.4 On Your iPhone

Updating iOS 16.4 On Your iPhone
Updating iOS 16.4 On Your iPhone

Apple has finally launched iOS 16.4 for iPhone. The up-to-date iOS software enhances numerous new features, including 21 new emojis, Safari-built push notifications, a voice isolation feature, bug solutions, VoiceOver support for maps, duplicate album support for iCloud, security updates, and many more.

So, here we have shared what you should know before updating iOS 16.4 on your iPhone.

Check if your iPhone is Compatible

Not every single iPhone will obtain the iOS 16.4 update. You need the least an iPhone 8 out in 2017 to track iOS 16. Moreover, they also contain the iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone 14.

Back-Up your iPhone

Updating a new software can be stimulating, but you should take safety measures before updating because you may not be glad about some of the features that iOS 16.4 suggests. Therefore you must be able to reduce back to a prior iOS 16 for whatsoever purpose.

However, this entails you backing up your iPhone before you update. Well, your iphone should back up whenever it is linked to power and wifi thru your steady sleep hours. If this feature is disabled on your device so you can follow the below steps.

  • Hover over the settings app and then tap on your name option.
  • After that, tap on the iCloud option and navigate to iCloud Backup.
  • Then just hit on the Back up Now to back up your device. That’s it.

Ensure to do These Things

  • Connect to WIFI: You can download iOS 16.4 with cellular data, so connect to the wifi network.
  • Ensure iPhone is Connected to Power: You won’t be able to update iOS 16.4 if you are below 50 percent battery. Consequently, it is best to plug in your phone while your update. When plugged in, the battery requirements are over 20 percent.
  • Clean Storage Space: If you are running out of storage, you must clear some up before downloading and installing iOS 16.4.

How to Install iOS 16.4

  • Open your iPhone and navigate to the Settings application.
  • Here tap on the General option and then Software Update.
  • After that, click on Download and Install.

Now you will see a loading bar. When the update is complete, restart your device and interval for iOS 16.4 to install.

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