What Does a Compass Do In Minecraft

what does a compass do in Minecraft
what does a compass do in Minecraft

What does a compass do in Minecraft? Well! A compass is a multipurpose tool in Minecraft for navigating certain areas and crafting other items. If you get lost in Minecraft, you can use a compass and find your way back to your World spawn point.

However, at some point during their lives, most people end up getting lost. When it happens, don’t worry; a compass is a perfect tool that guides a person back to familiar surroundings, indicating what directions lead north.

We are here with this Minecraft guide which explains how to use a lodestone compass, along with the locations where you find a compass in Bedrock and Java Edition.

Moreover, Compasses were combined with Minecraft in alpha version 1.1.0, released in September 2010. If you plan on roaming off into the wilderness, we highly recommend you take it so you can actually find your way back home again.

Let’s explore more about what a recovery compass does in Minecraft.

What Does a Compass Do in Minecraft?

A compass will lead you to your very spawn point when you first load into the world or a Loadstone if you tamper with it. It can also be used to craft other useful items in-game. But it will be useless if you take a normal compass to the Nether or The End because it will just spin around or nothing else.

How to Make a Compass?

You will need 4 iron ingots and 1 Redstone dust to make a compass. You have to locate some iron ore and mine it with a stone pickaxe. Further, you can determine iron by its brown specks. Whereas you are in your mines, look for Redstone ore. However, it is easily differentiated by its red flecks, which will light up as you hit it or walk over it.

Moreover, you will need an iron pickaxe to mine the Redstone ore. You must smelt your iron ore in a furnace and wait for your iron while finishing your cooking.

Now take your materials to a crafting table, place your Redstone dust in the middle-most slot, and assemble your ingots around the middle slot in a plus sign.

How to Use a Lodestone Compass in Minecraft?

A lodestone compass can only point towards the lodestone. But it can be very helpful when you travel far from home and need a way to access your way back home without any coordinates. However, you will require one netherite ingot and eight chiseled stone bricks to craft a lodestone.

Therefore, you need to place your netherite ingot in the centermost slot in the crafting table along with chiseled stone bricks surrounding it so that you can make a lodestone. Then, right-clicking a lodestone will enchant the compass, and you will rename it into lodestone compass. Hence, this specific compass will only point toward the lodestone.

If you get lost, lodestone is a good way to lead you back to the portal home.

What Does a Recovery Compass Do

When players die in Minecraft, all of their inventory items will drop onto the ground, and if the chunk is loaded further, it will despawn in five minutes. This means that players must quickly approach the location of their death to retrieve their items and avoid losing them. Thus, the recovery compass helps players facilitate their item retrieval while pointing them back toward their last death.

Moreover, this means that players can follow the point of the compass and eventually lead back to their lost items. Even though player death tends to happen rarely, it happens especially in the late stages of Minecraft when players have fully enchanted armor. A recovery compass is an amazing item in a chest as a backup plan.

How to Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

How to Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft
How to Make a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

To make a recovery compass, you need eight echo shards and a normal compass. It can be found in chests throughout ancient cities as part of the structure’s chest loot. Go through the above details in order to make a normal compass.

Echo shards are a new item introduced in the Wild Update. It is found in Ancient Cities, which are massive structures located deep underground at Y coordinate -51. Although they will be hidden away in the treasure chest, you have only a 30% chance they will spawn in any chest.

Once you have a compass and eight echo shards, go to the crafting table. Put the compass in the middle slot of the crafting table and surround it with echo shards. Now, you have a recovery compass, ready to find your last death spot. Place the compass in your character’s hotbar, get it out, and follow the needle.

Location to find a Compassin Bedrock & Java

Here’s the location list below for Bedrock and Java.


  • Ancient City – Chest 1 (16.1%)
  • Shipwreck – Map Chest 1 (7.7 %)
  • Stronghold – Library Chest 1 (10.5 %)
  • Village – Cartographer’s Chest 1 (26.3 %)

Java Edition

  • Ancient City – Chest 1 (16.1 %)
  • Shipwreck – Map Chest 1 (7.7 %)
  • Stronghold – Library Chest 1 (10.9 %)
  • Village – Cartographer’s Chest 1 (26.3 %)


How do you use a compass to find your house in Minecraft?

When the compass is in your hotbar, you can see the red compass arrow pointing to the direction of the World spawn point. Turn on, so the arrow is pointing up, and begin walking in that direction. Then compass leads you back to the World spawn point.

Will a compass point to your bed in Minecraft?

A compass will only point to your bed if your bed is on the world spawn. Otherwise, it will never point to your bed.

Does the compass work in the Nether?

It works even in the End and the Nether. If the lodestone is broken, the compass spins randomly, as ordinary compasses in the End and Nether do.

How can you tell which way is north in Minecraft?

You can Press F3, which will display data, including the direction you are facing.


In short, Minecraft Compass is an amazing multipurpose tool. It can also be used to craft other items as they are the key ingredient in making a map.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you. Please stay connected with us!