Where is Xur This Week? New Exotics, Location & Map

Where is Xur This Week?
Where is Xur This Week?

Xûr is an ambiguous vendor in Destiny 2 who markets exotic armor, exotic weapons, and an exotic engram in switch for Legendary Shards. Xûr can look at many different planets and locations in the Solar system.

On the regular reset, Xur appears on one of these planets every Friday, and he will stay on that same location until the next Weekly Reset on Tuesday. In Destiny 2, Xûr can currently arrive in various locations across the European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, Io, and The Tower hangar.

These locations will change when Destiny 2 beyond Light launches in November. Some of the locations he can appear on will be removed from the game, and new locations will be added. We don’t know if Xur will be standing in recent locations when Beyond Light originates. This website will be refreshed with new locations as soon as we learn where he will be located in Beyond Light.

Every week Xur brings with him four various exotic items that your Guardian can buy for Legendary Shards. In the first item slot, he always sells an Exotic weapon. For the time being, exotic weapons from Xur will only be engaging to new players in D2 as most long time players will previously have acquired most of the Exotic Weapons Xur is selling.

The exotic armour Xur sell, on the other hand, certain features randomized rolls. The armour he sells usually has excellent stats, and you should always visit him to see if he is selling a better version of the exotic armour you already own.

If you haven’t collected every exotic in the game yet, buying Xur’s exotic engram will give you an exotic you do not already own. Visiting Xur is an excellent way to add another exotic to your collection. Check out Possible exotics on this wiki to understand what exotics you can get from the engram.

If you already own every exotic, buying an exotic engram from Xûr is a great way to get better perks than the version you might already own. The exotic engram you can purchase from Xûr will provide a new exotic until you have every world drop exotic you can get, then it will only give you randomly rolled armor. This is also true for every exotic engram that drops in-game now.

Beyond the items, Xur also has the Five of Swords challenge card (to change Nightfall difficulty). An Invitation of the Nine bounties first featured in Season of the Drifter that, when completed, gives you a powerful legendary engram. For each Invitation to the nine bounties, you meet you also get to see various cinematics where you can learn more about the nine.

Beyond Light Locations for Xur

His locations are limited, and he only pops in these locations –

  • Winding Cove on EDZ
  • Hangar on Tower (Social)
  • Tree on Nessus (Watcher’s Grave)

As stated earlier, I expect Xur to arrive in different locations. The map and video location pattern will be updated here on Friday.

Discontinued Locations

  • Barge on Watcher’s Grave (Nessus still lives, but the Barge is gone)
  • Giant’s Scar on IO
  • The RIG on Titan

All of the Xur Locations can be found at the end of this article.

Our Location (January 29-February 2)

Our Location (January 29-February 2)

We will update his location here once he arrives. His time of arrival is 10:00 AM PT.

The locations for Xur will most seemingly vary with the Beyond Light DLC since many planets are resting. Make sure to bookmark this page because I will make sure to update the correct location.

Note: Xur has been tapped for a few weeks now. If, for some reason, you don’t find him at the location mentioned below, switch your character and return to the location again to see him.

Our Location Today is: ___ Xur is on Nessus at Watchers Grave

Xur’s Inventory This Week

Graviton Lance

  • Exotic Pulse Rifle

Shinobu’s Vow

  • Exotic Hunter Gauntlets


  • Exotic Titan Chest

Getaway Artist

  • Exotic Warlock Gauntlets

Xur’s Inventory Last Week

  • Telesto
  • Sealed Ahamkara Grasps
  • Getaway Artist
  • Antaeus Wards and an Exotic Cipher.

I’ll also add a part here recommending the must grab for the new players. Since random rolls are no more, getting the exotics right away might be the right choice. ut this will not be the case for new players because of the cost.

For Destiny 2 New Light players, Xur might be the finest source of getting exotics. You get guaranteed armour and a weapon each week, which is excellent. You might run small of the legendary shards; the engram requires 97 shards, which might be a steep cost for the new champs.

After Shadowkeep, you can receive all the older exotics that the game has, except the quest and raid ones.

Our Location Today (Beyond Light)

Note: Locations might have replaced with the Beyond Light update; I will be adding the new locations below once we know about them.

Our Location Today (Beyond Light)

Winding Cove on Earth

Winding Cove in on EDZ (also called Earth). Spawn right on the Winding Cove and walk towards the area marked below and collect your goodies. If you cannot locate him, view for players around; if the vendor has just arrived, there will be players surrounding him.

The Tower, Hangar

Spawn on the Tower, take a left go down the stairs. Keep heading forward towards the Dead Orbit. There’s a tower behind Dead Orbit, and this is where Xur is standing with his goodies. Utilize the map provided below for the exact location. You can bound or take the stairs to reach him and collect the goodies.


Q: Where is XUR right now?

A: To see Xur, spawn into Winding Cove and move up towards the peak of the region marked on the map. Xur is now attaining above you on a cliff. The most immediate way to reach him is to jump upwards on the various ledges and foliage nearby.

Q: What time is XUR reset?

A: Xur sells Legendary and Exotic items for Legendary Shards. He only appears on the weekends between noon EST on Friday to noon EST on Tuesday, and his location changes weekly.

Q: Where is XUR this week’s polygon?

A: This week, you can discover Xur in the EDZ, holding on a bluff, overlooking the Winding Cove.

Q: How do I get exotic cipher?

A: Players can arrange an Exotic Cipher via the Season Pass. The other option is from Xur. As for the Exotic Cipher available from Xur, it’s a reward from a quest. Players will need to find Xur each weekend and complete their quest to unlock another cipher.